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  1. FUNky

    We have both and I believe Prime is much better now than Netflix.
  2. FUNky

    Maybe I’m missing something but why would you need a keygen? If you don’t have a legitimate copy of the game then I think you need to get one before asking for help.
  3. FUNky

    I hope it comes back with a good result. Prayers for you @7Toes
  4. FUNky

    Howdy Neighbor! Welcome!
  5. FUNky

    Lost it in a knife fight with a menstruating Coastie😏
  6. FUNky

  7. FUNky

    Was it a Scientist that shot you? I think you were the only one in the server at the time. If you were on a road it was most likely an NPC. As you are aware EVERYTHING in Rust will kill you even the Chickens.
  8. FUNky

    Did you hit F1 from the game menu and type connect The server has been up and running with no problems.
  9. FUNky

    I’ll be happy to help you along as well. Just say Hi if you see me in.
  10. FUNky

    We are looking into this, please bear with us.
  11. FUNky

    Wait a minute! You must demonstrate your ability to contribute something in order to “get in”. Obviously the UK is as archaic and racist with its immigration laws as Canada and Mexico. 😏
  12. Server crashed on mp_bridge2011
  13. FUNky

    Yeah I like both but I figured I would show two different sizes to see what folks preferred.
  14. Both are generated from dates that have significant meaning. I like both maps but one is 3500 size and the other is 4000. http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3500_341789 http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_4000_741776
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