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    Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Staying at the fishing camp, Being Married to a great Lady who gave me a great Daughter, who gave me 2 of the greatest Granddaughters and a great Son In-law!

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  1. WeednFeed

    Congratulations! Boy or Girl?
  2. WeednFeed

    That's right @RobMc You know you wanted that reaction! I know that will bring a chuckle to your face, LOL! @Rascal I remember when I first arrived at XI you were just this pleasant young person. WOW now your 25 OMG! I'm aging quickly. Finally hit 65 and receiving my Old Age check, love it! Mrs Weed and I now have 4 and 7 year old granddaughters to keep us busy. Still loving freeze tag.......it's just the best. Except when @Rascal keeps killing me! Oh and that other punk @MHsDaughterDaughter she's OFF the Christmas list as well.
  3. WeednFeed

    @RobMc I’ve got that T shirt! Lack of use, no willing participant lololol!
  4. WeednFeed

    They were from Toronto not Ireland but the family tree says their descendants left Ireland during the potato famine! Not sure if that counts lol
  5. WeednFeed

    Oh here is a poem! Roses are red Violets are blue FU
  6. WeednFeed

    You 2 need to get a room and work this out! What ever this is? Not judging this world is a rainbow!
  7. WeednFeed

    No I thought about it but I’m too cheap lol.
  8. WeednFeed

    She carried herself with pride, respect, dignity and honour of the position.
  9. WeednFeed

    Great looking setup, congratulations! None of my upgrades have made me a better player! Sad so sad!
  10. WeednFeed

    My favorite so far are my Sun Gold! Sweet with a slight tart. They are a cheery indeterminate. A big hit with everyone. A very high production type.
  11. WeednFeed

    Wow they look great! How is the flavour, great?
  12. WeednFeed

    @FunStick delete all your hacks remove the game and make a big curry! Post some pictures of the curry! Lolol ps I don’t like my curry too hot thanks
  13. WeednFeed

    Great pictures, being on the water is soooo relaxing.
  14. WeednFeed

    I was laughing but you deserve another finger! Likely the only real fun we old farts have anymore!
  15. WeednFeed

    @RobMc lolol
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