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  1. I see a couple of people asking about the >XI< regiment in CoD 2019. We do have a regiment which all members are welcome to join, we currently have 240 spaces left!! PM me your Battle tag and I'll send an invite to our regiment just as soon as I can. There are a lot of people playing, usually find a good group of us online around 20:00 UK time right through to around 02:00 UK time so pop in TS if you see us, ask for an invite to a game and we'll happily bring you in... See y'all in the field!!
  2. @PigDog - I started the XI regiment... You should now have an invite to join @Sikon - Sent you an invite too
  3. Lunkster

    @Markoff - I play Modern Warfare on an NVidia GeForce 1050ti with no issues at all Check out this one on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gigabyte-GeForce-GDDR5-Graphics-GV-N105TOC-4GD/dp/B01MEHGRMS/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1AQYSU4SG8M2C&keywords=geforce+1050ti&qid=1584113215&sprefix=geforce+1050%2Caps%2C142&sr=8-3
  4. Lunkster

    Thought I'd posted this ages ago but guess not... Battletag = LunksterXI#3949066 Playing a lot of Modern Warfare lately so come join me!
  5. Lunkster

    @RobMc - I've been running Win10 64-bit since it first came out, I've never had any issues with it ever...
  6. Lunkster

    Mine is the UK version, Vauxhall being a motor company founded in 1857 and bought by GM in 1925 and Opel bought in 1931... Both companies are basically the same but we get rebadged as Vauxhall... On one of my previous Vauxhall cars the badge fell off / get nicked and the mounting underneath was Opel badge shaped!! The answer to your question is no, these are a European market vehicle and also available in Australia under the GM owned Holden brand
  7. Picked up my "new to me" car this morning... Been pootling around in it for a few hours and I LOVES IT!!! For those who like this sort of information - It's a Vauxhall (Opel for my European brothers & sisters) Grandland X 1.5TD Sport Nav (Blue Injection) 130PS For those of you who don't like this info - It's a big ruby red SUV and it goes vroom vroom
  8. Lunkster

    Why? We all know @Roxy! is the best HA and @T-Rat is the best ADM so what's the point?
  9. Lunkster

    OK... Here is a list of the countries / islands I've visited as best I can remember... France Germany Italy Spain Holland Austria Switzerland Denmark Finland Sweden San Marino Luxembourg Russia USA Greece Gibraltar Cyprus Malta Majorca Portugal England Scotland Wales
  10. Lunkster

    What's brown and sticky? A stick...
  11. What is the quickest way to reduce a 6' 4" man to a puddle of tears? Let him learn that one of the best, kindest and funniest people he knew has passed way... Rest in peace Geoff ( @dadda2) See you again one day my friend... @sandradee2 - You come home to us when you're ready darling, we're all your extended family and we'll always be here for you.... My love to you all at this sad time xx
  12. Lunkster

    Happy birthday y'all
  13. Seriously??? So now I have @WldPenguin and @Roxy! telling me what to do? Oh boy!!! 2 foxy momma's ordering me about.... **Runs off for a lie down in a dark room**
  14. Lunkster

    CoD4 and Diablo 3 are my main games
  15. Lunkster

    If this is going to be standard game play then we're in for a treat as most of the trailer was cinematics but still looked gorgeous. The only down side is the long wait - Not out until 2021... And for all bitching about hackers & shit on D3 then come in the game... Play with me, @tsw 8.5, @Texas and we'll show you a game full of laughs and messing about as well as playing seriously... New season starts Nov 15th at 5pm PST
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