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  1. Awesome son! DUTCH MAFIA and FUNky! @Dessy @Dukoo @Jeroen v.2 @FUNky
  2. Welcome @BCNU I hope you enjoy our servers as much as we do and you might even find some cool people around here.
  3. I love a cherry
  4. Thanks everyone! I had a great day and these posts are icing.
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday Queenie!
  7. Seeing as how I own @Predat0r with the SMAW, I will be taking this thread over. WELCOME TO FUNky’s Want to use a SMAW in COD4 like me thread.
  8. Fijne verjaardag, klootzak
  9. Guy named who and a lady named what that shacked up with a guy that worked at Waffle House and once knew a fella by the name of Jimmy that played here 15 years ago along with this other guy that hasn’t played here since 2003. Oh, and to make this sound more legit...Rugger.
  10. I think @Jeroen v.2 may have found a winner here!
  11. I think we should designate an official song so let’s start a discussion. My Suggestion:
  12. Mmmmmmmmmm Popsicle... Would you also happen to have a glass of wine?
  13. That’s great @Jeroen v.2! Congratulations my son!
  14. Yep, this dumbass once told me ingame that he was going to come to Nashville and kick my ass... I offered to pm my number so we could meet up but he decided he was going to let me off the hook