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  1. Found your apartment building @Mule, attaching an outdoor aerial shouldn't be an issue...
  2. Sorry Sono... Couldn't help it....
  3. Found this site... Very interesting if a little scary especially as the whole world seems to be pissing Russia off again!! Simply enter your post / zip code or town / city where you live and see what would happen if the balloon did go up... You can even choose what bomb is gonna drop and a ground or air burst to see the difference in fatalities & casualties...
  4. Here's a link for the website @FUNky Brewed not 10 miles from where I live, here is a link They have an online store for buying direct from them but I would assume you'd have to personally enquire about shipping to the States... Or you could just come over to Wiltshire & I'll take you for a pint here...
  5. Server restarted 04:20 UK cos I've nothing better to do at this time of day when Mr Sleep passes me by...
  6. At least have a proper beer.... Not that Euro pish water!!
  7. Well for one the Warminster Thing is a proven hoax, the guy admitted it after about 40 years but yeah, I have friends in the town who claim to have seen things on or near Cradle Hill and Cley Hill, one friend has personal video of some blue & green lights "dancing" in a field below Cradle Hill a few years back. Personally I've seen shapes in the clouds from on top of Cley Hill that couldn't be explained, the good old cigar shape for one and once saw a bright light flash across the sky and disappear behind the Longleat Forest then re-appear about a mile away in 2 - 3 seconds. People say that most of it can be explained by having the largest Army training ground in the South of England right next door to the town but there is no way the UK MoD have any flying machine that could have done that so quickly back in the '80's
  8. @RobMc If you want to read further about UFO's in the UK then you can do no worse than check out the history of this place in Wiltshire Or look for The Warminster Thing online, again in Wiltshire and, just so happens to be, the town I grew up in which could explain my weirdness...
  9. Happy Birthday y'old fart... Even tho your PC is broken and you probably can't read this... In fact I don't know why I bothered typing as much as I did... In fact I'm still typi... Oh... Have a good one any way!!
  10. Sad

    @Mule To delete post just go to edit, highlight what you've put and then save the post... It's the only way I know of to get rid of any post at the moment
  11. Meh...
  12. OK... Here's a list of people / bands most of you will not have heard of... 1 - Jean-Michel Jarre 2 - The Wonder Stuff 3 - Ferocious Dog 4 - Pop Will Eat Itself 5 - The Levellers 1, 2, 4 & 5 I have followed since the '80s... 3 I got in to after they supported The Levellers tour in 2016 - Here's a video of them live at the end of 2015...
  13. In no particular order here are 5 I can watch over & over... 1- The Green Mile 2 - Blade Runner 3 - Daywatch 4 - Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence 5 - Philidelphia
  14. I love Solitaire...