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  1. Lunkster

    What's brown and sticky? A stick...
  2. What is the quickest way to reduce a 6' 4" man to a puddle of tears? Let him learn that one of the best, kindest and funniest people he knew has passed way... Rest in peace Geoff ( @dadda2) See you again one day my friend... @sandradee2 - You come home to us when you're ready darling, we're all your extended family and we'll always be here for you.... My love to you all at this sad time xx
  3. Lunkster

    Happy birthday y'all
  4. Seriously??? So now I have @WldPenguin and @Roxy! telling me what to do? Oh boy!!! 2 foxy momma's ordering me about.... **Runs off for a lie down in a dark room**
  5. Lunkster

    CoD4 and Diablo 3 are my main games
  6. Lunkster

    If this is going to be standard game play then we're in for a treat as most of the trailer was cinematics but still looked gorgeous. The only down side is the long wait - Not out until 2021... And for all bitching about hackers & shit on D3 then come in the game... Play with me, @tsw 8.5, @Texas and we'll show you a game full of laughs and messing about as well as playing seriously... New season starts Nov 15th at 5pm PST
  7. Lunkster

    When's the last time I said !FU TIMMAH!
  8. Lunkster

    Met Kovut>XI< for a brew and a chat this morning as he was making a delivery in my home town...
  9. Lunkster

    Lunky was here on Wednesday night.... And it was L O U D!!!
  10. Lunkster

    Please explain...
  11. Lunkster

    That wasn't a negative comment Edd, was merely saying London isn't the only place in England and other towns & cities are available for slightly less cost... One alternative sprung to mind this morning... Manchester... Good airport? Check!! Good links to & from airport? Check!! Great night life and things for the day time? Check and check!!
  12. Lunkster

    Bit of a personal statement there Ducky - I have a job thank you very much and have more than enough money to spend £500 on a hotel for 3 nights... Was merely saying that is a ridiculous amount of money to spend when there are cheaper alternatives to London... As alternatives Brighton has a great night life and sure there's stuff to do in the day time, the only issue being the nearest major airport is Gatwick so people would have to get there from the airport Bournemouth has an airport but flights appear to be mainly to & from UK holiday destinations such as Spanish islands Just thought I would throw out some alternatives to London but if that's where people want to go then sorry I bothered...
  13. Lunkster

    £300 - £500 for 3 nights stay??? Fucking hell!!! We're not all made of money ya know!! And not one has parking available on site???
  14. Lunkster

    This looks like one Lunky could attend but why London? It's so bloody expensive there and there are plenty of other options in England... Why does everyone come to England but only ever go to London? There was talk a couple of years ago about holding one on the South coast somewhere, Brighton or Bournemouth have good night lives and added bonus of having slightly cleaner air to breathe in the day time!! Just saying...
  15. Lunkster

    @Giggles Sent you a PM
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