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  1. _derXos_

    Welcome Alphanoob, have fun on the forums!
  2. _derXos_

    Welcome my man to the XI family!
  3. _derXos_

    Jack Daniel's is 23$ here, but 700ml.
  4. _derXos_

    Don't have enough money for the plane ticket
  5. _derXos_

    In Croatia a pack of Marlboro is 30kn which is little more than 4$, so you can say Croatia is 13 years behind the US concerning these things
  6. _derXos_

    Hey Kilion, welcome to the family! nice to have ya
  7. _derXos_

    I'm sorry to hear that man, really am. I hope it turns out ok
  8. _derXos_

    These two little guys are Koko and Muki
  9. _derXos_

    Current rating: cool as a cucumber
  10. _derXos_

    Well look at you, finally at the forums welcome Banana, nice to have you here.
  11. _derXos_

    Welcome to the forums man, have a good time!
  12. _derXos_

    Congrats sir, welcome to the idiot clan!
  13. _derXos_

    Hey man, welcome to the forum!
  14. _derXos_

    Congrats guys and gals, you deserve it. I just hope EastCoast50 won't ban me for killing him so much :)
  15. _derXos_

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuafmLvoJow Raglan Road, best tune to soothe a heartache
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