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  • Birthday 01/08/1986

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    Gam3rGurl >XI<
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    Ontario, Canada
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    When i'm not gaming i'm either drawing or painting, sometimes do a little crafting, collecting movies,lol mainly Horror, collecting comic books. or reading the 200+ novel/eBooks i have,lol

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    Freddykrugergirl (PSN), Gam3rgirl >XI<

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  1. Gam3rGurL

    Been listening to alot of BTS and Black Pink lately. but the list could go on,lol listen to a variety of others.
  2. Gam3rGurL

  3. Gam3rGurL

  4. Haha that funny, could.of stole it, yet my cats only like to steal food lol
  5. Gam3rGurL

    I;m sorry to hear of your health, i wish you all the best, no mater what even though you wont be playing with us anymore you are still Family!
  6. Gam3rGurL

    Its ResinbyLisa on Etsy.com www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Resinbylisa
  7. Gam3rGurL

    It's going well so far, no buyers for my key chains but my digital stuff is flying off the digital shelves,lol ppl really like digital files better for some reason.
  8. Gam3rGurL

    I heard about this. Wish I got to see it.
  9. Gam3rGurL

    long and stressful, now trying to calm myself for the rest of the night and watch Shameless, another busy day again in the morning.
  10. Gam3rGurL

    is this for Warzone?? if so i play on my PS4, Activision: FreddykrugerGirl#1848174
  11. Gam3rGurL

    I'm sorry to hear of your dads passing, My Condolences to you and the Family
  12. Gam3rGurL

    Thank you, yes its an online shop. maybe one day in the near future it could be a physical shop. but yes with everything goign on its all online.
  13. Gam3rGurL

    🤞 good luck
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