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  1. PimpedOutPete

    I blame Obama!
  2. PimpedOutPete

    I have always identified myself a minority thought it’s not as obvious if you met me. Being aware of racial slurs or derogatory comments is sadly an occasional occurrence that happens. I am sympathetic to you Cheesy for you probably experienced the same situations. With that said, you should be even more aware that comments have consequences. I recommend you take your lumps with humility and learn from this. Hopefully this will go your way. Pete (Ter)
  3. PimpedOutPete

    Hahahaha I have done the same.. over and over
  4. PimpedOutPete

    That’s amazing news and I am so dam envious. Enjoy the well earned time.
  5. PimpedOutPete

    That’s great news you crazy bastard.
  6. PimpedOutPete

    Welcome to the Team.
  7. PimpedOutPete

    Welcome to the group.
  8. PimpedOutPete

    Welcome to the group.
  9. PimpedOutPete

    Welcome to the group.
  10. PimpedOutPete

    I agree Funky, your choice to move it was sound. Angelz intent wasn’t political but like anything it can be diverted there. No harm buddy.
  11. PimpedOutPete

    Hey Angelz please don’t get to discouraged. if I posted tomorrow’s weather report, someone is bound to complain that’s it’s political in nature!
  12. PimpedOutPete

    Hey Sheen, wishing you a full and speedy recovery my friend.
  13. PimpedOutPete

    Congrats everyone. Good luck guys!
  14. PimpedOutPete

    Great pic buddy, that city looks familiar lol ?
  15. PimpedOutPete

    Lol... “ I don’t wanna to get political”.... Bullshit my friend, maybe you should correct that to “ I meant to get political”...
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