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  1. tsw 8.5

    today at 3 pm hi tide was at 4 pm now down south about 120 miles they had 18 feet of storm surge
  2. tsw 8.5

    loader where at in Ocala . i am in new port richey .2 miles from the gulf .it's going to be a good one .for all the new bees here from up and out there . so get ready .
  3. tsw 8.5

    i am on the west coast just north of Tampa. been here 51 years .seen a lot of storms . we will ride it out like we have all the rest . people are dumb. trying to buy up all the water and gas . it's a storm people don't like it move back to NY and CAL. We didn't want you here in the first place
  4. https://www.usdebtclock.org/
  5. tsw 8.5

    what is the new hot game out there
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