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  1. Hey Viperz Happy Birthday! I hope everything is good in the Hub city.
  2. Here’s your eggs, I ate 3 this morning.
  3. I hate you for posting this............I’ve been craving pizza for a week! Now at 6:00 I’m fantasizing over pizza! I must be getting old, when I was younger I was fantasizing over something ELSE!
  4. Happy Birthday from the Atlantic side of the country!
  5. Well yes Happy Birthday to you Cod!
  6. They were sold as either a barn yard mix or Easter Eggers. The one with the hawk head has Brahma type feathers on the legs. One of the main roosters at the farm was an Easter Egger Brahma mix with the feathers on the legs and the ears and cheeks. We are enjoying them all. I paid $10 per pullet with a guarantee to return roostersfor pullets. I returned 3 roosters that’s why I have different aged pullets.
  7. Forgot to add the quote to the above post.
  8. Easter Eggers. The small black one and the white one did not lay yet. The copper headed bird with no beard lays the green egg the gold crest and chest bird lays blue
  9. @AthenA This is my granddaughter finding our first egg.
  10. Love fresh eggs. I love double yolks too. My granddaughter is very egg-cited about finding the eggs. She loves to help crack them in the pan. Her little sister was born on September 4 and we all lover so much. Here are 2 double yolk but my granddaughter broke one.
  11. Earlier this year I posted my granddaughter and I started to raise 6 laying hens. Well so far 3 have started laying. These hens are cross breeds and have the ability to lay different coloured eggs. The white egg in the picture is a store bought extra large for comparison. @AthenA might like this as she has hens for her family as well.
  12. Sally such a mean spirited thing to do! dadda sorry you are going through this at this time! T-Rat I think Sally looks up to you, can you have a word with her? Sandra Dee could you like talk to her over a bottle of wine approach this subject? As a true Canadian SOOORRYY for this post Sally
  13. Chris Happy Birthday from New Brunswick
  14. Happy Belated Birthday Night Raven!