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  1. PimpedOutPete

    I agree Funky, your choice to move it was sound. Angelz intent wasn’t political but like anything it can be diverted there. No harm buddy.
  2. PimpedOutPete

    Hey Angelz please don’t get to discouraged. if I posted tomorrow’s weather report, someone is bound to complain that’s it’s political in nature!
  3. PimpedOutPete

    Hey Sheen, wishing you a full and speedy recovery my friend.
  4. PimpedOutPete

    Congrats everyone. Good luck guys!
  5. PimpedOutPete

    Great pic buddy, that city looks familiar lol 😝
  6. PimpedOutPete

    Lol... “ I don’t wanna to get political”.... Bullshit my friend, maybe you should correct that to “ I meant to get political”...
  7. We are the red & white, so we must be a rash lol
  8. First things first, thank you for your service to your country and freedom in general. I myself brush that “I’m better than you” crap away for it’s just talk. If America was great, it was always great and your neighbor can tell you differently but it doesn’t matter does it. Footnote: If you are military, you don’t take shots at other countries military. There are men who died in fields fighting for our freedom well before we were a glint in anyone’s eyes. Good chat peeps.
  9. Wow, maybe some anger management is badly needed in your case. It’s Canada Day! Let Johnny spout off and in 3 days you can tell the world why America is great! ( as those silly reds hats say). By the way, as a dual citizen, America was always great, maybe someone should mention it to that pathetic cheezie lol.. Pete
  10. PimpedOutPete

    The media is polarized just like politics are. You can’t trust anyone anymore.
  11. PimpedOutPete

    Why am I not surprised that this is turned into to being overtly political, specially from Tucker Carlson, that partisan hack. My wife has Leukemia, should I blame Obama on that as well...
  12. PimpedOutPete

    Good grief, one word about chem trails and I swear you are Hxtr’s lost brother...
  13. PimpedOutPete

    News to be used as tomorrow trash.
  14. PimpedOutPete

    Funny. 🤪
  15. Congrats my friend, it’s about time you start earning your keep. 😏
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