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  1. Janey

    thank y'all. the support means a lot to me. I'm gonna make myself play on wednesday , 2/26. I'll probably be on in the evening.
  2. Kissy Kissy Janey!

  3. Janey

    I've been absent from the server and game due to being hospitalized for my depression, and general depression. Also, my machine turns itself off periodically without warning. . Being in XI means a lot to me. I promise to be back in game soon. My psychiatrist says that I should force myself to do things I enjoy, and I enjoy gaming. With depression I basally sit around and feel worthless, so It's been hard to do things I enjoy. I have off tomorrow and will try to play. I know I'm not very good at it, and this absence will only make me worse, so please bear with me on that.
  4. Sweetheart, Happy Birthday!!!

    And many more.


  5. Janey

    Which one of King Arthur's knights designed the round table..... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Circumference!
  6. Janey

    awww. I always see these t-shirts for sale when I'm flat broke! And I really want one. FML
  7. This is what happens when my game crashes. (My son is going to build me a new rig, but it may be around Christmas time before he gets to it. )
  8. Hello sweetheart How you doing?

  9. Janey

    spoke too soon. fixed it. yay
  10. Hi! I did some upgrades on my machine and in doing so, I had to wipe it. I've got the game working and got punkbuster working. now the problem is that it won't allow me to join xi servers. I copied the ip's and put them as my favorites, but instead of saying the name of the server, it just has the ip address and the ping is "...." . any ideas on how to fix this?
  11. been a rough couple of months, but made it through.
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