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  1. What if i were to say.... those are contrails 🤨
  2. Helio

    lol we must have something in common
  3. Helio

    AKA cursed images
  4. Helio

    Amen. People must be seen as individuals and judged on their behavior.
  5. Helio

    Damn, Its 70f where I'm at and I cant handle it. I'll go to the beach for you today ❤️ Very pretty pictures btw. Always interested me how flat the snow can get like that.
  6. Helio


    Kind of a shame. The game looks great for being early access. Thanks for the warning!
  7. Helio

    🤣 Perfect
  8. Helio

    The guy lived to 95 but not lying he didnt look it. My favorite cameo of his was in Guardians of the Galaxy. Him in a space suit was hilarious