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  1. Lol That guy is funny, a moron but funny.
  2. It’s funny that you recall that. That was some crazy times for XI... lol
  3. Oh man, what a time to leave on vacation. I’m glad everyone is ok.
  4. Good grief, I hope everyone was ok. That’s a wake up call.
  5. It’s German midget porn Joe. If your going to quote me, get it right for shit sakes.
  6. Congrats.. now hit the streets you slut. Pimps need to dine.
  7. Its funny, I thought global warming and environmental issues dont exist as per President Dump...
  8. Happy birthday Steve. I hope you have a great day buddy. Cheers
  9. Rogue, lay off the coffee at 8 buddy. well done.
  10. Hey Everyone I just wanted to take the time to ask for prayers for my amazing wife Jody. She was diagnosed with a form of leukemia last Friday. This came as shock for she has always been in the best of health and still is. We are hopeful for a good prognosis but we know we are in a long battle. She is the strongest person know. I do apologize for my absence in advance for she is my life and priority. Ter (Pete)
  11. Horrible tragedy. Thoughts and prayers to the friends and families of those effected.
  12. Lol..nice
  13. Happy birthday you crazy bastard.
  14. Welcome to the group.
  15. Welcome to the group