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  1. let me know when you will be in ts and ill help!
  2. donate to the homeless in their name and give them a card thanking them!
  3. L!ckALotAPus

    it is free to play! https://crossout.net/registration?r=BING_AWF114ATWD_276849480_1220458012368556_kwd-76278701766329:loc-190&msclkid=b7d9cfd982921fe81749923caf11acc0&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=US_SRCH_BRND_EN&utm_term=crossout&utm_content=US_SRCH_BRND_EN_Crossout#/
  4. L!ckALotAPus

    ill play for the cod5 team
  5. L!ckALotAPus

    reinstall office
  6. L!ckALotAPus

    my brothers dog hated the brush till she met @Oster now she loves Oster! at 13 years old! Please post your pics of Oster here LOL
  7. L!ckALotAPus

    that means I could be a porn star in the UK? but not in the land down under!
  8. L!ckALotAPus

    send one my way please!
  9. L!ckALotAPus

    that will make you want to take up vaping?
  10. L!ckALotAPus

    AMD sent me two postcards with claim info on them.. so I hope I get some cash back to. file your claim when you get your info @ https://www.amdcpusettlement.com/submit-claim.php
  11. L!ckALotAPus

    well next time you want to do a clutch that is 8 hours of fun try a chevy cobalt! I did mine @ 174000 put 24000 on the new one and sold it!
  12. L!ckALotAPus

    hey mule you need a videocard I have a amd 270X you can have!
  13. L!ckALotAPus

    wow with that card you might be able to play pong at 30 FPS.
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