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  1. this 6850 has ddr 5 http://gpuboss.com/gpus/Radeon-HD-6850-vs-GeForce-GTX-680
  2. I am in east Tn. and he can put that old video card heat sink and fan on this card I bet
  3. I have an AMD XFX 6850 1 Gig DDR5 but it needs a cooler for it runs the hell out of cod 4/5 pm me the address if it will work for you and you pay shipping and I need a windows 10 key if some one has one to get rid of
  4. well that is not my reason for wanting my tags back but I give him props on being an ID10T
  5. you need to update the drivers
  6. nice now try dust less
  7. well come on in get your feet bloody
  8. Happy Dirty Bird Hatch Day
  9. ok I did it but you will not like my answers and it needed a comment place
  10. the bottom of the stove has water tank that is heated with massage. so no sleeping area , she can stand and sleep if she has time
  11. I just knew there was something wrong with loco HAPPY B-DAY it's my B-DAY TOOOOOOOOO lol
  12. I wish XFX made mother boards they are awesome when it comes to RMAs
  13. Angelz she is good
  14. great news dean! now come sharpen your blade on me in WaW f/t server man
  15. I thought his wife was a moose?