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  1. yeah, but now that he knows that you are one, he can come to you to asking how to join.
  2. i hope you get banned you lovable tiny old man gosh how dare you do this.
  3. JohnAteJimmy

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  4. King has taken me as a sweet man, very kind, loving, gentle, ladies man, much like a king, dominate lover to many.... but enough is enough he has taken this way to far, i cannot allow this to continue how dare he do such acts, how dare he come to me and say hi... he is far too nice to me and others, he does his job perfectly to the point where he brings shame to others. overall king is this kind sweet old man who does his job and I for one cannot stand for this.... -Moxie get Jon to add the drug mod
  5. JohnAteJimmy

    did not let me use his cat 4/10