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  1. Lunkster

    One of the main rules here... Racist language = Perma Ban... No excuses!
  2. As many of you know Mrs Lunk died 2 years ago, a time that sent me crashing down a dark road with a black dog chasing me every day... A period I thought would always smother me in darkness... Well... Lunky has met a new lady and we've both decided that there is that spark there to fan into flames so we said let's fan it together... Early days and baby steps for now but I've not been so happy in a very long time... Never would I have believed the light at the end of the tunnel wasn't a train coming towards me but the end of the tunnel... So... My apology... Sorry if you meet me Team Speak and I'm all gushy!!! Can't help it!! Ignore me, it'll settle down...
  3. Lunkster

    @Timmah! Is that the name of the whiskey or the after effect?
  4. Lunkster

    I live in Wiltshire, 5 minute drive from home & I can walk on Salisbury Plain so not too far from you
  5. Lunkster

    @Timmah! - This is near where I live.. Green fields and big sky all around!! Love it!!
  6. Lunkster

    Good job on the loss @Timmah! Shame y'all can't lose the ugly!!!! ???? PS - Where ya been?? Miss taking the piss with you man!!
  7. Your game tag will be in the top right corner of your load in screen, the one that appears after you've chosen which game you're playing
  8. Lunkster

    invites sent
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    Invite sent bud...
  10. Lunkster

    Check out this page and come join the >XI< regiment!! Loads of us playing every day...
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