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    Nieuwerkerk aan den ijssel , the Netherlands
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    gaming , listening music from lp, and colecting lp,s.

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  1. Outsider

    happy birthday , have a nice day all.
  2. Outsider

    Hi Teki, welcome have fun by the idiots
  3. Outsider

    Happy Birthday all, have a Nice day
  4. Outsider

    you apparently don't understand what this topic is about, too bad, if I wanted you to understand this, I would have explained it better, but enough about this, is now with the admin, ps. read my messages carefully.
  5. Outsider

    now we can only put feathers in his ass how good he is but apparently people don't understand the problem he's a good player that's for sure but if i shoot a full magazine at him as he comes at me nothing happens , but then get stabbed, this happens several times, not only with me, I myself was an admin at my clan years ago, also experienced things like this, sometimes you have to do things that are not fun, the interest of the clan comes first, if this person focuses more on the team game, and doesn't think about his own, we get a little further. look kniven, we all do it once, but don't make it a sport, respect your players, also your opponent.
  6. Outsider

    for me the fun is a bit off too, kniving ok, but don't make sport of it,i think there is a problem, there are several players who don't like this either,if this person comes in i'll go out, so admin, do something with it. let's keep it fun.
  7. Outsider

    Happy Birthday all
  8. Outsider

    have a nice day
  9. Outsider

    welcome to XI
  10. Outsider

    tnx all
  11. Outsider

    lol tnx all
  12. Outsider

    thanks for posting ,see you idiots in the game
  13. Outsider

    Hi everyone, the outsider here, live in the netherlands, small town near rotterdam, have been playing at xi for a while now, cod4 freezetag, together with my twin brother psychodad, love to play here, after a busy day, ff relax , work as an operator, i am now 64 years, married 2 daughters, and 1 granddaughter . gr. Jos van Wensveen (the outsider)
  14. Outsider

    happy birthday to you all.
  15. Outsider

    Happy Birthday to you all. Have a nice day
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