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  1. Streetcleaner

    Who said Deep Purple didn't have roots in early Heavy metal .....
  2. Streetcleaner

    that sounds good ,nice job !....home studio?...originals is where it is at.keep on keepin' on!!
  3. Streetcleaner

    Rock on Dime and Spongebob !!
  4. Streetcleaner

    Can't believe it's been 15 years to the day yesterday that we lost one of metal/hard rock greatest guitar players by a senseless act of warped violence... R.I.P. Dime !!
  5. Streetcleaner

    Happy Friday...and no better way to start it !!
  6. Streetcleaner

    If I didn't have to work a job, I would be playing and recording 11 hrs a day(you have to do some other things).... if not more....stupid work and life.....sigh....instead as soon as I get home...cup of coffee and in front of my PC with my guitar or bass and lose track of time.....it's already 9:30 and I haven't even gamed yet !!......maybe I should start my own crowd source fund so I can just be a musician...if you have any loose change laying around just send it my way in care of [email protected] ...TY and your donations will be much appreciated.
  7. Streetcleaner

    I saw this performance and had to post it....Sabbath goes California !! only time in a live performance have I seen Tony Iommi with no mustache sporting a powder blue shirt with matching shoes !! What ? Geezer has an all white bass and looks like he just came from a Grateful Dead show ...Ozzy is in on it too but he is sober...or sober enough to where he sounds good (for Ozzy live) and....look at the size of Bill Wards.........Drum kit....lol it is small yet sounds so big and he crushes it and rules the world !! They sound tight. Great performance !!
  8. Streetcleaner

    I agree, they sound good That kind of sounds like Bruce Dickinson from Maiden....here's an old band that I thought got overlooked...
  9. Streetcleaner

    It's time East Coast.....it's time........ to fire that thing up !! (your Strat) , you're retired now and have time no excuses.....so,go out and buy a Mesa Boogie combo amp and rock out you, retired old geezer ....Like Geezer Butler that is ...
  10. Streetcleaner

    Elmer Fudd had the shotgun ....
  11. Happy B-DAY Mrs. Joe !!

    and many more to follow !!


  12. Streetcleaner

    cartoon......cart0ON....CARTOON !!! WHAT MAN !!? YOU'RE A CARTOON ! I'M A CARTOON ! THIS WHOLE EFFIN' WORLD IS A......CAR TOON ! ....what were we talking about again ? ...btw....I happen to like cartoons.....
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