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  1. Well, It's finally happened, I moved out of New Orleans. I now live in Bourbonnais, Illinois, about an hour below Chicago. It's cold here. My only regret is that the box my XI elephant was in was forgotten in the move... it also had my gold lighter and my parents ashtray from the 1960's. It was sitting on top of the gift box I was giving to my niece. I'm quite sad. @piglo, could I trouble you to send me another. I really loved him. If you can, just pm me and I'll give you my new address. Does anyone live near the Chicago area?
  2. Janey

    how do i change from 1.8 to 1.7?
  3. Janey

    I don't see a way to do that on steam. can you help?
  4. Janey

    so, i reinstalled my game, and it said i needed 1.7 to play on the servers. when I use the patch recommended on this forum it says that it's a digital copy and i should refer to the distributor. can anyone help me out?
  5. Some of us were talking in game the other day, and the fifth element movie came up as a topic. Someone said that it could not be sung by a human voice so, I thought I’d lay this on you.
  6. Janey

    I'm not trying to get attention, I'm reaching out for help.
  7. Janey

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder with panic attacks. I've also been seeing a psychiatrist for the past 6 years and am on antidepressants. About 6 years ago 2 of my brothers and my only sister died, then I had a nervous breakdown. I'm not ashamed to talk about it as it is simply the way I am now. I also have a degree in counseling and am now seeking a position through my Parrish as a peer support specialist. I obviously go through severe depressive episodes... which is why I posted. I get to a point where I'm so depressed that I forget to do the things I enjoy. As I consider many of our clan members as friends, I hoped ppl would reach out. And some did. And I played and felt better.
  8. if you don't see me playing....please call me or msg me to hop on. My psychiatrist says it's very important to do the things I enjoy, but I get too depressed to play. I'd really appreciate if. if you want my phone number, just pm me. I'm hoping there is one person who considers me a friend and do this to get me out of my funk. I'd also like to join the zoom calls. Thanks.
  9. Today is my XI anniversary day and I just wanted to say thank you XI. I can’t imagine not having the clan in my life. I know I haven’t been playing often, due to medical issues, but you’re always in my thoughts.
  10. Janey

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we wrote out hurricane Zaida and me and my family are fine. We’ve been without power for a few days now and don’t expect it to be on until Monday or Tuesday. We had to throw out over $200 worth of food in the freezer and refrigerator, which really sucks. But at least we’re safe.
  11. Janey

    kinda gross, but this is my wound
  12. Janey

    if you come to metairie, let me know. we can meet up
  13. So, last tuesday I had a total knee replacement. hurts like hell, but will heal and eventually I'll be able to get on my knees again. (lol) I'll be off work for a couple of months and plan on playing again. I look forward to seeing all y'all again.
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