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    Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Staying at the fishing camp, Being Married to a great Lady who gave me a great Daughter, who gave me the greatest Granddaughter!

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  1. Awesome Bert. I caught what I thought was a nice smallie today..yours could have ate mine lol! I also caught a small stripper about 16-18 inches.
  2. Oh Gator you just stole all the THUNDER from my joke picture. Your pictures are great. Weed
  3. Papi I took a picture for you! It may seem a little dark but I think you will get the idea. lol Total eclipse!
  4. I wanted to like your post but some how that just didn't seem like the right thing to do! Weed
  5. I picked them up this past Friday. They work great!
  6. For a second I thought you were going to be SIX TOES.I'm glad that's not the case.
  7. Yes Happy Birthday to you!
  8. Well for some crazy reason I picked up a second striper rod and reel, this one is to use from shore. in brackish tidal water. The 10 foot rod has some great reviews but lots of complaints as well. The Battle 2 reel has great reviews. http://www.pennfishing.com/penn-rods-spinning-rods-penn-prevail/penn-prevail-surf-spinning/1363866.html#start=1 http://www.pennfishing.com/penn-reels-spinning-reels-penn-battle/#prefn1=ZZRSIZE&prefv1=6000
  9. Sorry for your loss. This no doubt will be a time of mixed emotions. It is time to remember the positive and celebrate her full life and accomplishments. Our mothers are our first teachers, they have great influence on the way we react to everything and everyone we meet! Wayne
  10. Sad news Spin. We all hope she is peaceful. It is hard to watch our loved ones suffer. Prayers to you and your family. Wayne
  11. I have no Idea what this topic is now about................I FORGET IS THIS A SYMPTOM? The previous statement is not to poke fun of folks suffering from these terrible illnesses but just to lighten up the post! This is indeed a terrible affliction effecting everyone in the family! This young man wrote this song for his Nan suffering from Alzheimer disease.
  12. this is what happens when these hit the water!
  13. No need to take them off they self destruct on the first cast!
  14. Just ordered these! I'm tired of getting jabbed by hooks and having my lures tangle. And these are made in the USA too. http://www.alsgoldfish.com/Bulk_hook_bonnets_p/bonnet-set.htm