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  1. I have some ...uh...videos....can I post them?...nothing to do with the game........
  2. That's awesome !! you must be proud and congratulations!
  3. Fuck all the Fucking Fuckers !!!  ...oh ....and have a nice day. :guitar:

  4. Awesome ! .....I have seen them for Moving pictures,Subdivisions,Roll the bones and Presto...saw them do 2112 in it's entirety ...never disappointed !!
  5. very happy to hear you still have that leg !! take care of yourself and do everything they want you to do in rehab...don't skimp on it ,it's there for a reason. take care of yourself and get back soon.
  6. worst sofa in the world ....unless your a horny single male who can't get a date....
  7. Happy B-day MONK MAN !!...Woooot !! you sly young devil you . May your day bring all kinds of good things and enjoy...and many more like this one to follow!
  8. they said the storm surge is going to be a mother..... so secure the hatches and good luck !!
  9. bet it all on black !!
  10. to the tune of ZZ TOP'S .....I wanna thank you