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  1. You people don’t want none!
  2. FUNky

    I am the Admin that banned you, as you know. The videos you posted only confirm that our decision of scripting is confirmed. Your flat bullet trajectories and lack of vertical and horizontal movement of the AK is not achievable without scripting. The best players I have seen, both on our servers and in countless hours watching videos and streams tell me you are not legitimate. Add in the fact that you were baited and continually found hidden players bolstered our opinion that you were also using an ESP hack. Your immediate accusations of Admin abuse when killed also follows the pattern of hackers when they are caught. You are not what we need or want on our servers and in any case, your appeal has already been denied.
  3. FUNky

    What I don’t see here is why you think you were banned.
  4. FUNky

    What I don’t see here is why you think you were banned.
  5. 🖕  :lol:  🖕

  6. Me: Shit, I’m full dead! Teammate: Hurry up and get back over here, I’m keeping them away from your body! Me: I’m on the way!
  7. That is a selfie...🤨
  8. FUNky

    I’m feeling a @Siphonic Sugar type of thread. Has anyone seen that post lately?
  9. FUNky

    Careful @Dessy, he might start watching you...
  10. FUNky

    Thank you for your appeal. We will discuss this and get back to you.
  11. FUNky

    Welcome to the International Brotherhood of Funkys, Brother Funky!
  12. FUNky

    I’m going to give you 2 and 1/2 Pinocchio’s for this statement.
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