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  1. Very lucky! You can buy her a harness that attaches to a seat belt. Here is one type https://www.amazon.ca/Pawaboo-Safety-Harness-Adjustable-Suitable/dp/B01KNUM15S
  2. Too embarrassed to say lol. I got for the ease of cleaning and the fact you can move the chickens every day to new grass. I have plenty of room..second best thing to free range.
  3. Always wanted a few laying hens! So the granddaughter and I will be putting this together if the sun ever comes out.
  4. Thanks, I think I was looking at the date I joined the forums 2009. It'l be worth the wait. Cheers
  5. Thanks folks!
  6. Well is this post 1001 for Weed? Do I get a medal or something? Maybe an eight year tag as well?
  7. Prayers sent his way. Weed
  8. My prayers and thoughts are with you both. Weed
  9. Prayers to your dad and family. Weed
  10. Is it possible to run an IP blocker to hide your actual location? Maybe someone with more BRAINS than old Weed could chime in.
  11. Warning..NEW study on the Ill effects of Marriage: It has been proven to cause great amounts of STRESS and DEPRESSION! Financially DRAINING! Can cause bouts of ANGER! Can cause HEART ACHE! Can cause LACK OF SEX! Can cause one to lay awake for weeks at a time ON THE COUCH! You see where this is going? As a disclaimer I'd like to add I have been HAPPILY married TO THE SAME WOMAN FOR 37.5 YEARS! She gave me permission to say that Weed
  12. Well Burt I hope she recovers quickly. Let her know we are thinking of her. Weed
  13. Put a few rounds through her tonight, works real good. Having a blurry old eyes looking through the scope moment. I'll have to take the time to adjust the scope to my old worn out eyes this weekend time permitting. Weed
  14. Arrived last week, I topped with a 3-9 Burris Fullfield scope. Likely try it out next weekend Woohoo!
  15. I hope i can be a member of this unique club within the next 2.5 years lol!