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  1. I sent this one back just for you JohnnyDos!
  2. I respect the fact you have chosen to live your life as a vegan! Chears Weed
  3. Well done!
  4. Awe Angus that brings back memory’s.
  5. A very good question! They look so much alike and at up to 40 MPH no way to tell the difference. They also were travelling in a group, again no way to make a split decision or tell the difference. They are also on the license as legit. Finally hunting is not like HOOK and release Fishing, you just can’t SHOOT and release! Chears Weed
  6. Went Whistler (Common Golden Eye) hunting today. I shot 2 rare ducks for these parts. One was a Barrows Golden eye the other was we think a cross between Buffle head and a Common Golden eye. The cross bread has pink feet and brown eyes with the larch white cheeks. the Barrows Golden eye has the white cheeks up high on the beak and the short beak. The head has a blue purple color The Common Golden eyes has a green color on the head and the smaller white cheeks. The brown headed bird is a Female Golden Eye. These birds can fly at 40 MPH and the wings make a whistling noise hence the slang name Whistlers! Weed
  7. Papi that's a nice fish............the question, as asked by others is that a red fish? I do not believe we have red fish here on the Canadian east coast. We have stripe bass of which I'm trying to eventually catch a Biggen! What is the gear set up you have? I just purchased some gear this summer.
  8. My prayers and thoughts for those caught up in this senseless act.
  9. I don’t need a watch. When I’m tired I know it’s TIME to go to sleep. In the morning I wake up and know it’s TIME to getup. When I get up I always have a feeling it’s TIME TO POOP. then I have another feeling it’s TIME TO EAT. THEN if the wife is OK she tells me it’s TIME TO ..........I’ll leave it at that! Just a vicious circle next thing I know I’m tired again
  10. If EVERYONE sits down when they tinkle.........they wouldn’t drop your phones in the toilet OR STOP USING THE VIBRATE FEATURE while on the toilet! JUST SAYING!
  11. BooBoo is a great dog.I should have put effort into training her for Hunt test.
  12. Duck is good food
  13. Im fishing the Saint John river in New Brunswick. Eastern Canada. We have lots of big fish I just got to narrow it down....right place at the right time.
  14. I keep getting those schoolers but can't connect on the biggen yet! The keepers are a minimum of 68 centimeters (26.77 inches). I can't even get a keeper yet lol.
  15. Titans Little BooBoo does it again! We had a great opening day, a 2 man limit. The ducks were on the wild rice heavy this year. My wife and I agree these ducks were the best eating we have had. I filleted the breast soaked in salt water over night sliced the breast across the grain applied Montreal steak spice coated the breast in flower and garlic powder fried them on olive oil. Freaking DELICIOUS!