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    Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Staying at the fishing camp, Being Married to a great Lady who gave me a great Daughter, who gave me 2 of the greatest Granddaughters and a great Son In-law!

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  1. WeednFeed

    Crypto is the NEW or Not So NEW pyramid scheme!
  2. WeednFeed

    @X-RayXI my case is almost opposite of yours. My P/S is at the top exhaust fan blowing out. My CPU water cooler is in the bottom bringing (intake) air in from the bottom. My one larger rear fan above the water cooler exhaust out the rear. My front two intake fans bring air into the case. The top front intake fan blows across my video card. The bottom front intake fan blows across my water cooler. Weed
  3. WeednFeed

    I parked my money in 2018 because I knew I was leaving work in 2019, just waiting for the longest bull market to ease off so I could reinvest. So then Covid happened and the world took a SH!T. Yes I lost a bunch of speculated money I might have made, but didn’t loose my initial cash or any sleep over it! I’m happy with my decision. Yes inflation is eating up my savings but I still can enjoy life.
  4. WeednFeed

    Cooler water pump is a Corsair H100iGTX it has a 2 fan rad with hoses to the cpu/heat sync, the rad is bottom mounted over the bottom case vents. Al kinds of room in the case for this card if i decide on it.
  5. WeednFeed

    Nice. I like the Rhubarb cake with the cinnamon sugar topping! Mmm
  6. WeednFeed

    The card is used from someone who is always upgrading! He grabbed this one as most people might realize last year or two cards were hard to find. His new card will be here Wednesday. I have first refusal on the card. That’s why I’m inquiring about it. For my system and my games it should last be a very long time. My week link is my monitor 32 inch Samsung curved a bit older I believe it’s only 60hz. Nice picture for these old eyes.
  7. WeednFeed

    I have a large Corsair case and 850 watt Corsair PS. My Mother board is an Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero. Processor is I7-6700K. Three case fans and a water cooler on the processor. I'm running a 1T SSD. I believe I'm good to go.
  8. Anyone have any experience with this card? Is it good bad etc? https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N3060AORUS-E-12GD-rev-20#kf Thanks Weed
  9. WeednFeed

    @StormCrow great video you were in there quite a bit. That cameo in the end will make you go down in history! Congratulations, I guess the wardrobe was spot on lolol. Glad you’re living the dream. ps the music was great.
  10. WeednFeed

    Without looking at the video and reading the description of your clothes I think you need a stylist for your wardrobe lolololol! You also need to post some fishing pictures? I’ll go watch the video now. Really glad you’re Monster Truck’s #1 Groupie! They obviously love you.
  11. WeednFeed

  12. WeednFeed

    Nice Jonah, congratulations!
  13. He’s just another guy being manipulated by Kim! I suppose as long as he’s in the action scenes it’ll put a smile on his face, until she becomes board and the next Victim comes along! lol. Reality TV you just can’t make this shit up……or can you?
  14. WeednFeed

    Very nice! How long did you have it in the slow cooker?
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