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  1. You peeps should register and claim your name. However, Queenie hasn’t been seen for a while. Has anyone seen @jumper?
  2. Here is their first welcome video.
  3. Those guys do a lot of videos like that.
  4. So you bought a new copy on Steam and it says key code in use? I would contact them to get a new code. The second part is where are you getting your codes? How many do you have if you have tried “many”?
  5. What a blue ribbon fucktard
  6. Is this him?
  7. Your channel should be good for old people and insomniacs. That snuggly sleeping bag you have should make them sleep like babies.
  8. Some folks don’t like competition. Get your hacking ass back in freezetag!
  9. Were you AFK? If not why not hop on Teamspeak and ask?
  10. If you fast-forward to the 15-minute mark you can see @FUNky stick the blade in @Timmah!. Of course it WAS HAX
  11. Happy Birthday Buddy!
  12. Happy Birthday from one FUNky to another.