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  1. The Invite shows as Invalid. can someone pot another please
  2. So the title says it all but yea got mine for £2.50 (bout 3 bucks) and i must say its well worth the purchess for those of you that are after a fun game to sink some hours into
  3. moxie

    was thinking of somthing cold maybe canada or norway
  4. moxie

    It is very sad that these attacks are continuing without our government taking more actions towards this. if it continues there may not be a UK to live in Hopefully it wont come to that but im already thinking about moving abroad
  5. I cant wait to get playing this
  6. moxie

    do you deliver to the uk
  7. moxie

    you mean something like this comical yet crude drawing i made (gotta pass the time while afk somehow am i right)
  8. moxie

    Currently i am a Painting and decorating Apprentice with MITIE but i am thinking of a career change to the RAF (Royal Air Force)
  9. moxie

    Well i did not know him bud from the looks of the messages we lost a good member ... RIP 2CuteSue
  10. moxie

    Thanks everyone
  11. moxie

    king is people???????
  12. moxie

    Happy birthday Lady have a good day
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