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    hot blondes and fishing are all i'am interested in..

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  1. tsw 8.5

    R.I.P johnny you were a great person .you will be missed 😥
  2. tsw 8.5

    i am trying to get thing running to come play .just a sad thing all around. i'll do my best R.i.p Dadda .we had some fun games over the years .
  3. Sandra All my prayers go to you and your family .we had great times .he will be missed 😫😫
  4. tsw 8.5

    he gets it from you 🤣🤣
  5. tsw 8.5

    great fun like every year thank you
  6. tsw 8.5

    yes tut was the prob i had yesterday.fun like every year .thank you .all you idiots
  7. tsw 8.5

    you know i'm .now to get that back here so i can fix that shoe for her
  8. tsw 8.5

    Tabatha took me out for my Birthday. and made me this great cake .
  9. tsw 8.5

    just did it in the oven this year .it was great
  10. tsw 8.5

    i couldn't find a big enough paper so i smoked it on the smoker .last year will do it again this year
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