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  1. PimpedOutPete

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/pandemic-covid-vaccine-triage-omicron-1.6319844 Here is a very good article on what is happening in hospitals around the world. We are trained to treat the disease and comfort the patient. That for whatever reason what brought you there did not matter, but for the first time in my career things have changed to a degree. It goes unsaid that the vast majority of healthcare workers are exhausted, many to the point of breaking. When you thinks things are getting better they ramp up again. All the talk about empty rooms is BS. We have learned this comes in waves and when a wave hits, it’s like your drowning sometimes. Before we would ask if a new patient was vaccinated for we needed to know all medical history, now I don’t bother asking. I got so jaded for those who were unvaccinated that inside I wanted to scream. I thought to myself, your the reason this continues. Eventually your guilt for thinking such things gets the better of you and you just stop asking all together. I guess my point is this shitshow is real, someone of you may not think so but for many of us it’s incredibly real. Somedays I wish it wasn’t.
  2. PimpedOutPete

    I guess my 32 pack of toilet paper will be delayed by a day or two, big deal.
  3. PimpedOutPete

    Krunch, here are the list of the serious side effects reported here in Canada. The percentage to date is listed as 0.010 % of all doses administrated. https://health-infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/vaccine-safety/#seriousNonSerious
  4. PimpedOutPete

    I typically print out these conversations and wipe my ass with them. Those TP shortages can be tough on a guy (lol).
  5. PimpedOutPete

  6. PimpedOutPete

    The man died of a suicide. His family said no one should suffer in silence. What now? Do you care to retract this story or disrespect the man some more.
  7. PimpedOutPete

    Lol, Now that is just friggin funny. Thank you, I needed that.
  8. PimpedOutPete

    Good grief Krunch, that’s a war memorial cemetery. Those men paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Stick to the subject.
  9. PimpedOutPete

    Krunch, your talking out your ass! The only higher power I answer to is my wife and god… and then I’m not sure who I had the higher pay grade lol
  10. PimpedOutPete

    Against my beliefs? No, I can not say that there was a moment where I thought I was doing something against my ethics. We treated all patients in a professional and ethical way regardless of their circumstances. We provided care that was proven by to be medically sound. We didn’t and couldn’t take risks with unproven medications, now in hindsight some of those could be proven effective and I am open to that for there will be anyone one of these pandemics around the corner. No once have I seen Covid number fudged, deaths considered Covid when they were otherwise. Never have I even seen drug reps anywhere within my department but typically they aren’t. I haven’t heard of them around at all. As you know we would for AHS and billing is strict and open to the public. No extra funding is provided for Covid patients for we everyone is treated the same. I for one have not seem any inappropriate behavior by medical staff. As for staff or anyone being censored, we don’t discuss that. We are here to treat patients, and give them the best care so they have the best chance for a solid outcome. We are to busy for those shenanigan’s. Hope that helps
  11. PimpedOutPete

    And how are we, the medical community breaching this code?
  12. PimpedOutPete

    Yes, there has been. Several months ago, anti-maskers and anti-vaxers where harassing schools and patients entering hospitals. I personally seen them harassing staff and patient entering the Tom Baker Cancer Center. That’s a level of depravity I have never witnessed before. What is wrong with this world
  13. PimpedOutPete

    Those things are already happening here in Alberta. Costco will not prevent you from shopping without a mask. Those choose not to prevent you for they didn’t wish to subject their staff to the level of violence that has occurred in the past. Please don’t reference or compare this to the Nuremberg trial or the holocaust. There is no compassion to the worse atrocities of our time. It’s best we stick to this on its own. Rules are rules, you drink and drive, rules apply to you. You don’t pick and choose which one you listen to.
  14. PimpedOutPete

    Thank you for the information. Like always it’s your right to choose if you wish to be vaccinated or not. As you are aware, with erroring on the side of public safety comes privileges such as dining out, movies, sporting events, air flight. These are privileges one gets for helping fight this. No one is forcing anyone or holding anyone down to get vaccinated and rightly so. This is nothing to do with government for it’s a personal choice. What are your thoughts on those who have falsified vaccination records so they could travel or enjoy privileges. I have come across several.
  15. PimpedOutPete

    Krunch, they are angels for doing their job.. period. I should know, I have two beautiful daughters who are practicing RNs. One in Emerg here in Calgary and one an ICU nurse in Washington State.
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