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  1. Helio

    But what if I drop more than one poop at a time? Im rooting for the CRAPPER! But the real shit here is that awful music
  2. Only if all of your piss lands on the welcome mat. If not all you get is a pringles chip
  3. In some countries, pressing the doorbell with your tongue is an action of respect and a way to show that you honor the person's property.
  4. Helio

  5. Felt cute in this photo might delete later idk
  6. Helio

    Thanks guys! I am honored to be a true idiot
  7. Helio

    Its a much better flavor of fun and we're better at it, thats what pisses them off so bad
  8. Helio

    Welcome! Gosh, too you a while to join too
  9. Helio

    @J3st3r 😉 @hxtr I dont think they realize that conservatives like to have fun too
  10. Helio

    i love the huge pianist. Awesome when he is on Louder with Crowder