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  1. Streetcleaner

    I remember plenty of times playing with Johnny,always a fun time. This is perfect !
  2. Streetcleaner

    yes,my bad...thinking of something else...ty
  3. Streetcleaner

    you're right ! no theory at all...it's "their" Agenda ! oh and BTW for all those out there that thinks AR stands for auto-matic rifle ... another history lesson...it stands for "Armatec" the company that designed the AR 15 and sold the design to Colt.Thus the C(ar) 15 that was introduced in the Vietnam war...it still is a tag on every AR design made by Ruger or who ever... but does not stand for full auto....it is a (semi) auto matic rifle.... thank you and when bored....make another ammo run and keep looking out the window....lmao ! just kidding...
  4. Streetcleaner

    you should also look into why your Union Jack hasn't been changed to a street security camera...seems more fitting....
  5. For all you out there watching unarmed people in Hong Kong being shot,ran over and tossed like sacks of potatoes on to trains and you still don't believe in the second amendment...then you are a textbook definition of an Idiot.The second amendment is there to help protect us from our government, if called for....it's all "real" history. these people are not to be confused with said "Extreme Idiots"...unless you live in this country and don't believe in the second amendment..... I will only use my guns to defend my house, property,family and freedom.
  6. you throw a chart up and then attack the grammar not the message? blood clots...not yet approved by the FDA....The vaccine will help some but still wear your masks...what about the variant that supposedly has no symptoms and doesn't show up on a screening or test...what ?! but still wear your masks...if you did get the vaccine you can still get it, so wear your masks !! they are taking our freedom away with the masks and saying it's for our safety?.... telling us where we can and can't go.....if your outside,still wear a mask ! yeah Rob, you have had the kool aid....
  7. the plague was spread because of the way people lived back then ,open sewers in the streets, over all filth....and yes it was from rats and fleas but in these days of science....really? a bat and or wet market?c'mon...go back to my quote Rob....how many time has the plague come back like the first time? ...if it were to happen now, it wouldn't be a ,quote,"pandemic". So with science today....you throw some history facts at me?....oooooooo how does that change things? Hey, if you want to defend China,go right ahead.
  8. Do you know who started the whole "conspiracy" theory? the government did after Roswell......sometime things sound so out of there, it's hard to realize they are true or you just don't want to...so just tag it with "conspiracy" because then it's easy to explain away...I really don't give a fuck if you believe or not Rob.
  9. Benjamin Franklin said "never give up your freedom for safety because in the end,you will have neither" when the CDC puts out a stat that says....cases of flu down from over 38,000,000 from last year to just under 1,200 this year .... uhhh..hmmmm talk about shooting yourself in the foot....take your masks off people and breath in the chem trail filled air !! ...and if you think I'm joking.....what did Krunch say...."sheep" ? it just magically crossed over from a bat or whatever...it needs a catalyst ! ....just like the 4 other times it crossed over,,,but only in China...Sars,swine,h1
  10. Streetcleaner

    3:30 EST ? .....hmmmmm....
  11. Streetcleaner

    I was just messing with you ...no need to revamp the mod.It is, what it is,besides,I have real paintball.
  12. Streetcleaner

    I just play real paintball...not a fan of the mod,besides my gun shoots straighter and farther than what's represented in the mod....so the realism is gone,I must be spoiled....lol



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