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  1. PimpedOutPete

    The joke is on us..
  2. PimpedOutPete

    Welcome MrsG. Nice to see a fellow west Canadian on the forums and servers. Cheers
  3. PimpedOutPete

    Lol Had to dust those off did you Hx. Desperate are you? lol
  4. PimpedOutPete

    Google the word "idiot" and then click on images. Sometimes reality is way to funny. Twitter that Donald (lol). https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/12/11/congresswoman-google-ceo-why-when-i-search-idiot-do-i-get-pictures-trump/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.fc83102a7bcd
  5. PimpedOutPete

    Good Grief Hx, were you not held enough as a child?
  6. PimpedOutPete

    Wow, tough crowd. Twice the President than the lying disgrace in office now. RIP Bush Sr.
  7. PimpedOutPete

    Please, don’t make it worse than what it is lol.
  8. PimpedOutPete

    Good grief! Chem trails moving from one post to the next like an infection...
  9. PimpedOutPete

    Great post peeps.
  10. Begins Harry? Lol... it’s act 2, scene 1.
  11. PimpedOutPete

    So much drama over nothing. Lol nice
  12. PimpedOutPete

    I guess they call them Pinheads for a reason.
  13. PimpedOutPete

    Well played my friend lol.