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  1. I've been playing on the XI Insurgency server for years now and I love them. But I think it's time to change it up a bit. My suggestions are more night maps Maybe the community has got some ideas or oppinions.
  2. swiss_guard

    Battlenet: swissguard#679697 new to this piece of shit game and need people to play with and get good please help thx
  3. swiss_guard

    thanks a lot everyone. I will try my best
  4. swiss_guard

    Sure, if you want i can pm you my instagram so we can keep in touch on there
  5. swiss_guard

    @Daemon i'm ready for membership now daddy
  6. swiss_guard

    all the cool kids play on attacking
  7. swiss_guard

    love this one
  8. swiss_guard

    happy birthday barron my g. i promise i won't forget next time
  9. swiss_guard

    alphanoob can you show me the ways of defending? after 1300 hours i still haven't mastered it. or maybe i'm just to impatient to just camp a corner for 5 mins
  10. swiss_guard

    happy b-day daemon. it's a bit late but still worth the effort
  11. swiss_guard

    he legged it
  12. swiss_guard

    i've seen few worse ads
  13. swiss_guard

    it's been ages since i played overpoch. hopefully the server will thrive.



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