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  1. _derXos_

    Welcome Angelus, nice to have ya! See you on the server
  2. _derXos_

    Hello. The final decision is that you are to be given a last chance and a final warning. If you repeat anything similar you will be permanently banned and any appeal will be denied. Enjoy the servers and have a good game.
  3. _derXos_

    Congrats man, well done!
  4. Thanks man, game on
  5. Thanks man, it's an awesome feeling
  6. Thanks Ronin, cheers!
  7. Well I try my best at both thank you Nyx
  8. Thanks Barron and thanks for everything, beer is on me
  9. Thank you Snap my man, you are the true God of our servers
  10. _derXos_

    Hello and welcome to the forums, have fun!



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