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  1. mrbuklau

    That's rough, hope it heals up fast can't even imagine what that came from
  2. Anyone hyped for the new update I have a server ready to load it when it drops.
  3. mrbuklau

    My Babies
  4. mrbuklau

    Yeah I failed this.
  5. mrbuklau

    Anyone looking forward to the new ark update coming soon.?
  6. mrbuklau

    Might change the type of server depending on community preference there's only 4 people registered and most times it's empty currently.
  7. mrbuklau

    Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself, Buklau is my steam name , I run a conan exiles server currently 18+ adult RP and play a variety of games I appreciate the add, hope to get to know some of you and make some new friends here. If anyone is interested in Joining me feel free to shoot a message, Dragons Den is the name of it.



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