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    Congrats man, welcome!
  2. _derXos_

  3. Welcome man, glad to have ya!
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    The Ban hammer strikes again 😁
  5. That was the first tournament that I played in and I'm very happy. I'm not often on the FT servers, but I had a awesome time with you guys and gals and thank you for that!
  6. _derXos_

    Thank you Herbie!
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    Welcome to XI
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    Thanks man! This doesn't change anything, the cod5 server is still my first love XD
  9. I know right? I tried multiple servers yesterday and no dice, just not the same
  10. At what other servers do you all play?
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    Hey man, welcome to the forums!
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    Clinical psychologist in a clinic for abused and neglected children. Games are a great escape and a awesome way of releasing anger and frustration
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    Hi Scarlett, welcome to our forums, happy to see you here see you in the game!
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    Holy shit I didn't even notice the date on the posts
  15. _derXos_

    Holy shit I didn't even notice the date on the posts
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    What I consider to be excessive spawn killing is when you do not give the opposing team a chance to move more than a couple of steps. By that I mean that they don't have a slightest chance of providing any kind of resistance (shooting back or ducking for cover). IED's C4 and RPG in the spawn clearly qualify, and also "exploiting" some map's possible weakness (Market for example), where you take a position and gun down people after they take a few steps. I made my bones in COD 5 and that is the rule we follow there. Don't shoot someone who can't shoot back (because they just spawned). Now I give warnings because I can't ban people, only kick, but some people really push it. I also realize that sometimes people do gun down others really close to the spawn (myself included) because things can sometimes get heated, but when warned or just alerted to that fact, they quit doing that. But there are others on the other hand that do not abide by this rule and need a kick in the ass sometimes That's my position
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    Welcome man, see you in the game!
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    Congrats Monkie!
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    About time! Welcome Herbie
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    Happy birthday Godfather, have a good one!
  21. Happy birthday Peek-a-Boo, have a great one!