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  1. FUNky

    Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.
  2. FUNky

    Congrats Saab-Ray
  3. FUNky

    @AthenA can we meet in Teamspeak sometime and you just read the newspaper to me in French?
  4. FUNky

    Welcome @Prle Slovenia! Good to see you here.
  5. FUNky

    Welcome @SparkyBearBomb!
  6. FUNky

    That’s a lie, @Timmah! and I don’t have any junk to hang out. My Rust character is a petite black woman and Timmah is a large breasted white chick. You don’t get to pick who you are but I wouldn’t have changed anything at all about who Facepunch selected for me. ??
  7. FUNky

  8. Server dropped and restarted on mp_dassance. Went to toy box
  9. FUNky

  10. FUNky

    I’ve got one, I’ll trade for it
  11. FUNky

    Welcome to the darkside Padawan
  12. FUNky

    Dresses and skirts on a windy day.
  13. FUNky

    Nice. BTW did you have to show everyone where our Repair Bench is?
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