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  1. PimpedOutPete

    It’s hard to imagine living through such a horrific time in history.
  2. PimpedOutPete

    Lol those are unique lines on that guitar. I have always been partial to the mid Sixties sound so I didn’t appreciate Gibsons as much as I should have. I know they suffered from production problems in the past but they have taken a page out Epiphone’s model and recreated some awesome classic models. I love that they went back to hand wired pods etc. I own a J100 acoustic myself (reissue).
  3. PimpedOutPete

    Mike you mentioned you had only one Epiphone. I have a Casino that I play with the Vox, love that hollow body sound.
  4. PimpedOutPete

    I do have a Hofner bass, it’s a pain in the ass to play for the neck is so thin and not easy for my ham hands lol
  5. PimpedOutPete

    Awesome, well done. Are you plugged into the Marshall in the corner or? I have an old Vox that i use for that classic sound.
  6. PimpedOutPete

    Lol. Well done Ghost! I agree, it’s kind of toad stool shaped lol
  7. PimpedOutPete

    Well, as much as there has been some amazing musical acts, the Beatles are the band that change music and the largest influence to many great artists to follow. 20 number one songs (most by any artist), 13 original albums all number one (no artist has done that), 650 million albums sold (most by an artist), all members in the Rock n Roll as solo artists and as a band. They have 4 albums in the top 10 greatest albums ever. All within 7 plus productive years. The Beatles catalog, actually only the songs that Lennon/McCartney wrote which is only 151 songs is estimated to be worth 1.3 bi
  8. PimpedOutPete

    That is awesome Mike, keep that sealed for your kids! I found an original Hey Jude single with the original sleeve a few years ago.
  9. PimpedOutPete

    I do love Zep but I have heard they stole their share of tunes as well. Sad if true.
  10. PimpedOutPete

    Hey Mike, since your a musician like myself, maybe you will like this. John Lennon use to write out all his lyrics before he went into the studio. He would bring them in and McCartney and Harrison to a degree would go over them and change a line or two. When Lennon died, Yolo commissioned a lithograph edition of John’s lyrics, only 1000 were ever made which she signed. My wife bought one for me when my girls were very young. it’s Day Tripper.
  11. PimpedOutPete

    Strangely enough Mike, it’s a remake. it’s originally an Everly Brothers Song from 1960. Who thought a Scottish band could turn it into a blues power ballad.
  12. PimpedOutPete

    Hard to know if your serious Mike or a Nazareth fan.
  13. PimpedOutPete

    Wow, she is projected to go in the first round of this years NFL draft. Lol



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