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    When i'm not gaming i'm either drawing or painting, sometimes do a little crafting, collecting movies,lol mainly Horror, collecting comic books. or reading the 200+ novel/eBooks i have,lol

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  1. nope its the same game key installed it from steam
  2. IM trying to Play COD 4 but cant play on my account since i downlaoded on a different computer
  3. hey guys and gals, i dunno if i asked this in the past but i just installed cod 4 and i want to log into my account but when i go to type in my name it wont allow me to. is there a way t get it or do i have to make a whole new name?
  4. Gam3rGurL

    I Play! i'm always looking for friends to play together with ill Def add you for sure!!!! im Lisa99 On origin
  5. Gam3rGurL

    this is what they look like today after 15 days.
  6. Gam3rGurL

    yea it was very bad to the point it was badly infected. I was put on antibiotics and a prescription for an ointment as well.
  7. Gam3rGurL

    i hope i get to keep my arm,lol i need it for gaming hahah
  8. Gam3rGurL

    Yes i'm all better now, just left with scaring which i hope disappears later on. Yea i never knew that could happen. But its to going to stop us from going back. i need to see good boys hahaha. i'm just going to be whiping things down myself.
  9. So this is a message for everyone who goes to the movies!!! we went one Friday night about a week or so ago. Came out of the theatre and noticed i had what looked like scratch marks on my arm. took no notice of it until Saturday morning. It started to blister up. very nasty looking! thought maybe it was an allergic reaction since that has happened in the past. By Saturday afternoon/Night It had made its way onto the back of my hand as well and blistered. by Monday they hurt a lot and couldn't wear sleeves so i went to the doctors. Turned out to be a skin infection!!!!!!! doctor said i more than likely picked up from the movie theatre. So please careful going. I'm now left with scars, that i hope disappear. wear long sleeves and pants and sanitize!!!!
  10. Gam3rGurL

    I have a second one on my back but no recent photos of it,lol this one i got done 2 years ago, getting another one done on my other arm memorial one. All mine i have drawn myself.
  11. Finally got around to finishing yet another painting!
  12. Gam3rGurL

    I use Galaxy Tab A
  13. Gam3rGurL

    We have Netflix and Kodi. That's all we need
  14. Gam3rGurL

    we actually used a scoop from the dollar store and a kitchen steak knife for the carving
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