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  1. Well I just added a coating of lard to the grills to season them and cooked up these tasty bits. Mmm! I used Royal Oak briquettes, I'll get to the lump charcoal eventually.
  2. I have purchased 2 of the Weber fire starter Chimneys, one for the house and one fir the camp. They work awesome just with 2 pieces of news paper! i have never seen a hot box in my area and never heard of before this post. I suppose I Gould just use the Weber chimney in a safe place to start some new charcoal as needed. The chimneys I purchased are the larger size. do you have a link to a hot box?
  3. Damn great looking Beer can Burgers! I'm going to try those babies!
  4. Thanks. We do have the royal oak chunk but I doubt we have the cowboy anywhere near Eastern Canada, we do have some other chunk brands as well.
  5. This article is quite informative. I have used mostly Kingsford original and some from the province of Quebec many years ago. The stuff from Quebec I always had trouble with but that was over 30 years ago. enjoy the read! I am going to try the Royal Oak next. The number 1 in this article. http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-charcoal-for-grilling/
  6. the weber with the ash collector would be the one I would have bought for the house but the Napoleon with the cast grills and the fact that it was half price made the deal for me. I will say I like the way Weber scrapes the ash from the bowl on the original Weber Kettle. When I was young I had an Idea what a hot box was but now that I'm 60 I'm curious what a hot box is for my BBQ? Weed
  7. Yes, I forgot how good things taste coked over Charcoal. I can't believe I bought the Napoleon for the house lol. I have a large Napoleon propane grill for the house now.
  8. Well now that I arrived home I walked into the Home depot and I spy this little gem! It has cast iron grills Stainless legs, ash collector, thermometer, a d some other nice features. I see this unbelievable price on this and I figure that can't be correct. I go home wondering what is the real price. After researching the price I head back to the store. I asked the department head "are you sure that is the correct price she said yes we found those out back in a trailer and we don't carry them anymore. lolI took it for half price WooHoo! Mrs Weed and I just had a nice steak I cut off a beef loin I bought at Costco. Dang nice! Weed https://www.napoleongrills.com/grills/product-details/productid/20/ccd/en-ca/rodeo-professional-charcoal-kettle-grill
  9. Well Over a week ago I purchased this for my camp. It works great. I have been using propane for 35 years and forgot how great charcoal BBq tasted. Mmm. I was at the camp for 9 days we had steaks, burgers, and sausage on the grill awesome. I can recommend this model for those looking for something not too expensive. https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/original-kettle-charcoal-grill
  10. Chili or anyone in the Toronto area you can get everything to make this at Adonis supermarket. They will prepare the meat while you shop, they make fresh pita bread everyday according to my family in Ontario.
  11. Oh I forgot to tell you folks we always eat it raw when it is fresh...yes I said raw I have been eating this since I was in Diapers. the meat in the uncooked version must have all fat removed. Usually we have only a few buthcer who can prepare it correctly, most of my family purchase and grind our own meat. we grind it 3 times. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE EATING THIS RAW, for obvious reasons cook like the recipe states. This can also be formed in an egg shape hollowed in the center and put pine nuts or ground lamb in the middle (we just put a small piece of Butter inside) and fry it in about an inch of oil. Mmm good. You can do a Google search of images and see great photos of this cooked or raw! Weed
  12. Some of you folks know my fathers parents arrive in Canada from Lebanon in 1904. All my aunts and uncles were born here in Canada. My mother is a French Canadian. My Grandparents cleft the mountains of Lebanon where we were Maronite Christians, this is a section of the Catholic Church where the priests and nuns are allowed to marry....makes sense to me. Well we have no Maronite Church here so way back our Lebanese community switched to the Roman Chatholic church. I would love to share one of my favourite Dishes with you from relatives to you. I would love to share more if you folks are interested. We tried to cut the recipe down we usually try to make 5 pounds but that will feed 15 people combined with other dishes. Salads etc! Here is a pic of the dish baked...I ate some before taking the photo Mmm good
  13. Hunter happy Birthday from Orillia, Ontario. Because I'm here visiting my sisters lol!
  14. 60 yes 60 a big day! They say I don't look a day over 75. the day is shaping up pretty good. The daughter and granddaughter are here. the wife just put boiled frosting on the chocolate cake my daughter made and we are headed out to meet some family members for pizza. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Thanks Everyone. Wayne