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  1. Lunkster

    u Timmah!!
  2. Lunkster

    Just been sick in my mouth....
  3. Lunkster

  4. Lunkster

    ...it has a crowd, there's always something happening and it's usually quite loud... Our Mum she's so house proud... Nothing ever slows her down and a mess is not allowed... Our house... In the middle of our street... Oh.. Sorry @Timmah! ... Automatically starting singing that song from my youth!!
  5. Lunkster

    @Timmah! That's you now BEEATCH!!!
  6. Lunkster

    Simple answer to your question - Yes... Played a few times... Very broken right now... May go back if it gets fixed...
  7. Lunkster

  8. Lunkster

    Happy Birthday Corpse!! Sleep well my friend...
  9. Lunkster

    Hard to choose just one album... Music depends on what mood one is in at the time... My choices to take to a desert island would be, in no particular order... Rendez Vous - Jean Michel Jarre Hup! - The Wonder Stuff Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds Wonderland - Erasure Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage - R.E.M.
  10. Lunkster

    This all sounds great as soon as we can get a minimum of 25 players online at the same time... Mini BR requires 25 to start a match, Plunder requires 30 and a full BR match needs 50 people!!
  11. Lunkster

    Invite sent bomb
  12. Lunkster

    @Timmah! I drive the red one... But in my head I'm driving the black one... Also before anyone says it... Yes... I have seen my registration and yes... It does stand for Old Grumpy Bastard... Wasn't intentional but was pointed out to me by a very dear friend the day I bought the car!!
  13. Lunkster

    Invite sent bud... Welcome to the mad house!!!
  14. Lunkster

    Finally got round to sorting this Pain... Your invite is sent bud...
  15. Lunkster

    Contents of your stomach after a good session down the pub?
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