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  1. chewonmysax

    my HIV test came back positive too.... but I still dont have covid HA
  2. chewonmysax

    Never forget.
  3. As for rounds, a bird shot will do plenty of damage to a home invader plus save you money on dry wall.. no need for buck shot to put an invader down and potentially the person in the house next door, I recommend concealed carry too but the laws are very different here in Kentucky then New Jersey lol
  4. Remington 870 tac-14 is a great under the bed, under the truck seat kinda gun
  5. chewonmysax

    Can we get more sniper maps on next rotation plss
  6. chewonmysax

    can i get a song request?
  7. World reveal August 26th, this new CoD is gonna be amazing. Sneak peak vid below
  8. chewonmysax

    So Rippers not banned?
  9. chewonmysax

    well shit lolol
  10. chewonmysax

    You can delete your Outlook data file/profile C:\Users\User(Your username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\(delete Outlook.data file)
  11. chewonmysax

  12. Heist has stopped me from run and gunning into their spawn trying to get a car to survive and prolong that life just cause if i die that car is gone. So heist helped this mod increase in the amount of campers if that was the goal then glad it stays
  13. chewonmysax

    It has come to my attention that @RobMc was viewing my profile and now I think he wants to fuck me... pls help SOS
  14. chewonmysax

    Whats your activision tag?



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