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  1. TobyDeDrone

    Woohooo Happy birthday Jay Hope you have an awesome weekend <3
  2. TobyDeDrone

    Anyone else got one of these in the last few days? --------------------- BATTLEFIELD™ 1 Congratulations! You've been selected to participate in the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha, where tightly-focused maps set the field for intense, tactical matches designed to test the limits of your skill and teamwork in the crucible of competition. We'd love for you to participate in the Closed Alpha. Keep in mind that the competitive gaming mode is still under development, so you may encounter some technical issues. Participants are subject to the Alpha Agreement, which is found during the installation of the Battlefield 1 Incursion Closed Alpha. Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha is playable in English only, and gives you a small taste of what the full mode will include upon release. Further languages will be available in the final product. Please find your code below, which can be redeemed in Origin. This code is specific to your account, and cannot be shared. YOUR CODE IS:
  3. TobyDeDrone

    Nice Dukoo she looks like a hungry beast
  4. TobyDeDrone

    ## Day 5 ## She now has a name "Matilda" no idea why But shes having another growth spurt No banana for scale
  5. TobyDeDrone

    ## Day 2 ## Shes already poked her head up to say hello I soaked the seed in warm water for around 16 hours just to give her a helping hand
  6. TobyDeDrone

    yeah this strain is 80% Indica, 20% Sativa their own description is below. -- CBD Mass is a heavy-duty yielder thanks to her Critical Mass background - she'll definitely need major support to prevent damage as the fade approaches around 8 weeks after the flip. Be prepared or be sorry! On average, this cannabis seed measures in at 500 gr/m2 when given plenty of light. In addition to volume, CBD Mass Seeds offer a peaceful, dreamy physical stone thanks to the 6 to 8% CBD and 80% Indica genetics. They won't mess with your head in the slightest - no anxiety, no nervousness, no jitters & absolutely no paranoia. She's a good one! -- So perfect, we want all the medicinal benefits and non of the fucked off your nut ones
  7. TobyDeDrone

    I buy CBD Vape oil already expensive stuff but its low CBD. So i thought i'd try and grow some. as im in the UK its all pretty much illegal but it is what it is
  8. TobyDeDrone

    Ive never grown before and I dont smoke it either, But ive just bought some seeds for CBD Mass so I'm gonna give it a try and grow a plant or two. I'm doing this for the wife as she has MS so hopefully the high CBD content (around 8%) and low THC (less than 5%) will help with the pain and not get her to off her face. So any advice on growing would be greatly appreciated, I'm using the chameleon tank to start growing as its a steady 25ºC in there and humidity levels are well maintained and it has UVB in there too.
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