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  1. Helio

    God bless america. I need some of that!
  2. Helio

    BAAAAHHHH Good one
  3. Helio

    Thanks guys!
  4. Helio

  5. The name on the side isnt where it is, but its a clue... This is a specific rail car
  6. The Passion Flowers are starting to bloom now. Man we have a big storm coming!
  7. I have had my astro a40 TR's for over 3 years now and randomly the mic is not picking up any sound now. I've tried everything with the hardware and software, including messing with the command center firmware. I ordered a new mic attachment and that hasnt fixed anything. There is talk about people's headsets acting up on them because the version 2 of them has just came out and they need to release an updated version of the firmware to have everything working right for all the headsets. The new version should be coming out in a few days but part of me thinks it wont have anything to do with my mic and my headset has just gone through a lot of abuse and is finally showing ware. The new headset does have completely new internals and a new mixamp. Does anyone know anything about this or have anything else i can try that I may have overlooked? Should I just say forget it, use this headset as headphones when I listen to music and wait for the new a40 mixmap pro TR to come out?
  8. Helio

    Finally got back from my friend who has been brewing for 30 years. She said the beer was very much drinkable but she could easily tell it was fermented too warm & too quick. 😑 Tomorrow I will be making the wort for my cream ale. Changes I am going to make is I will be fermenting it in a carboy and will be wrapping it in a wet towel to keep it cooler. It will also be sitting in a large bucket filled with water and frozen water bottles that I will be changing everyday. I'll also be dipping the towel in the cold water a few times a day to keep it wet and cool. Since its spring here now it will be warmer than when I brewed the brown ale. Gonna be around 84f this week so I'll keep an eye on the water's temp. Good is that technically in south florida we only have 2 seasons, the wet and the dry seasons. Spring is part of the wet seasons and the sky should be dark and rainy a lot. I'll be making a new thread for the cream ale pics
  9. Helio

    Bruh looks like the Eye of Sauron if I'm looking at with my glasses off.
  10. Helio

    Wow glad they were able to spot it and take care of it. hope everything went well. I've had brain surgery too and man the swelling after it isnt fun haha. Hope he gets back to 100% quick and is back to having fun soon!
  11. Helio

    Here's my Golden Retriever Abigail . And my Boxer mix, Henny. She is my seizure alert service dog Here they are together. And my Corn Snake Viktor. A Florida native.
  12. Helio

    @witches_teat I've always wanted to try and feed my snake eggs. All I've given him are feeder mice and small rats 🤔 You got quite and array of reptiles! I like the name Lilith the most. It is quite a fun hobby. Add me on Steam! Helio >XI<
  13. Helio

    Welcome! I also have a pet snake. A cornsnake named Viktor. Little guy always watches me while im at my desk haha
  14. Helio

    Of course the first brew wont be perfect, Im not beating myself up. The beer is still drinkable which is why i dont think its infected. My friend didnt try it yet cause she wanted to share it with her friend and said she would call me after she did. I really think the problem is that i just let it get too hot. Not a hard thing to do in Florida. Im just using extract kits at the moment. Dont have the money right now to make an all grain set up. Plan doing so in the future though.
  15. Helio

    i soaked everything in StarSan. At least 30 secs on everything. Gave a beer to a friend who brewed for 30 years now and will be seeing what she thinks later today. Imma be real upset if I got any germs in there 🤔
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