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  1. @StormCrow sorry you’re going through this. They’ll have you back in action soon.
  2. Cheyenne everyone, including myself often question whether we are getting shot while still in spawn protection. There always seems to be a short moment when we are visible before we can raise our gun and others can see us. As Timmah said the chopper can kill you while in spawn protection. The increased explosive power I’ve not noticed but might be the opposing player may have picked the perk to increase damage. Weed
  3. You’re only going for the beer, BBQ AND THE hot Sauce. Enjoy
  4. Thanks everyone. It's my turn to help out and give back to the clan. I hope everyone has a little patience while I get up to speed. Wayne (Weed)
  5. Yep nice to support the dealers but I've taken it up the ass so many times from our local dealers I just gave up. once the warranty is gone so am I. I bought my last vehicle 60 miles away in a different city. Saved almost $4000 but since Covid that excuse has stopped all price comparisons. Dealers have a pay or screw off attitude.
  6. @SGTSmeg Omg Just reading this now. So sorry to hear this sad news. Every day our essential service providers and our first responders are out there dedicating themselves for our benefit. Too often we the general public go through our daily lives without a worry in the world we sometimes take our safety for granted.. It is events like these where we see, understand, and appreciate the true value of those who have the calling to serve in harms way. My sincere condolences to all those affected by this tragedy and loss. Wayne
  7. Tim, my bread recipe is an old one so it's in cups etc. AS you say I now make sure the dough is tacky. I just add more water or less depending on the texture. My John Kirkwood recipe's are weighed out. He uses the percentage. I use All Purpose Flour but add wheat gluten to turn it to bread flour. I got that idea from John K. Sometime I use 5 or 7 grains to my bread I just remove flour in the recipe. Doing this I adjust the moisture. I always use honey to replace the sugar.
  8. @Timmah! I've been baking since I retired in 2019. Bread, biscuits, pies, cakes etc. I always cooked growing up, six kids plus the parents everyone had to chip in. Bread and biscuits like you pointed out you go by texture. I agree recipes by weight always work out better. I watch a lot of John Kirkwood YouTube tutorials. He's a great cook/baker from the UK. https://www.youtube.com/@JohnKirkwoodProFoodHomemade
  9. Portnoy’s videos are really just 1 guys attempt at jumping on the YouTube money train. Once you watch one of his videos you get spammed while browsing. I would never buy a cheese pizza, gotta have ingredients on top. I’ve never made pizza dough seems like too much work
  10. I would rate that higher than Dave Portnoy! Everybody knows the rules. He never eats pizza with meat on it! This is a great looking pizza
  11. Sounds like she got her medical team taking good care of her. That AFIB can be a scary experience. My mother has it and they control it with meds etc. My dentist had it and they stopped and restarted his heart and everything settled down after his restart.
  12. Ahhh I have no idea what look you’re going for but I think you’ve got it going on!
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