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  1. Gam3rGurL

    we actually used a scoop from the dollar store and a kitchen steak knife for the carving
  2. Gam3rGurL

    we carved ours on Tuesday night.
  3. Gam3rGurL

    My grandfather unfortunately passed away this morning:(
  4. Gam3rGurL

    Thank you everyone. I ended up taking the day off work yesterday and went go visit him down in London. He didn't look well way tI much weight gone. Was very emotional. I hadn't see or talked to him since I had my misscariage. We had moment together that I'll never forget.i hope he makes it through all this.
  5. Luck just isn't on my side at all. after everything these past 2-3 months we have gone through now i'm having to go through more stuff. My Grandfather i snow in hospital. he had gotten in infection after having a kidney stone and the infection went into his bloodstream. he then had to go fro dialysis 3 times a week in London,Ontario. now his kidneys have completely shut down and he cant even walk. he is now staying in the hospital and they transport him to his dialysis. My dad said he has lost so much weight. im worried that he wont come out of the hospital
  6. Gam3rGurL

    Sad to announce that I lost the baby yesterday. I passed it naturally at home. We said our goodbyes. It was tough because it was like giving birth. Painful Contractions first. I think i was suppose to have a boy. October 15th is misscarage and pregnancy loss awareness day.
  7. Gam3rGurL

    So after everything something didn't add up and we decided to get a second opinion. We went to the hospital yesterday and I'm getting more test done. i had my blood done and it came back as my hormone levels were high. so i got back on Sunday morning for more blood work and an ultrasound. if my levels go up then there's still a chance I'm pregnant .so there is still some hope but i don't want to get my hopes up if it turns out top be true. for now at least i have something to stay positive about. Thank you all for all your prayers and thoughtful words. it means so much to me during this time.Its been a rough week for not just me but my boyfriend. today was my first day back to work after finding out. i hadn't left the house in 4 days other than to go to the hospital. so i just want to thank you all so very much!
  8. Gam3rGurL

    It sadens me to announce that after 8 weeks I lost the baby. I've decided to take some time to myself to heal. I wanted to keep you guys updated on my progress but I wasn't expecting this.
  9. Gam3rGurL

    Thanks everyone! we are very excited. Can't wait til we get to decorate the room,lol think it will have to be gaming theme. cutest thing i found the other day. Game boy Teether hahah i had to get it
  10. Gam3rGurL

    I'm Due Feb 13th
  11. Gam3rGurL

    No so far just one but we don't know what we are having yet and I didn't want to say It
  12. Gam3rGurL

    Well my life is about to change!!! we just found out that we are expecting our first child!!!!!! I'm super excited and can't wait til they are old enough so i can teach tem to kick some butt on freeze tag lol
  13. Gam3rGurL

    @Hunter we have to keep a window open a bit for our malmute as she gets over geated and needs the cool air.usuakky when we Are driving wi does aren't open that wide enough but this just happened to be a moment the weatjervwas no e and opened them when we were close to home. She is now on house arrest from car rides for a bit @weednfeed we don't have the seats in the back up because of having two dogs in the car and one being judge but she will defiantly been watched more carefully. Might have to rig something up on her harness.
  14. So i don't think i have ever been this scared in my life. Saturday morning we decided to go for a drive to visit my boyfriends Grandma. Well on the way back one of our dogs, Lucy saw another dog on the sidewalk and decided to Jump out of the Window!!!!!!!! While we were going 40-50 . She scratched up her eye and upper lip. she is so friggin lucky she didn't' break anything. I don't think i have ever be so scared in my life. i couldn't think at all i just jumped out of the car and ran to her. After that i was shaking couldn't focus on anything. since then my brain hasn't been functioning and been having nightmares about it you can see in the pictures the pin mark on her lip, is road rash scrapped the skin and hair off. and just on her eyebrow. Thankfully she is healing up and doing great.