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    hot blondes and fishing are all i'am interested in..

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  1. no not me .but that is a great pic .
  2. tsw 8.5

    Welcome to the nut house .enjoy your stay .
  3. tsw 8.5

    click on join team sp on the home page see if that works
  4. so stop in tonight and get your ass shot off..dirk will be there with the tubes and he will piss off most people with that but thats dirk ..see you then
  5. tsw 8.5

    told you i have them
  6. tsw 8.5

    after 58 years i had to get glasses .and they made me a pair for my pc also.. and man it sure was nice not to have my head and eyes hurt after about 45 mins on the pc..and stuff is a lot clearer ..
  7. tsw 8.5

    No a great week but it's Friday ..
  8. tsw 8.5

    thank you ...thank you ..thank you ..
  9. just get on team sp and we can help you get it going ..see me on stop in i'll help you out
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