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    Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Staying at the fishing camp, Being Married to a great Lady who gave me a great Daughter, who gave me the greatest Granddaughter!

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  1. WeednFeed

    Makes a parent proud when our children succeed in life! Congratulations that’s a big accomplishment for her.
  2. Loch Lomand Lake
  3. Been cold as heck this spring the water has been very cold for fishing. Caught a nice brown trout tonight.
  4. Thanks everyone, I won’t be shooting groups anymore lol!
  5. Everyone told me NOT TO SHOOT GROUPS with my new Excalibur Micro 355. They claimed these Excalibur Crossbows are so accurate I would ruin my bolts (arrows). I should have listened. This is my FIRST group at 50 yards, on a bench rest one rabbit ear bag up front.
  6. I shot my 1st deer with a 30-30 Marlin 170 grain nylon tip round nose of course . Great little gun dropped a nice 2 year old 6 point. Dropped in it's tracks. The 30-30 is going the right speed for up and close in the thick woods.
  7. I really have no Idea. For me it would be maybe 50 yards with a good rest. On you tube many folks are shooting deer farther. It would be irresponsible to shoot at distances without using a range finder. Crossbows and all bows have quite an arc in the trajectory. Knowing the exact distance is crucial. The scope with mine is graduated 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. I have never shot a deer with any kind of bow. I have not hunted deer in over 20 years but before that I harvested 21with a rifle, all but one were under 50 yards, one was 75 yards. As with all hunting shot placement is the key. Risky shots should always be passed up.
  8. Yes I bought it it was $999.99. That's $300 off the package and $100 bellow the price of the bow by itself. The crank that came with it is a god send. The bow is 280 pounds pull using the rope cocking aid it is 140 pounds pull. I can cock it with the rope but more than a few times is MURDER. It is a Micro so the limbs are very short hence the 280 pound pull. It's a sweet shooter. @RIPZILLA
  9. Been looking at Excalibur Crossbows for years. Pulled the trigger on this 3 weeks ago they had it on sale $300 off! https://www.cabelas.ca/product/86390/cabelas-exclusive-excalibur-micro-355-crossbow-package
  10. WeednFeed

    I have no idea about American taxes! If you really want to be Taxed to death move up here, Canada. You that great health care we have. How do you think we pay for that? I pay just about 45% income tax, every time I purchase that’s not real food I pay 15% sales tax. Our gas has a federal tax, a provincial tax and now our Liberal government just added carbon tax and to top it all off we pay that 15% sales tax compounded over those 3 other taxes. Im depressed
  11. WeednFeed

    Wow Greed over safety. Sad for all the families. Thanks Cod
  12. WeednFeed

    👍 congratulations
  13. WeednFeed

    Thanks a lot, I.m totally depressed now looking at the great weather........and nice cars. Today it is plus 12 decrees Celsius(53F) and beautiful sunshine! Very nice indeed. Tomorrow the temps drop to minus 5 Celsius (27F) with 15-20 centimeters of snow (6-8 inches) ! I hope your happy Angus.........and yes you don't deserve the blond one lol! looks you had a great day!
  14. WeednFeed

    Who doesn't like a great vehicle! If that was your daughter I'm thankful she gets her looks from mom! LOL just saying the obvious before someone else.
  15. WeednFeed

    These are from my hens they are refered to as EASTER Eggers
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