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    Welcome to the forums!
  2. _derXos_

    Well deserved, congrats man!
  3. _derXos_

    Welcome to the family man, nice to have ya!
  4. _derXos_

    Merry Christmas XI family of course, if I don't see you on the server, Happy New Year as well!
  5. _derXos_

    Welcome to XI man, nice to have ya!
  6. _derXos_

    Welcome to the family Ronin!
  7. voted. I think sinjar is a pretty bad intro to the game/server for new players and plenty of old ones hate it. Station can be ok, but rarely in my case.
  8. _derXos_

    Welcome Helio! Nice to have you in the Idiot team! See ya on the battlefield ?
  9. _derXos_

    Yes, you can still play Insurgency, but only on non-secure servers. XI servers fall under the secure category. As I can see you have multiple VAC bans , so I suggest you contact Steam or check the VAC ban FAQ (https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7849-Radz-6869&l=english) for more help.
  10. _derXos_

    Thanks for contacting us. As I see you were banned by VAC, and not by one of the admins on the server.
  11. _derXos_

    Welcome man, glad to see you here!
  12. _derXos_

    Welcome, welcome, welcome Mark!
  13. _derXos_

    This is a very unsettling picture
  14. _derXos_

    Congrats man, welcome!
  15. _derXos_

  16. _derXos_

    The Ban hammer strikes again ?
  17. That was the first tournament that I played in and I'm very happy. I'm not often on the FT servers, but I had a awesome time with you guys and gals and thank you for that!
  18. _derXos_

    Thank you Herbie!
  19. _derXos_

    Welcome to XI
  20. _derXos_

    Thanks man! This doesn't change anything, the cod5 server is still my first love XD