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  1. You know who you are
  2. I feel the same way Queenie.
  3. Great stuff @StormCrow! Congrats Brother that had to be a blast.
  4. It’s not usually 51% want to skip and 49% want to play @Sammy, it’s usually 50% want to skip, 40% don’t care one way or the other and 10% want to play it so we aren’t losing 49% of the players. As far as hopping, take it out if you want, I don’t play here because I love hopping, I hop because I love playing here and that’s the playing style. I’ll bet if you took the hopping out, you would get less bitching from the hoppers than you do from the 10% of map whiners. By the way, I’m more of a Dolphin Diver than a hopper but “when in Rome”...
  5. I think it’s hilarous that the people who get mad and quit when they don’t get their way are calling everyone else cry babies. My opinion is that when there are 25 people in the server and over half don’t like a map and five or six others don’t care one way or the other, the map should be skipped. I don’t get my feelings hurt if I don’t like a map and we do end up playing it but if that’s what you want to do, head on out. My wife and I never responded to temper tantrums from our son and soon enough, he learned that they didn’t work. Maybe we just need to step over you and go on about our business when you throw yourselves down and start pitching a fit. The whiny posts notifying everyone about someone’s intention to drop their tags or never play the servers again are ridiculous. ”Don’t go away mad, just go away” —Stitch Jones
  6. 1.8 patch is not keeping you from playing our servers. I have been running 1.8 for over a year with no problems. I do not use Steam so that is your issue.
  7. Damn @Cooper I don’t know how I missed this post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY.
  8. Thinking about you Brother and sending prayers your way.
  9. This thread is about me! All threads are about me except for the one about @Siphonic Sugar, that thread is about @Wardogs411. Oh, and the one about @Sixgun/Thundercats(WTF is up with that name change?) is actually the unofficial FU @ucjohn thread.
  10. Happy Birthday Fucker!
  11. Happy Birthday @Sammy
  12. +1