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    hot blondes and fishing are all i'am interested in..

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  1. tsw 8.5

    we had sweet tea .he just looks like that 🤣 no fishing this time he was only here for a few days .to see him mom and dad .
  2. tsw 8.5

    tsw is in port richey fla .
  3. tsw 8.5

    Sweatnbullets we went to lunch but both had breakfast was great to see him again
  4. tsw 8.5

    what he said .we will have some fun anytime
  5. tsw 8.5

    you all just come play with us idiots we have fun.been playing for over 20 years
  6. tsw 8.5

  7. tsw 8.5

    a heat wave for you ..by the way FU..
  8. tsw 8.5

  9. tsw 8.5

    grow old but will never grow up that looks like a good day at the dyno
  10. tsw 8.5

    now how about people from the XI fest.only 1 person from the XI fest has posted .all the rest i sent .come on you idiots .
  11. tsw 8.5

    cool there are still over 30 out there .so show them .you idiots ..
  12. tsw 8.5

    show them even if there on your ..
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