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  1. I am happy to see your ok Ron, and that you will make a full recovery. I was going to offer some sound medical advice but that '"hack" remark makes me think I would have pulled the dam plug on you if I was in the Seattle area. Get well buddy...
  2. Great job, awesome pics.
  3. Lol... good one.
  4. Happy birthday
  5. Hmmmmmmm nope. Lol
  6. Happy birthday
  7. Happy birthday
  8. That is some great pics... thanks for sharing and it looked like an amazing time.
  9. Welcome to the forums and our servers.
  10. I would opt for Vegas.
  11. Great pic guys. Sounds like fun was had by all.
  12. Welcome to the group.
  13. Welcome to the group.
  14. Happy birthday buddy. I hope you have a great day.
  15. welcome to the forums.