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    Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Staying at the fishing camp, Being Married to a great Lady who gave me a great Daughter, who gave me 2 of the greatest Granddaughters and a great Son In-law!

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  1. Wow very nice. @Ruggerxi so sorry you had to go through this. I’m feeling your pain. I hope all your great memories speed your healing. Wayne
  2. Let him know we’re thinking of him.
  3. I can’t think of a better choice! Always a gentleman. Congratulations and welcome to the group.
  4. Congratulations..........................Senior? Is it time to draw the 401K? Thanks for all your hard work.
  5. Good Job Midget, welcome to the team. Congratulations
  6. Please accept my condolences.
  7. Hmmm one of a kind, get it? Got it!
  8. Memories November 2019! Should have a T shirt made. I SURVIVED A COLONOSCOPY
  9. Thanks to everyone for the very kind words. Dad’s one heck of a fighter. He loves everyone of his health care workers. He’s so appreciative of them all. He’s so embarrassed that he needs so much help and assistance to even go to the washroom. A few of the nurses have had tears in their eyes. To EVERYONE OF YOU HEALTH CARE WORKERS here reading this let it be known: We love you! We appreciate you!
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words. A Doctor was in to see dad yesterday and told him he’s NIT palliative yet. Their plan is to heal his leg sores so he can move to a Nursing Home with his bride of 69 years. He just keeps moving forward day by day! They’ve reduced his Dilaudid by 50% but man does that stuff make him comical hahaha. He’s the coolest 90 year old stoner I’ve met. we we’re pretty poor growing up. For a few years we had no indoor plumbing, gathered water in a bucket, went to bathroom in an outhouse. Dad was crying the other day because he tried to give the 6 of us an allowance of 25 cents a week. He could only do it for one week and had to use that $1.50 for some groceries. He did a hell of a job he has 4 of his 6 kids are millionaires and all retired early. I’m not one of the millionaires but I’ll not run out of money hahaha. Imagine second generation immigrants all doing well because my grandparents landed in Canada where the streets are paved with gold. I used to complain about the 45% income taxes I had to pay. I’ll never complain again. The medical care my family has received through our Canadian Medicare has been absolutely amazing. Well it’s been a hell of a stressful ride I’ve been on since 2017 with the parents but I’ll have no regrets. Cheers Wayne
  11. Here is a picture of DAD with myself standing and my 2 brothers! Some people say we look like dad. What do you think?
  12. Hello everyone, some of you know what's been going on with my parents. I'll try and keep this short. Mom and dad are 87 and 90. Dad will be 91 in August mom 88 in September. in April mom had critical loss of blood circulation in her left leg. If you've never seen someone's legs dying it's a nasty looking and painful thing. She was faced with the real possibility of amputation. Luckily her medical providers were able to surgically improve her circulation to the point her feet are slowly healing and the pain has improved. As you know my dad has a multitude of health issues. Congestive heart failure, dialysis 3 times a week, broke his hip twice. Sadly in May he started having sores on his legs and was being in the home by Extramural care. Finally we had to call an ambulance and have him taken to Emergency. He was diagnosed with Critical loss of blood circulation in his right leg and LIVER CANCER involving 1/3 of his liver. At 90 there was great debate in the hospital about treating a 90 year old man with so many conditions of which anyone of them could kill him at any moment. You see my dad is a very intelligent and mentally functioning man. He still pays his bills on line with an iPad. The medical staff are all amazed at how sharp of mind he is. They performed the same procedure on his right leg as they did for my mother. He now has improved blood flow in his lower legs reducing the pain and starting the healing. Dad, my 2 bothers and I had a meeting with the Oncologist regarding the Liver Cancer. He was a great Doctor and explained everything in a gentle way to all of us. He made it a point to say he questioned the wisdom of the other Doctors in treating Dad's circulation but he said after he met dad and interviewed he now agrees with their decision. Unfortunately Dad's Liver Cancer is not treatable as his age and multitude of medical issue would just make him suffer and not accomplish any improvement. The Oncologist mentioned dad's options will be Palliative or Hospice care when the time comes. He is currently in the hospital. Dad has made great improvement in the last week as always he continues to shock his Doctors. This morning the Unit Doctor told us Dad is not ready for Palliative! They are going to heal the sores on his legs and get him ready for a nursing home. He is one fighter. On July 1st Mom and Dad celebrated their 69th wedding Anniversary in the Dialysis department in the hospital. Sorry this is so long. Remember if you have someone in your life you love you better tell them. So I love you all....................in a family way! Wayne aka WeednFeed
  13. Do we know if it’s really him?
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