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    Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Staying at the fishing camp, Being Married to a great Lady who gave me a great Daughter, who gave me the greatest Granddaughter!

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  1. WeednFeed

    Congratulations on 10 years. That's 50% of a life sentence in Canada! This August 30 @ 2:00 I've been married 39 years TO THE SAME WOMAN! A life sentence indeed for the both of us.
  2. WeednFeed

    Don't do it Timmah! A Man's pizza has no room for Pineapple! sorry @ShaunZAR not a fan of pineapple on pizza lol.
  3. WeednFeed

    Very nice setup!
  4. WeednFeed

  5. WeednFeed

    Congratulations Kage! You first assignment should be to keep an eye on(spectate) Sally! Just thinking out loud!🤥 Cheers Sally
  6. WeednFeed

    I’ve posted this picture before, this is my charcoal Napoleon Kettle. @noobiedo
  7. WeednFeed

    @noobiedo The foil contains all the fat and tough bits I cut off the steak. I cooked it up and fed it to BooBoo! We have an agreement, she brings me ducks and geese and I cook for her lol!
  8. WeednFeed

    Now that I have used the Napoleon it is not as clean lol. Weber BBQ's are top notch. If I did not buy a Napoleon the Weber is my second pick. I have 3 Napoleons. the 12 year old one is showing it's age now. Wayne
  9. Loving my new BBQ. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours!
  10. WeednFeed

    Prayers to everyone fighting the fight. Wayne
  11. WeednFeed

    Ever try Bounce Beer?
  12. WeednFeed

    @AyaqGuyaq Midges are called by many different things. "bite-em no see-em" the french Canadians call them the "BURN FLY" In Canada we have a biting insect so small you can not see it on your skin without great difficulty. They are opaque. almost see through. Their bite sets your skin on FIRE (hence the BURN FLY) They are ruthless and bite like an alligator or rattle snake! Well if they were the same size as an alligator or rattle snake they could wipe out a small town in one evening! They are so small they can pass through a normal window screen. My camp windows have special tighter woven screens to keep midges out. Midges are many different flies of many different species But where I live in Canada we are referring to those little bastards mentioned above! I was professionally Guiding out of a Salmon Lodge on the Miramachi River in 1996. The pool we drew one particular morning I knew would be FULL of Bite-em no See-em's I warned my Sports of the impending assault we were about to receive. I insisted everyone put on DEET to help combat the inevitable "no my sports said we don't believe in using DEET. Point taken I sad BUT I really strongly suggest for this one occasion it's advisable to apply a liberal application of the nectar of the Gods DEET!. Well 15 minutes standing on the banks of the river I see out of the corner of my eye my sports starting to experience the full onslaught of a wonderful hatch of the BURN FLIES. Obviously I didn't let on I noticed lololololololol. Oh about another 5 minutes went by and the sports spoke up "Gee you weren't kidding these things are eating us alive, How can you stand it?" I could have told them I didn't have my DEET but I think they learned a hard lesson. When you Hire a guide listen to him! I chuckle every time I think of that morning. Midges I HATE them.
  13. Looks Great! Canadian Bacon would add a nice touch too!
  14. WeednFeed

    Have a Great everyone! You know what I mean Eh!
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