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  1. Thank! I had a broke old mic but I will maybe buy a new! I thinking that I had met the 0.1%
  2. @Bogleg I had try yesterday but I had not have the silencer suppressor. Somebody had tell me that I have to earn it. I will try again today or later!
  3. Ha ha! Thank @Bogleg! So I am guessing that I will have to earn and work classes! For the speed I will use myself to but you are right that when I am use to death match very fast it is slow in freeze tag. Yesterday I did a good job in freeze tag in small map and I did not in a big map so I had leave to play death match lol I will have to try freeze tag again and give it chance.
  4. @Hefe33 I had try freeze tag but it is sometimes slow because I am use to death match. Also I have lose my class or maybe they not the same?
  5. Hi I am new on the site, I am Alysha, I live in french Canada. I do not speak english very well but I manage. I have a lot of fun on your servers! Yesterday I have good times with most. There was a less nice player sometimes but he was still fun. Me I play cod, all of them versions. :-)