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  1. that is a steam thing but on some maps it does crash after download we all have that issue
  2. nice now show us your finished mods. here is my pos it is in my desk
  3. when I do it I have a reason, ask YACCster?
  4. what error? unhandled exception ?
  5. no you could call a wam-bulance for them
  6. with a mug like that, are you competing with FRENCHI?
  7. I think everyone has ben stuck in that door way at one point or another, because you have YACCster up high tubing your ass as you get close to the door
  8. I know what to do now
  9. now it is out read this lol https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/gaming/call-of-duty-wwii-still-has-issues-with-online-play-and-the-developer-is-scrambling/ar-BBEV3No?li=AAfq3b1&ocid=spartandhp
  10. Welcome to the Forums,and TBB knows all the IDIOTS!(it takes one to know one)just ask BUDMAN
  11. no she was a Gorilla
  12. I ordered one any way but the weed shirt would have ben bad ass
  13. got video of Dat-Mexican glitching after he was asked not to! he had a 28 kill streak
  14. it sounds like a software problem? did you install it with steam or the dvd?
  15. all you have to do is build a 6000 sf room to put it in