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    I’ll fight you @Sammy but you should know I’m ruthless. I’m a black belt in the Costanza method of physical conflict and always heavily armed.
  2. Careful folks, @Timmah! has my address and he shows up for every holiday right around meal time. Well, he did until the recent Restraining Order was issued. He might be looking for a new Holiday family but, on the bright side, he did bring @Sharpe for Thanksgiving.
  3. Just how big an ole boy are you? It ain’t nothing for me to kick a fellers ass.
  4. Thanks, to @Ruggerxi and @Sitting-Duc we have moved the Rust server to a new host. Drop by if you want to enjoy gaming with us but, even if you don't play Rust, Head over to rust-servers.net and vote for and favorite our server. https://rust-servers.net/server/158214/
  5. Sorry to hear this @Dukoo. I know you’ll miss him but memories will always keep him in your heart.
  6. I understood this right away @RobMc. It must be a sign that I watch too many shows about serial killers.
  7. I’m betting you’re a big Alainis Morrissette fan. ?
  8. So great to hear Buddy. I couldn’t be happier for you.
  9. Come join us on the improved XI 10X NOBP Rust Server. Exciting changes are starting with today’s wipe! By popular request, the server now has No Blueprints or Workbench requirements, Remove Tool, Fast Recycling, AlphaLoot and many more new mods. We are also implementing twice weekly wipes to make it more enjoyable for the casual player that cannot devote hours and hours to play. The server will wipe Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon each week. To steal a term from @Timmah! we are a “Kinda Friendly” bunch. We adhere to XI rules and standards for fair, friendly gameplay but we might shoot you on site as well... We also feature @Bobby Light, The Most Interesting Man in XI. So join us in the server and for the most immersive Bobby experience, find your way down to the Rust Teamspeak channel. If you are a new player, let someone know you need help understanding the game and one of our members or regular players will be happy to show you the basics and get you started on your way.
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