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  1. Awesome pic Jaime.. He looks amazing.
  2. Welcome to the servers and forums.
  3. A little cold In Montreal is it RIP?
  4. Then why did you ask me to hide all this drug money in off shore accounts?
  5. Very sad, age 46. Much to young.
  6. ColdFusion has been a member with us for sometime now and in good standing. Before you start accusing fellow members of hacking, maybe a simple message to an admin would work. Airing your laundry in full view maybe ok for some but its not the usual practice for XI.
  7. Happy birthday
  8. Happy birthday
  9. Happy birthday
  10. Welcome to the group.
  11. That’s steak looks awesome.
  12. Welcome to the group.
  13. Welcome to the group.
  14. Welcome to the group.
  15. Welcome to slavery we know it.