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  1. some Metal right back at ya !! Enjoy !
  2. even though all my guitars have rosewood fret boards, if I could, my next would have an ebony fret board....the sustain on ebony is like no other. sweet guitar there Storm !! Jam on !
  3. Happy B-Day Wyld ONE !...."Wyld" Like ... WYLD STALLYNS ya know..... Bill&Ted !! Party on Dudess !! you can see,a lot of drinking is involved....hope that is okay.... have a good one.
  4. D to the O to the double G Happy B-Day !! I know you have heard this before , old are you in Dog years ? Not Dogg years ..... Have a good one !!
  5. just do what it takes Boy and get yer ass back in Ace so I can kick it !!been WAY toooo long Bro ! So......what are you waiting for? !!
  6. Dude..........well we know what your hobby is
  7. If you think it's going to make it through the asteroid belt.....then you better call Maaco ....if there is anything left....
  8. I laughed until I cried !! Love these guys!!! and the song kicked ass !!