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  1. Stop lying @Ruggerxi and admit that these are from your childhood doll collection.
  2. FUNky

    So awesome @Dogg! I know the feeling you had the first time you looked at that precious boy. It’s special to be a Grandfather.
  3. FUNky

  4. You caught us @Oster there is a secret group of XI Admins that spend 100 hours each week modifying stats on the COD4 servers. There are five of us referred to in inner circles as “The Pentavarite”. We meet tri-annually at a secret country mansion in Colorado called “The Meadows”.
  5. FUNky

    Nice @LOCO
  6. FUNky

    Welcome Master!!
  7. FUNky

    Nice @LOCO, I like it.
  8. FUNky

    Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.
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