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  1. BlueHair-OMO

    Server came back as community instead of modded. All plug-ins are missing. No pet and no bonuses present at this time. Running smoothly in other respects.
  2. BlueHair-OMO

    Greetings, Today(Sun., Feb 3), we experienced two major lag storms, then a kickout. The server is still not visible in the list over 30 minutes later. The server hosting service may need to be given a swift kick. ? Patiently Waiting... Blue
  3. Greetings Fellow Carbon-Based Life... As we (hopefully)gather more people, it may be nice to have a place to discuss what we all think of in terms of map selection. What aspects do like to see in a map? What are your suggestions, and why would you prefer them? My first suggestion was generated by me using my favorite number, 3, and 9. 4500/93939393. I am experimenting with other repetitive integer choices as well. Large numbers seem to create complexity, while using the same numbers repeatedly seems to act as a mechanism for more even distribution. Could be wrong, but the empirical observational evidence points that way. The criteria that I am currently using to choose a map are... number and distribution of rivers, mountains dividing biomes, well-placed/evenly-spaced monuments and scrap runs, outer areas of less importance that may shelter those who wish it, and good biome mix. My first selection has little Tundra biome, but has more going for it in other areas. TEN rivers, evenly spread around the map edge. Dividing, centrally located Mountain Range. Upper NE corner has a possible XI-land. ? Nice large island with land bridge. Outpost is not very centered, but Bandit Camp is. The monuments have a good spread. The number of roads and power lines means uber scrap runs. Share your choices and reasons behind them. A vibrant, informed discussion improves everyone's knowledge and enjoyment. Thanks for your attention, Blue
  4. BlueHair-OMO

    The antithesis of vegan fare... Ingredients - 2x ultra-thin ribeye steaks, or Steak-umms 4x slices of well-cooked bacon 4x slices of thin pepperoni 2x slice Provolone Shredded Mozzarella Grated Parmesan 1 Hoagie/sub roll Seasonings to personal taste Preparation - Brown steaks in skillet at medium-high flame. Remove to toaster oven or other hot area. Placed sliced roll face-down on grill and brown in steak juices. Remove to broiling pan. Place cheeses on roll. Place steaks on roll. Place bacon on steaks. Place pepperoni on bacon. Broil open-faced until pepperoni juices flow and edges crisp. Season to taste and enjoy with fried Cajun-spiced potatoes or mozzarella sticks. Preferably without the knowledge of either your significant other or cardiologist. Remember to have your Ronco™ Pocket Defibrillator handy... just in case. The cows and pigs that make up this sandwich ate plenty of vegetables, so any more on the plate would be redundant. I get my veggies second-hand. If you get caught eating it... you didn't get this from me.
  5. BlueHair-OMO

    Hello all, Just a little blurb to say hi and let you know another old guy is in the house. Screen name - Bluehair-OMO. Given to me during initiation into the Old Men Online, about 18 years ago. Like Animal House, we all had names given to us. All were age-related. Prostate, Vasectomy, etc. Just call me "Blue". Real name - Carl Profession - House Painter Age - 57 Location - Outer Banks, NC Gaming History - Started with Stratego at 11 and went into Avalon Hill games. "Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich" and "Advanced Squad Leader". Still have all my maps and unit pieces and scenario cards for ASL. All day to set up... and the cat runs across the board. Computers are better, for feline health reasons if nothing else. Comp gaming has been almost exclusively military sims. Combat Mission series at tactical level and Hearts of Iron at strategic. Homeworld series is still on my hard drive or available. 3-D 4X games are very appealing to me. FPS was Battlefield2 as sniper and chopper pilot; and MechWarrior 3 and 4 as out-of-the-box fitter and brawler. Did my time(4 years) in EVE Online, so the skin has been thickened to the worst humanity has to offer in online gaming. Which brings us to why I have invaded your little corner of the Internet... Rust never sleeps... and now neither do I. No-life-ing it in your new Rust server. Like the server, map and people. Will have suggestions when I learn more. Only my 2nd wipe, and 1st full one. Have a new project in the server though, that sort of just happened over the weekend... Ridge Runner Resorts... in partnership with BlueHair Development Group Limited, now offers space at The Palisades. Compound living for the new or experienced. Short-term day-trippers or long-term full-wipe residence. Security, shared access to needed resources, and private individual personal spaces. Free jackhammer and chainsaw to every resident. hehehe Help me feed this pig. I'm in deep now. LOL If you're XI(or a reasonable, honest non-griefer), and you want to bag in, let me know. If it lasts the wipe, all are invited to attack/blow it up just before wipe ends. Thanks for your attention, and may your rounds never fall short... Blue
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