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  1. BaronSpawn

    Not a XI member but I do play alot. Add me to to your warzone or MP, i would like to play with ppl i know lol BaronSpawn#1584
  2. BaronSpawn

    BaronSpawn#1584 Add me I will play with you
  3. BaronSpawn

    Thanks for the help. I plugged in my headset with mic and was able to play some this morning. Not a huge fan of using it but I do love to play on that server. Now you might hear my voice. Thanks again Goof loader and crunch.
  4. BaronSpawn

    I did that and it does not show or exist. Damn sound card.
  5. BaronSpawn

    Funny thing is my stereo mix does not show up either
  6. BaronSpawn

    I never use a mic have not used one in many years
  7. BaronSpawn

    I will give that try thanks
  8. BaronSpawn

    here is what I get each time I try to run multiplayer
  9. BaronSpawn

    don't use teamspeak currently and I don't think PB or my firewall would do this
  10. BaronSpawn

    Hey there XI. This is Baronspawn, have played on the cod4 freeze tag server alot, actually one of my favorite ways and ppl to play with. I recently had to install a new sound card, my other crashed, and now I can't load the multiplayer. Single player game loads and plays fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, still no. Any help would be nice. Thanks
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