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  1. Thanks for having me back.
  2. Thanks Google. I bet your a big fan of Lemon Party too.
  3. I can't find you guys either. Very frustrating. Only loads about 17 servers when i go into steam. Damn It!!! Steam has always sucked Monkey ass.
  4. I am back and now i have to get over sucking again. Wow my timing is off quite a bit. Angel you can kill me anytime. LOL.
  5. Thanks guys. Feels good to be back.
  6. Hi Gang. I have been not been on here in about 6 months due to computer and financial problems. I am now listed as a Former Clan member. I know you get deactivated if you have not logged in for awhile but I now have a new PC along with a new Job and just want to get back to Killing some Idiots again. I can only navigate certain areas of this website due to inactivity. I understand. i need the XI downloader as none of my old files were able to transfer to new computer. Thanks for help. Nice to be back home again. Peace Out!!
  7. As long as he takes out that tennis ball he used used to rock in his Leather pants. "Run to the Hills. Run for your Life!!!!
  8. I watched the Video. Nice Scroll and when can I get a Perk for a 3 feet radius Kill.
  9. Here is your update. He is a Crazy Mother Fucker but at least he kicked his ass. He was once tasered at a SF Giant game Same Guy.
  10. Line of the Video " You leaking oooohhh." Fuckin thugs.
  11. For some reason I thought this was great.
  12. I think his name was Redsniper and if JM says he was hacking he was hacking. Thanks JM.
  13. cynic DEFECTX9 - THE DEFECTX9 TEAM GOT A MONSTER GAMING RIG Cost me $3,000 dont say i spent to much becouse its really not alot to me. im just saying. Lol can you buy me one too then Nice PC though LOL and Yes Defect you sound like an Ass with that statement.
  14. Welcome the best damn clan in the world Rascal. Now I must knife you to shreads again. From chewonmyJR>XI<
  15. Damn I knew I should have bet this game.