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    Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Staying at the fishing camp, Being Married to a great Lady who gave me a great Daughter, who gave me 2 of the greatest Granddaughters and a great Son In-law!

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  1. WeednFeed

    Prime Day Canada lol
  2. I just like playing........................no drama just like playing! I voted for the new mod, I have no particular favorite.
  3. WeednFeed

    Thanks @RobMc
  4. WeednFeed

    I always wanted a more powerful pellet rifle. Here in Canada our pellet rifles are rated in FPS feet per second. Under 500 no license required over 500 a Firearms Acquisition License is required along with firearms training and background checks. Most air guns(pellet rifles) are rated at 495 FPS with others requiring documentation are 1200-1500 FPS. The 500 FPS .177 cal guns are barely good for Squirrels or rats at about 40 feet or less. @RobMc @Krackennutz I would love to know what caliber and FPS these 2 guns are rated for? The approximate price would also be helpful too. I woul
  5. Hope everything is working out for you!
  6. Nothing has pissed me off YET to make me rage QUIT! Someday I will...............RAGE QUIT! I can't shoot good enough to obtain very many kill streaks Soooooooo with my LACK of skills I CARRY AND THROW 3 EMP'S! That's it, the majority of my points are thaws. Someone has to do it lol. In the end it's a game, i play to unwind NOT WHINE. Sadly I likely have done a bit of whining too.
  7. WeednFeed

    I clearly had NO VOTE! Welcome to the clan Hellspawn!
  8. Hey @Twinklstorm if I remember correctly you are working in the medical field in The prairies. I hope everyone is staying safe. I know our medical workers in Canada are really tapped out right now. Just thinking of you all, hope things settle soon. I know we have many more medical workers in XI. Just saying thanks. Wayne
  9. WeednFeed

    Thanks everyone and Happy Birthday to everyone calling May 28th their birthday!
  10. WeednFeed

  11. WeednFeed

  12. This is true, I've noticed over a few months ago. In full spawn protection the choppers can take you out with medic and light weight. Makes no difference I still can't shoot very good lol! Thank goodness for the 3 EMP's I carry to help my score" It's what I do" Defrost, Defrost!
  13. @tsw 8.5 This guy does a nice job!
  14. WeednFeed

    @Ruggerxi It fits you to a "T"
  15. WeednFeed

    A slight typo, but my chicks are cute lol!



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