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  1. Streetcleaner

    OMG Ludes !! goin' back(Lemmon 714) actually for that show I was just really fucking stoned ...I was with my older brother and his friends and met a girl that became my first serious girlfriend(I would have never said a word to her if I hadn't been high) thanks Mary Jane ....I was on the left side, half way up first section by the stage....From what I can remember...an awesome night all around !!
  2. Streetcleaner

    Hara Arena !! Damn !! I saw so many great bands at Hara.... those were the days @MikeB ...although my first concert at Hara was Van Halen Fair Warning tour or the Black and blue tour .......Black Sabbath and B.O.C Blue Oyster Cult , if they played there or Riverfront coliseum. but I saw Rush there,Slayer,Metallica,Soundgarden,Iron Maiden,Stevie Ray Vaughn ...the list is large But ...I remember one time at Rush at Hara,I was half way up on the right all the up close by the stage side so you could see above and down on the stage...great spot and his drum solo ,totally enclosed in his Kits ,slinging a drumstick up into the stratosphere as he kept playing and without missing a beat ,catching it ,as he drops the other stick he picked up in the launch, as it comes back to earth and just kept going... !! yeah he will be missed ....
  3. Streetcleaner

    you are Tony Stark !! ? Holy Hell !! yeah it all is starting to make sense .....
  4. Streetcleaner

    My head almost exploded ! ...lol so many questions. These 2 songs are already pretty much finished as far as parts and vocals I have lyrics for both and most of the melody lines just need to record them ....but....I have a lot of others that I'm working on that we could do together....as far as rendering, I can also split them up their separate tracks...if you have reaper and send a wave file and you can open it up in reaper and do what ever to each track. If I don't have my plug ins on, you won't hear any distortion or bass amps because every guitar and bass sound I did for this was through Amp Bias 2(my own custom amp sounds I have been working on),no live amp was used.....I would have to record those tracks through my Boogie mic'd up...... Also I would like to hear your ideas @MikeB I am trying to save up and get Studio one but until then....Reaper is it. Oh and the inspiration behind My left turn is every time that I came to a fork in the road in LIFE. I would go left...or so it would seem but just because you think you made a bad turn, it doesn't mean it wasn't right .... Karma,Fate ......
  5. Streetcleaner

    Okay Bit .......uh....hmmmm people !! I'm back with more cra.....err stuff ..... I would like to welcome ALL fellow musicians and music lovers who are not musicians. Welcome one and all !! this is basically a follow up to my very first post, where I let you listen to an mp3 I made of a solo Idea over a song idea ....through my PC and recording software that I have.I just wanted to give anyone out there an idea of what you will need or getting into and the process behind it all. we are lucky to have other people out there that have done it on a larger scale like @MikeB and @six_gun 's son sent in a whole song as well and there are others out there as well WP and Spartacus and even more that I know of that we haven't heard from yet like @Demonio and other XI's ...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !! ...lol I hope Mike and other people will show us more of their stuff and Mike can give you some ideas on what he does with his equipment and studio... I digress .......So what I am using? .....My audio interface(which you will need if running through a PC ) is a Scarlett Focusrite 2I4 2nd Generation My DAW(Digital audio workstation) is Reaper going through my old PC.I have a drum program and a guitar and bass amp simulator program,or I can record through my real amp mic'd up with a Shure sm57 The first song (My left turn) is the one I released earlier as just me soloing over,(for ideas) now the composition is finished the solo is in it's place. The only thing I have really worked on, has been the drums ,everything else is raw,meaning that they haven't been EQd or anything just levels and no vocals yet....once everything else has been recorded and tweaked then.....it's time for the final mixdown....just trying to show you some steps in the process..... The second is just another song but the first I will release when the time comes.... I play everything on both of these. Note: In no way are these finished or final recordings, just something to have on tape to give me peace of mind and I have it captured on file as a rough so I can move on to the next song... hope you enjoy. My left turn-003.mp3 Back from the Underneath.mp3
  6. Streetcleaner

    Here is some more evidence of the decline of society and how it's not the rich's problem.....bigger separation between classes, just like they want it.... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/09/opinion/sunday/deaths-despair-poverty.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  7. Streetcleaner

    I just heard the news when I got home....I am stunned,dismayed and saddened beyond belief ....we just lost a drummer/percussionist virtuoso in rock/progressive rock. he was absolutely amazing and I was lucky enough to have seen him 4 times....his accomplishments are too many to list here but when you can play one time signature with your feet and another with your hands and blend them together....are you kidding me !! R.I.P. Neil you will be missed for generations.......
  8. Streetcleaner

    I'll let you know...just be ready.
  9. Streetcleaner

    Pete is either in denial or "THEY"already got to him........
  10. Streetcleaner

    Yes the decline of the honey bee is alarming,bird migration patterns off because of climate change ....which in one way, is caused by the stuff being emitted into the air, weather by industry or chemicals in our upper atmosphere(hmmmmm) In California you are not supposed to have rain barrels, you cannot collect water that falls from the sky........or just mismanagement of the raising of animals and the overuse or exploitation of the land the animals are being raised on .....deforestation,not replenishing what we take away....not using sustainable food practices .....I believe since 1970 we have lost 35 species of either animals or insects.... gone....never to come back...I think the number might be higher.....but when we start to lose the Honey bee ........I remember having to watch my step if I went outside in the summer barefoot...because of the clover and all the bees...now.......I hardly see any bees, so....this year I am going to invest in 2 beehives....I have some land and woods ...so I am going to try and do my part,besides with beehives comes raw honey..YUM ! I will also be building a chicken coop as well to raise chickens again for eggs .... SAVE THE BEES !!!!!
  11. Streetcleaner

    The 1% controls 99% of the wealth .....and now they want 99% of the Earth .....for their generations yet to be born ...so they can inhabit this planet.....just look at the credit system...what a joke...it's set up for the rich to prosper and the poor to remain poor..... The I.R.S. isn't a Government institution it;s a glorified loan shark business....did you know that if you owe the I.R.S. they tax your interest, they continue to tax your remaining balance each month and add it to what you owe them......which of course means you end up paying them a substantial amount of money(extra) if it takes you a while to pay it off,also making it harder for you to pay it off...... The Federal reserve isn't run by the government either...it's no more Federal than Macy's department stores....ha ha !! let's go check the Federal reserve and see how much real money is actually in there....surprise !! they want you to believe it's a race war but it's a class war. the 1% ers want to put the 99 ers in a social economic vice and squeeze the money and life out of us....if the majority of the (99% ers) could see through their propaganda of the so called racial differences that supposedly separate us, to have us fight against each other and band together instead as a social economic class rather than by our races and see through their lies we could eliminate the 1% ers..... this planet would be a far better place.....huh....ever see the movie "A BUGS LIFE".....Power in numbers people ....REVOLUTION !!! WORLD REVOLUTION !!! The New World Order is here !!! nah....I think I'll just roll one ,play my guitar and try to forget how fucked up this planet really is ......
  12. Streetcleaner

    They are very real ...unfortunately ...... and if you know anything about my and HXTR's errr relationship...... You know it's like a gunshot to my groin when I agree with him........
  13. Streetcleaner

    and now something completely different ......
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