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  1. So read the point again... Shoot to eat not just because they're there...
  2. You shot some defenseless animals... What a hero... Sorry, just can't understand why anyone would want to kill an animal just because, kill it to eat it sure but why else?
  3. Get this guy a medal... He who admits to being a bellend deserves the highest >XI< honours!!
  4. You're too quick... Just about to ask you in game!!
  5. This will never get off the ground... French air traffic control are always on strike so will not be able to fly!!
  6. They were only given out to people who had made a concious effort to better the community... If you don't have one then... Well... You can work that out for yourself @Mule
  7. All Diablo 3 players: Season 11 will end on Friday October 20th at 5pm PDT (02:00 UK / 03:00 CET) and Season 12 will commence on Thursday November 9th at the same times. See you all in Sanctuary for the new season!!
  8. Eh... James Tiberious Kirk was born in Riverside, Iowa on March 22nd 2233 so what has Canada got to do with it? If anyone is open to spending a few years in game I'd be happy to hook up ...
  9. Does anyone else play EVE? Just wondering if any people play we could meet in space and play along, maybe even join up & create an >XI< corporation!
  10. The Wonder Stuff play Mission Drive at Bescot Stadium, Walsall, UK on Saturday 22nd June 1991 to approximately 20,000 people... I WAS THERE!!! Much skinnier and much more hair 26 years ago!! And 26 years later I still go to their concerts!
  11. Read this independent review... Be careful with your headset!!,review-2664.html
  12. Happy birthday Deckard. Have a spiffing day old chap!!
  13. I will only push a map if there are more people in spec than there are playing and always give the option to join spec if you don't want to play, unless @Bogleg wants to play then I just push the map regardless
  14. I vote y'all visit the 51st state...