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  1. LadyIngvild

    You write a whitelist application here: Then you wait until an admin has a chance to go through the applications. We will post in Discord ( when we've updated the list.
  2. LadyIngvild

    The admin team will discuss your appeal and come back to you with a decision.
  3. LadyIngvild

    Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you in game, and happy you enjoy our server :-)
  4. LadyIngvild

    24, but close! Lmao But thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! Celebrated it with great friends in Cyprus, we’re here on vacation
  5. LadyIngvild

    Happy bday Festive! Long time no see, hope you're doing good!
  6. LadyIngvild

    After a bit of discussion including the seniors, we have decided to let you back into the server. But note this; the next time you break the rules you will be permanently banned. Try to connect to the server and if you get any issues just make contact on Discord. Unbanning you wasnt too straight forward since its been so long since the original ban was issued. Lady
  7. LadyIngvild

    Late to the party but HAPPY BIRTHDAY @KingStinger!! Hope you had an awesome day
  8. LadyIngvild

    The best way to contact us is through discord. And you can just create a shop without the need of our help, then one of us will set up a portal for you at spawn
  9. LadyIngvild

    Awesome tattoo! What does "Semper Fidelis" mean?
  10. LadyIngvild

    I agree! A separate tattoo forum would be awesome, easier to check out everyones art! I love tattoos as well, really want more as soon as the bank account agrees lol
  11. LadyIngvild

    As you can (maybe) see on this photo my skin is quite swollen, this being one day after I got it. But that'll pass. After a while your skin will also start to scab and itch, and that's when the real challenge begins - to NOT scratch it or peel of the shedding dead skin. You also have to clean it alot and add alot of perfume-free lotion to it
  12. LadyIngvild

    I'm not going to sugar-coat it, it's a painful experience. But how painful it is really depends on what your pain tolerance is, and where you get the tattoo. Like previously mentioned, getting one on a spot on your body where the skin's thin (like on your ribs or shoulder) hurts alot more. And you'll be numb and sore a few days after getting the tattoo. If you're afraid of the pain, just take some painkillers (like ibuprofen) an hour beforehand, or drink some alcohol lol. But if your mind is setting on getting a tattoo, and you really know you want it, go for it! Just make sure you think hard about it beforehand. It's not a thing you can just easily remove a few days later
  13. LadyIngvild

    So since the last time I posted a tattoo (which was a while ago), I've gotten two new ones! Most recent one today - and I'm soo happy with it. The newest one, I'm so in love with it. Lotus flower on my back (it's smaller than what it looks like on this photo)
  14. Welcome to the team, Tattoogamer!