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  1. Lunkster

    IMHO the wipe is good as it is, it gives people time to get in, get going and have a good base, I think if we wiped twice a month we would lose more players than we already do. I agree with the clan ganging up part, personally everyone should be out in the wilds on their own, many other servers I've played on only allow single or duo play and as for the "Don't raid me, I got a rustic sign on my base" please don't get me started... That is not what RUST is about, it's about surviving so sorry... Everyone should be able to raid everyone else... Yes be open to helping other players but also open to raiding their base once you've built it up!! @Bogleg - You need to get in the server when it's quiet, maybe just 1 or 2 others and ask for help!! It can be very frustrating having to start over but if only you asked there are plenty of us to help you get started, build a small 2 x 2 base to begin with, gather hemp, build a sleeping bag to spawn into, make a TC and ensure you have enough stock in it to stop your base decaying... We have 3 channels in TS now so come in and one of us will take you into an empty room and talk you through how to get stuff etc, maybe even give you stuff to help you along...
  2. Lunkster

    Welcome, make yourself at home, don't sit on the chair with the plastic covers on... And don't ask... All you need know is that is Timmah's "special" chair...
  3. Lunkster

    Feliz cumpleaños mujer hermosa
  4. A simple logic puzzle... Took 5 minutes but quite simple really
  5. Lunkster

    Finally got the pic to share!!
  6. Such sad news today that Keith Flint took his own life last night...
  7. Lunkster

    Did you ask for help? We're here to help ALL newbies and we're all willing to come to you or help you get to us and willing to share resources with you to get you started... Like @Timmah! said, did you even build a small base? Even a small wooden one to start and then a sleeping bag to respawn in to? This game is a survival game so you need food, warmth and shelter to start with, if you don't build a storage box then your stuff is gonna disappear and if you get killed by another player then you will get looted so yes, you have to start again as a naked... Even we have to start all over again at some points in the game but don't whine about it @AlphaDog, get yer ass back in the game, get in TS with everyone else and ASK FOR HELP!!! The current map will wipe next week, everyone will be nakeds again so come on back...
  8. Lunkster

    Took me so long to open this thread I didn't bother reading it...
  9. Lunkster

    DO NOT PLAY RUST!! The admin team in there are asshats... They'll kick you just for fun...
  10. Lunkster

    Happy Birthday all y'all
  11. Lunkster

    Which is precisely why you get redirected all the time Queen... May have noticed I've not been in game lately, well part of this is because I sit on NFO and just randomly pick a name out of a hat... **CLICK** See ya!!
  12. Lunkster

    Always has been and always will be Stephanie...
  13. Lunkster

    Seriously? I take a few months off for personal reasons and the whole place goes to Shitsville... @Gatorgirl retires and now @FUNky is elected as a Mod... I really need to be getting my arse back in game...
  14. Lunkster

    Happy birthday GG