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  1. Streetcleaner

    put the headphones on and sit back and take a journey.... yeah Petrucci can play guitar....that much respect !!
  2. Streetcleaner

    Does it come in black ? desert yellow just isn't my color....
  3. Streetcleaner

    Hope you got your taxes in ....
  4. Streetcleaner

    time to move, people ...
  5. Streetcleaner

    Yeah, I want Snowden extradited.He fucking broke the law knowing full well what it would do his country and to him then ran and hid in Russia....I would respect the guy if he took what was coming to him and right now was spending the rest of his like in federal prison.It matters not what was in the "content"(because I believe some of the information should be known but then you blur the lines because some of it was interwoven with stuff we have no business knowing) but the "ACT" itself ...treason....what's civilization without law? and yeah,Manning should be there as well...Oh and who said no one is interested in Assange's rape case?.....I would like to know if it's a valid charge or not...... Some things we really shouldn't know because if we knew, then the whole world knows ...there goes national security,where do you draw the line ?but it certainly shouldn't be up to people like Snowden,Assange and Manning or anyone like you really think our governments should be so transparent to the public on "Everything"?Maybe I'm wrong and everybody should know everything about everybody,no secrets,no privacy....then ,no rights. Like I said ,stand up for what you believe in and take the consequences for your actions.
  6. Streetcleaner

    S.O.D. Lives !! \m/
  7. Streetcleaner

    It's about time that running and hiding Bitch has to face what shit storms he created.
  8. Streetcleaner

    yeah, the vid is fucked up but the song,not so much.
  9. Streetcleaner

    It's close,very......but if asked,this is my favorite Band.They always change( progress) but keep the main elements of their(Tommy's) sound and feel intact. \m/ \m/
  10. even when it's hard, it's always better to laugh .

  11. Streetcleaner

    Sadly it still resonates today how far have we come?