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  1. Zen

    Here's another one... Teach a man to make fire, he'll be warm for a day... Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life!
  2. OMG!! Apologies for having a sense of humour and putting a joke on this post...
  3. Reminds me of the story of the US / USSR space race in the '60's The US were determined to send a man into space and they wanted him to be able to write down everything about the experience, only problem is ink filled pens are driven by gravity so a pen had to be manufactured which could write in the weightlessness of the space capsule... The American government spent billions of dollars and finally a manufacturer designed a pen which could write upside down, under water, even in the vacuum of space... The American government were so excited they took their new pen and showed it off to the world and gloated at how marvellous they were.. In an interview Yuri Gagarin was asked how he felt about not having this marvellous invention when he went to space... He grinned and simply replied "No problem... I took pencil!"
  4. Have a great day!!
  5. I maked you a cake and stuff special for your berfdy...
  6. What they said...
  7. Happy birthday... Now go blow your candle...
  8. Unlike the US Army where it seems you can get one for getting out of bed in the morning, medals here are earned not given away in a CrackerJack box.... You get out there & earn them soldier...
  9. What A Royal Marine Commando has in his 24h rations compared to an officers 24h ration pack... Or... How the British Army take the piss!!
  10. Here... Hand these round will ya!!
  11. Who? Oh... Him... The grumpy Floridian... Well... What they already said...
  13. Here are my screens. The left screen is my main game screen, currently playing EVE Online, the right screen is my do everything else screen, current wallpaper is a photo of Jean-Michel Jarre thanking the crowd I took at the end of his concert last year in Cardiff
  14. One day in class the teacher asks little Johnny a simple math question... "Johnny, if I gave you 2 rabbits, then I gave you 2 more rabbits and then 2 more rabbits, how many rabbits would you have?" "7" "No Johnny, listen again, I give you 2 rabbits, then another 2 and another 2 so how many rabbits do you have?" "7" "Ok, Johnny, try this, I give you 2 apples, then 2 more apples then 2 more apples, how many apples do you have?" "6 miss" So, I give you 2 rabbits, then 2 more rabbits then 2 more rabbits how many do you have?" "7 miss" "Oh good Lord, 2 rabbits and 2 rabbits and 2 more rabbits Johnny!! How can that be 7? 2 and 2 and 2 is 6!!!!" "Yeah I know miss but I already got one at home ain't I!
  15. Lumley is "da bomb" I believe kids would say today!