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  1. Here's some sausage cakes for your birthday y'old fart!!
  2. IMHO... What a load of bollocks... The whole point of this post is to choose a location for the fest then someone can start looking into hotels/attractions/nightlife etc in the chosen location. Whether people choose to attend the chosen location or not is irrelevant at this time... I've voted for the UK location now for the same reason as @RobMc.
  3. The same place you can place your complaints about the ADM team... In a small dark hole where the sun will never shine...
  4. Welcome to the Upper Echelons @KillerKitty
  5. In case you don't know how, open the console by using the key above the left tab key on your keyboard.
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. If only we could all run everything through LINUX it'd be a better world for all of us!!!
  8. @Angelz - Have you ever heard of personal preference? Win10 is a great OS, personally I've never had an issue with it is all I'm saying...
  9. Upgrade to 10... Come on over... It doesn't bite!! Been using it since day 1 with no issues at all and I upgraded from a dodgy Win7!
  10. I'm open to helping off load some from you...
  11. Server has been restarted 22:05 GMT - No issues yet
  12. Server restarted 22:05 GMT
  13. @dadda2 - This rotation appears to be causing the server to crash, could you please replace with another rotation?
  14. To be honest I've been to Taunton, where lives... I'd be indoors watching TV a lot too if I had to live there...