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  1. Babalewy

    Sorry im late, welcome idiot. ... its about time
  2. Babalewy

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!!! See you all in the game.
  3. Babalewy

    yeah i heard they make you shoot straighter, i hope so.... lol
  4. Babalewy

    Thanks, I have been called an idiot many times but now it is official!!!
  5. But “Get Smart “ was the best
  6. I loved that show, watched it when I stayed home sick from school
  7. Babalewy

    I didn’t know it was possible to change name without starting over. live and learn
  8. Babalewy

  9. In Texas, you are shooting then you start walking. Hunters and shooters are the biggest conservationist in the state. Our license and fees largely support fish, game and wildlife conservation. Kids need more outdoor activities now days.
  10. Babalewy

  11. Babalewy

    Too funny!!! Thanks for posting
  12. Babalewy

    Welcome to the site
  13. Babalewy

    hello legi, im a little late but welcome
  14. Babalewy

    Happy Birthday
  15. Babalewy

    Happy Birthday!!
  16. Babalewy

    happy birthday
  17. Babalewy

    Wow, yes sounds like Karma.
  18. Babalewy

    Bad thing is we have millions pouring over our border, and their culture is not one of compassion.
  19. Babalewy

    I was gonna flirt a little until i saw what happened when you did..... bullet dodged
  20. Babalewy

    hey good to see you oyster
  21. Babalewy

    Welcome to the show!!
  22. Babalewy

    thank you everyone for the warm welcome, even you Dman...lol. All kidding aside i very much enjoy playing with you guys, and girls.
  23. Babalewy

    Hello everyone, Baba here saying hey and figured i would tell a little about myself. I have been playing on this server for quite a long time now. My original player name was MF__Killa but due to a computer crash i had to start all over about a year ago. I live in Dallas, Texas, im single, and i live alone because it is soooo nice!! I feel like i know many of you already but i look forward to getting to know everyone. Babalewy
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