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    Ummm this is not cubecraft! You are appealing to the wrong place! But thanks anyways!
  3. Oh wow, that is very sad news. However, knowing the man he was we can be sure he is in a better place. R.I.P. Sir.
  4. KingStinger!

    Haha, Thank you all..
  5. KingStinger!

    Haha, thank you all.
  6. KingStinger!

    Im unaware of this ban but if the admin did an IP ban youre basically screwed. You can thank your brother for that. Have him appeal his ban on this website and maybe a resolution will come to pass depending on the details of the ban. I just looked into his ban and apparently it was for Griefing. That is usually a permanent ban. He can plead his reasoning in an appeal.
  7. KingStinger!

    Im unaware of this ban but if the admin did an IP ban youre basically screwed. You can thank your brother for that. Have him appeal his ban on this website and maybe a resolution will come to pass depending on the details of the ban.
  8. KingStinger!

    Also players continuously try and be a bit cheaper than the next guy to generate sales and that will keep pushing prices down if players keep battling for that.
  9. KingStinger!

    @Isran I must say, Karn is completely accurate. When slacker was dealing with other players and their misconduct you wouldnt shut your mouth and continued to voice your opinion to Slacker when truly what slacker was dealing with was non of your business. I stayed completely out of it until I muted you. I muted you because I watched Slacker ask you many time to drop it and mind your own business. So truly out of this you should be thanking me for muting you. Had I not, i can assure you that the way you kept carrying on Slacker would have just banned you.. And rightfully so. So you're welcome for muting you. I will unmute you if you havent been already but take my advice when I say, if it dont appear to be your business then it likely isnt so stay out of it especially when its over an admin dealing with another player. That just aggravates the admins more. Our job is to deal with and resolve issues and thats how I chose to resolve yours.
  10. KingStinger!

    @ryanmatt You were banned on August 17/2016 by LadyIngvild for griefing. We also have screenshots of proof. You recall this? If we are to consider unbanning you you will have to be convincing to me and the other MC admins that we should unban you. Griefing is generally a permanent ban so please explain and plead your case and we will take it into consideration. Thanks.
  11. KingStinger!

    Not sure how we could do a central board. But if a player has been offline for 3 months and his shop is empty it think the linking book should be deleted and the portal used for other new shops.
  12. KingStinger!

    Some of you have been asking me where Ive been. So Instead of telling the same story 30 times I will just make this post. On May 15th I became a Grandpa for the the first time. And well lets just say I am having more fun with my grand baby than I do gaming. For 15 years of my daughters lives I spent only seeing them every second weekend.. So lets just say Ive missed a lot of there lives and I vowed I wouldnt with my grand children. So thats where a lot of my time is spent. Also, I am a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse which keeps me very busy also(child abuse is an epidemic around the world). Summer here in Canada, its riding season. Al that coupled with working full time, ive not been on much. Sorry about that but winter is coming and things will slow Before I go though, I will share a couple photos of my newest family member.
  13. This Thread makes me bust a nut laughing LOL. Especially that notifications are blowing up through the Minecraft bans? That's the fucking funniest shit I've ever read. My phone blows up more from Call of Duty 4 Bans then it does Minecraft. The other funny part is the perception that Minecraft is only for kids. If you're such an adult and know this so well why don't you give it a try. Minecraft people don't attack your game platform so don't attack Minecraft. If the EULA wasn't a thing now Minecraft would bring in enough Revenue to pay for every server of every game platform including TeamSpeak and the website. . There are servers out there breaking the EULA and bringing in thousands of dollars per month on Minecraft. Anyways... have a nice day [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  14. KingStinger!

    Video doesnt show
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