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  1. FUNky

    Thank you for your patience. Like I said before your steam ID was originally banned on 4/1/2020. I cannot find in the ban database a record of the steam id that it was associated with. It is possible that this was a mistake. I have lifted the ban and you should be able to connect to the server. If you have any issues, please let us know.
  2. FUNky

    Just be patient, your ban is being discussed. We will get back to you once a decision has been reached.
  3. FUNky

    Thank you for your appeal. I appreciate that you are straightforward with this appeal. Please be patient while this is considered.
  4. FUNky

    Thank you for your patience. Your Steam ID was originally banned on 4/1 because it was linked to a banned share account. Can you provide your other steam ID please? You can private message it to me if you don’t want to post it on this open thread.
  5. FUNky

    The app is very polished for a first release. I’m sure folks that don’t play Rust are like WTF? Why do you need or want an app. Well Rust is a game that never sleeps. On our 10X server, each “round” lasts for 7 days. Even when you are tucked safely in your bed, your game life goes on and nasty people are always looking to get into your base and take your hard earned loot.
  6. FUNky

    McRib does not approve of this bullshit.
  7. FUNky

    If you think it’s fast now, wait until you get that NVMe2 M.2 drive.
  8. FUNky

    @Crack sent me this picture of his Breakfast.
  9. FUNky

    The damn thing is run by the same SOB that deals Blackjack. I think he’s secretly related to @Ruggerxi. I demand an Special Prosecutor to perform an investigation!
  10. Thanks @HarryWeezer but the success of the server is due to @MenTaL and his work and dedication. I cannot take any credit for that because it was his idea and he put it together spending his own money and a lot of time getting it setup and keeping it running.
  11. FUNky

    Hey @HELLSPAWN, haven’t talked to you in a while so here is a long overdue FU. Good to see you here Buddy.
  12. Thanks folks, I appreciate it.



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