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  1. Happy B-Day Mr. Roadkill sir that we have all the formalities out of the way .....just don't get too baked and take a late night stroll down to the quickie mart for some hostess crumb donuts and chocolate milk and get run over .....because then you would be know.... so just stay home for Heavens sake and just orororHell !! or just and Bingo !! have a good one Roadkill !!
  2. Elmo just had to have his pic in here ..... Metal on Elmo !! \m/
  3. Happy B-Day KT !! have a good one and cheers !!
  4. Damn ! I still love this song... can remember listening to this (Album.Vinyl,wax....etc....) When I was young and just being blown away...Randy Rhodes Mofo's !!! ...and of course the Oz man. Brings back a lot of good memories ..... \m/
  5. Happy B-Day Sabre !! you old dog ....younger but old dog .... have a good one Bro ...cheers and good health
  6. Yeah Pforzy hang in there and take care of yourself and get back in the game Dude....I mean it,take care of yourself !!
  7. bummer.....I got to see him play against my St Louis Blues when I was a kid ...Damn a lot of good old players are going....sad to hear and yes...a legend
  8. Happy B-Day Viral..... you Bastard !! and many more to follow.....
  9. R.I.P. Male
  10. This one is hard to take......Male was a regular on the COD4 ACE Mod...I played against/with him for many years there and no matter how he was feeling (breathing wise ) he always had a good attitude and was funny and fun to play with.I knew he was getting worse just by listening to him but didn't know it was this bad....I'm mad at myself for not playing there more often lately but have been playing COD5 more and occasionally drop by Ace to say hello to my friends.....My name for him was Usmale.( I use to mess with him all the time and we would laugh)...pronounced like know,the Mexican food.....Male was a retired trucker who liked to work on computers and loved to play and joke around with his friends in the game,he lived in Indianapolis of the closer XI members to me .I will miss you friend.....R.I.P. Male.