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  1. A grumpy Brit? No such thing, it's just the way we are!!
  2. @Gatorgirl These are used to lever the rubber covering from your bicycle wheel... The correct way to spell it is T Y R E... Not T I R E as this means to grow weary...
  3. I thought I'd seen a lot in my time on this planet but seriously? Unisex? It's a fooking tyre lever for a bicycle!!
  4. @tsw 8.5 is gonna fookin' kill me but I can't help myself...
  5. Nice apart from the third pic down, some old fart asleep in your new toy!!
  6. feliz cumpleaños eduardo el pato
  7. So this happened just outside the town I live in!! The White Horse in the video is 2 miles from my house and I can see it from my front garden and cycle up there a lot... Wish I'd been up there to witness this first hand!! **BACKGROUND READING DONE!! This happened in February of this year and the footage has just been released by the MoD after an investigation and a bollocking for the pilot!!**
  8. !FU Birthday Boy!!
  9. Happy Birthday Dick Tickler!!
  10. Bought you a big cake but your Dad got here before you!!
  11. La France est un pays magnifique seulement gâté en raison d'être plein de Français !! u @FRENCHI
  12. I haven't listened to this as all I can hear when I hover my mouse is "CLICK BAIT... RUN BEFORE IT SUCKS YOU IN!!!"
  13. @pitbullpete This is for you my friend...