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  1. Sending prayers to this wonderful young lady and your family. Wayne
  2. I just had it out once at the range. My dad has been having bad health over the last 6 months. in the last month he just started feeling a bit better. He will be 86 in August, he suffers from Congestive heart failure and kidney failure. the both are related. He has 20% kidney function on a good day and less on the bad days. the Dr's have been taking good care of him. he lost about 25 pounds of fluid and is feeling way better as you can imagine. Sorry for the long winded post. I will be mostly plinking with it. When I was younger I shot tons of rabbits with a 22. My Grandmother always had me shoot them for rabbit pies. I'm 61 and have been collecting guns, fishing gear, reloading gear, hunting gear etc. I just hope I can retire to start enjoying all this stuff. lol. Weed
  3. PS when are you due?
  4. Well congratulations! You wrote they and them are you expecting twins. triplets?
  5. Hmm? Wife feeds me bacon and eggs 2-3 times a week!
  6. Athena, Rent the Chicken web site! http://www.rentthechicken.com/p/buy.html
  7. AthenA do you have a company I’m your area that rent out coops and hens? That is becoming a very big business in some areas. It makes sense rent them for six months and bono worries for the winter. It also gives folks an opportunity to do a test run to help decide is they really like keeping and caring for hens. Enjoy them ps cute coop
  8. Happy Birthday, I would have posted on you Birthday but at my age (61) it always takes longer to do everything!
  9. I would have a rooster if I could. My neighbor’s dogs barks every morning when they put them out at 5:30. And they bark every time I am in my yard. Good thing the neighbors are nice folks. I have a dog and sometimes she will bark I have a bark collar for her I have crows in my yard every day all day they never shut up! A rooster would be a nice change and useful too.
  10. I see we have 1 rooster he has to go back, not allowed where I live. Six hens max. I have an Eglu Cube to move around on the grass. They have only been here a week, loads of fun so far.
  11. Glad you folks liked the post lol.
  12. Thanks folks, having lots of fun.
  13. Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven't been around much. My parents have had a time of it in the last 6 months. They are in their mid 80's, totaled the car in December. Dad cracked his sternum, balancing Congestive Heart failure and Kidney failure. They both effect each other in a bad way. Poor dad has been in the hospital 8 times in 6 months, 3 times in the last 3 weeks. He just got home today after a 10 day stay. Been a rough go but God is helping us out. My daughter announced Gender reveal last week. So happy to say another granddaughter will be here in September. I really needed another girl in my life to tell me what to do. Thanks again Weed
  14. Granddaughter and I are going into the egg business lol!
  15. Thanks everyone! We are loving the news! Imagine spoiling 2 of these!