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  1. LadyIngvild

    Ouch yeah I'd be pissed off if that was to happen here. I think the last time we had snow that bad was in year 2000
  2. LadyIngvild

    Haha yeah I've seen the posts now 😅 Yeah Norway is pretty far off lol.
  3. LadyIngvild

    I mean that does make a lot more sense, I guess we'll see how accurate your deciphering is!
  4. LadyIngvild

    Lol that's good. I can see that this guy is causing some havoc around in the forums, guessing I'm no exception for his rage
  5. LadyIngvild

    I dont know if it is due to lack of having perfect english skills, but these comments makes no sense to me @Moose77 lol
  6. LadyIngvild

    We have just about the same issue here, though luckily not that bad! Especially if that snow fell down in a day Our main issue now is the shifting weather, it goes from below 0 to above in a day, making all the snow wet and super heavy. Pretty sure I can lift a car above my head after this seasons snow shoveling lol
  7. LadyIngvild

    Unless the corona virus situation hasnt calmed down, count me in for this fest!
  8. LadyIngvild

    Well... I'm pretty decent, but as soon as it starts going downhill I just fall alot lmao
  9. LadyIngvild

    You're welcome!
  10. LadyIngvild

    Its about 2 degrees C now, but it changes really often. Few days ago it was -5. And yes, the fjords are amazing!
  11. LadyIngvild

    You know what, I want to get rid of this snow so badly that yes - I do deliver
  12. LadyIngvild

    Hahaha well we dont need more at least
  13. 😘 😘   Sry had to. Those big beautiful eyes made me do it. lol  :lol:

    1. LadyIngvild


      Thank you 😊

  14. LadyIngvild

    Lmfao yeah I'm pretty high up. Can recommend Trondheim, Ålesund or Tromsø for holidays though! Beautiful cities
  15. LadyIngvild

    Ohyeah? Where in Norway?
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