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    27 year veteran cop, amateur gunsmith, collector of law enforcement insignia and militaria, amateur herpetologist (snakes), avid outdoors enthusiast and survivalist ... and an overall asshole (allegedly). Correct screen name pronunciation is "East Coast Five Oh" or "Fuck Face Fifty" ... whichever you prefer.

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  1. A big shout out to XI's very own IceQueenHerb who is officially a grandma now! (you old hag)
  2. EastCoast50

    Look, I appreciate all the replies and suggestions, but it's just frustrating KNOWING someone is cheating/hacking and I can't prove it. Ya'll say video it. Well, I don't know how to video it ... I ain't on "that level". I'm definitely not the best player around, but certain things tend to point out cheaters. I know REALLY good players on XI that don't cheat. I also know a couple that are decent players that have been falsely accused of cheating. The bottom line is it takes the fun out of it when they're around. But whatever. I'm just here for fun, comraderie and to drink until I can't click the mouse button anymore.
  3. EastCoast50

    I knew it! In the words of T-Max ... "You bastard!"
  4. EastCoast50

    I heard about that incident. But hey, I'm drinking probably 60% of the time I'm on XI playing. lol
  5. EastCoast50

    I gotta learn how to video while playing.
  6. EastCoast50

    Yeah ... and I don't even know how to make a video while playing. Maybe if I get an extra note from my mom, something will happen. :)
  7. EastCoast50

    So, I was just online with a few frequent players -- all non-XI, but honest, loyal players -- who raised concerns about highly suspect hackers/cheaters that are continuously playing on XI servers without being kicked or banned. There are a select, small number of regular blatant hackers/cheaters plying on XI servers (counted on one hand), but we ALL know who they are ... also, they're non-XI members. There's some curiosity and confusion among regular players (both XI and on-XI) that don't understand why these specific players haven't been kicked or banned. And I agree. I've said if before: I'm here for the fun of it, nothing more. I'm not here to cheat, hack or pretend to be some great online game player. I'm not. Some of these asshole mamma's boys that get away with it on a regular, consistent basis should have been gone a long time ago. Look, I'm sure these worthless serial-killer-in-progress fucks think that they're impressing their mother or non-existent girlfriend all the way from the basement. The bottom line is that it ruins it for the rest of us. It has to stop. This is all about fun, friendship and being assholes. It's not about allowing cheaters to take over games and ruin it for everyone else. So, who's going to do something about it? - EastCoast50
  8. EastCoast50

    I hate you. lol
  9. EastCoast50

  10. EastCoast50

    Fuck off. Holidays are for asshole rioters at Best Buy and flash mobs at 7-11. Just kidding ... be happy, healthy and well this holiday season.
  11. Budman is cooking steak instead of cooking weeds?
  12. EastCoast50

    Happy birfday, Timmah!