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  1. I sadly wont be able to take part in the event but would like to say that we on the Insurgency servers send our condolences for our loss. We will be wearing the tag and will posting RIP Dadda throughout the day.
  2. Helio

    Yo, we've been playing it since it came out. Find Hannibal >XI< and me on the insurgency discord. Both of us are power level 950.
  3. Helio

    Welcome! Hope to see you more on the discord!
  4. Helio

    Already went over me. Didnt even put my shutters down.
  5. Helio

    Age: 23 Weight: 200 Height: 6'3" Bench Maxout: One pint, each hand Reps: Depends, is it the weekend? Deadlift Maxout: Dont know, I've never drank enough to black out Reps: I'll find out one day Squat Maxout: No thank you
  6. Helio

    Milk stout is very good. Sea Cow milk stout by Saltwater Brewery is the best milk stout.
  7. Helio

    Ice cream flavored craft beers are a real thing and sometimes it is not a good thing
  8. Helio

    Took you long enough! Glad to see you part of the family
  9. Helio

    Thats where my body will be buried
  10. Helio

    Shit, you got me
  11. Helio

    Ah I live on the Florida beach too. Looks very familiar to me!
  12. Helio

    Haha, welcome. Dont tell anyone but youre one of my favorites!
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