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  1. Lunkster

    Which is precisely why you get redirected all the time Queen... May have noticed I've not been in game lately, well part of this is because I sit on NFO and just randomly pick a name out of a hat... **CLICK** See ya!!
  2. Lunkster

    Always has been and always will be Stephanie...
  3. Lunkster

    Seriously? I take a few months off for personal reasons and the whole place goes to Shitsville... @Gatorgirl retires and now @FUNky is elected as a Mod... I really need to be getting my arse back in game...
  4. Lunkster

    Happy birthday GG
  5. Lunkster

    I've been playing this game for nigh on 3 weeks now and on our server since it went up. I would just like to thank @Ruggerxi for allowing us the space on the servers for this game and also to @Timmah! for getting it started and for helping the noobs learn the game!! The great news is our fledgling server is becoming popular and more people are joining every day, they're having fun and telling their gaming buddys... Playing yesterday and we hit over 10 people in game at the same time for the first time, doesn't sound a lot but for a server just over 2 weeks old and with little advertising we think that's great! So if you like a laugh, you enjoy survival games why not come on over to Rust, you never know, you might like it!!
  6. Lunkster

    No it's true... You are an asshat... 😆 Now get in game so I can kill you & teabag your cold dead body steal your stuff...
  7. Lunkster

    I believe it is, PM @Timmah!, he's running it
  8. Lunkster

    Boggy - The whole game is about survival, against NPC's, against animals, against other players too!! Get better weapons than your opponent and slay them for all their stash of goodies!!
  9. Lunkster

    Seriously? This is a post about the game RUST and how we'd like people to come play on our server and just enjoy the game, why do you have to hijack a post about a game and turn it in to some shit about water? There are whole sections of this forum for your crap... Take it there...
  10. Lunkster

    Putting a simple answer to @Timmah! question... Rust is an easy game to pick up, easy to learn but it's a bloody hard game to put down!! In its simplest form it's find resources, build a base, survive Come join us on our very own >XI< hosted server and see for yourselves, just watch out for the wolves... And the bears... And the scientists with guns... And the chickens....
  11. Lunkster

    You'll be lucky... All the people with rights to swap the rotation are getting pissed up in Brussels for the next few days, looks like we're stuck until they get back...
  12. Yeah... What they all said already... Oh... I made you a cake... @dadda2 got there first though
  13. Lunkster

    Please be patient while the Admin who banned you reviews your case and a decision is made on the outcome. We will get back to you asap...
  14. Lunkster

    You were in game when I asked you to stop as it appeared your comments were directed to me and not Chile, as for leaving my feelings at the door I don't have feelings, I'm an Admin and they get stripped from our consciousness once we apply the ADM tags!! Let's put this behind us Snitz, it was an error of mis-communication on both our parts and, as I'm going to be busy at 21:00 tonight either celebrating England getting into the World Cup finals or drowning my sorrows if we lose please note that I have lifted this ban already and you're more than welcome back in our servers! BAN REVOKED 13:25 BST BY LUNKSTER
  15. Lunkster

    Snitz You were calling someone an asshole in game and when I asked if you were talking to me you replied yes. I asked you to stop, you continued to say asshole in game apparently in answer to my questions. I gave you 3 warnings to stop, these were seen by 2 other admins and I kicked you 3 times. I said when you returned for a 4th time if you continued then I would ban you, you seemed to pay no heed to this and continued to spam asshole across the chat so I banned you. I have discussed this with the admins who were in game and with our Head Admin team and I will be leaving the ban in situ for 24 hours, I will lift this ban at 21:00 BST