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  1. EastCoast50

    Pretty sure you will, and this is the right room. Nice try, tho. Dukes Of Hazard Horn_12.mp3
  2. EastCoast50

    Nassau, Bahamas, just outside of the port.
  3. EastCoast50

    Anyone that has been here should know ...
  4. EastCoast50

    Throw anotha shrimp on tha barbie, mate!
  5. EastCoast50

    One early morning, a hunter was driving to his favorite spot when he noticed a new sign along the road that read "CAUTION - BEAR LEFT". So, he turned around and went home.
  6. EastCoast50

    That's MR. Ninja Pussy.
  7. EastCoast50

    My work kit is all black.
  8. EastCoast50

    Who else is prepared and trained? Curious to know personal choices and readiness. ** Note: This is not my issued kit and equipment. There are some differences, mainly based on personal preference and policy.
  9. EastCoast50

    Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He's not breathing, so his friend calls 911. "My friend is dead! What should I do?" The operator replies, "Calm down sir, first make sure that he's really dead." There's a brief pause on the line, and then a loud bang. Back on the phone, the guy says, "Ok, now what?"
  10. EastCoast50

    My two cents, for what it's worth ... I discovered XI almost three years ago. I LOVE the servers and have even donated. I've even complained on here about suspected hackers. The bottom line is this: There is no such thing as a "world class player". This is the Internet and games. It's entertainment ... nothing more. I don't watch professional sports (and Internet gaming is NOT a professional sport, regardless of personal opinion). There are no "professional" online gamers as far as I'm concerned. There are good players and bad players. Period. You can only do so much with -- and on -- a software platform. In the REAL world, humans determine who is strongest and best ... NOT on the Internet. Think REAL combat ... real life and death situations where you can't re-spawn. A lot of so-called "professional gamers" online have NO clue what that even means. If you think you're a "professional gamer" and believe this is reality, I'm sad for you. You're a failure in life. You have no concept of reality. As for hackers and cheats ...? Fuck them. They're nobody both in real life and online. Or else they wouldn't work so hard to figure out a way to cheat. Right? For those that come one here to have fun and kill time, good for you. That's what I do. I look forward to XI continuing forward ...
  11. EastCoast50

    The need to climb the Witch Ladder.
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