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  1. I mean.. we could always stir up some drama if that's what you all want, but we generally do want to keep our players lmfao. But worry not, there's probably going to be more entertaining ban appeals! Also, my cat is doing amazing, except being a pain in the ass sometimes (we have ugly and scratched curtains now). But still a cutie and I do love him. We keep him indoors because of all the snow, so he has a crapton of energy
  2. LadyIngvild

    If this is because you'd like to be considered unbanned, make an official ban appeal like Sparky commented. You create one here; https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forms/16-minecraft-ban-appeal/ If not, thank you for your apologize.
  3. LadyIngvild

    There's no visible D on a kitten lmfao. It's really hard to see genders on kittens, I just assumed the people we adopted him from had it right
  4. LadyIngvild

    Quick update.. As it turns out, after getting the kitten vaccinated and ID-chipped at the vet, the people we adopted the kitten from got the gender wrong. So let me just, then, formally introduce you all to Ludo 😹 Turns out its a boy!
  5. LadyIngvild

    Lmfao I wouldn't be surprised myself if I became one
  6. LadyIngvild

    Hey all! It's been a while since last time I posted anything so thought I'd at least introduce you all to my new kitten. Her name's Luna, chosen because of her colors (mostly black/dark brown, has a white spot on her chest). She's very adorable, loves cuddles and playing, and seeks alot of attention. She's almost 13 weeks old.
  7. LadyIngvild

    Thank you all! ? Spent my bday working a 14 hours long shift but it was nice nontheless ?
  8. Snapchat-469703073.thumb.jpg.46e916536b5c8120ade70e17399e7cb6.jpg

    Spending my 25th birthday taking care of the old folks ?? Also wearing super fancy footwear.


  9. LadyIngvild

    After discussing your ban appeal it's been decided to let you back into the server. Have fun and respect our rules from now on ?
  10. LadyIngvild

    Welcome to the XtremeIdiots forums!! ?
  11. LadyIngvild

    If I'm attending it'll be a very last-minute decision because of school. I have a internship at that time of year, and I have no clue what my shifts will look like. But sounds like a lot of fun! @Lee CheesusChrist Brown are u going?
  12. LadyIngvild

    After discussing your appeal we've decided to let you back into the server. Enjoy and behave! ?
  13. LadyIngvild

    Your appeal is denied.
  14. LadyIngvild

    Hey there Stewiee. A player reported someone griefing his base, this turned out to be you and your friend. Griefing in both claimed and unclaimed bases is against the rules you both accepted when you joined the server. We will discuss your appeal and get back to you with an answer. But we will need something more than "idk what i did". Apologize for your actions then we'll talk.
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