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  1. @Jeroen v.2
  2. That’s right son...
  3. You laugh but I carried one of those things around in the Middle Ages for work. I was forced to check it on a flight to Mexico City (WTF Aeromexico?) and it came through like a champ. They were Compaq Portable Computers and cost $3000 but we called them Luggables because they weighed about 30lbs.
  4. You have way too much time on your hands.
  5. I’m thinking 15 or 20 should be sufficient.
  6. And so it begins. The Dutch Mafia & FUNky now have a second seat at “The Table”
  7. Happy Birthday Sassy Lady! I hope it is great!
  8. Happy Birthday Sassy! I hope it’s filled with fun and happiness!
  9. Wow! That sucks. I hope you have a speedy recovery
  10. Happy Birthday!!
  11. FU! Sorry reflex post. Happy Birthday fucker