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    Irish, Scottish, English, Armenian

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    Western Maryland Mountains
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    Retired 29 year veteran cop, longtime volunteer firefighter, amateur gunsmith, collector of law enforcement insignia and U.S. militaria, amateur herpetologist (snakes), and an avid outdoors enthusiast. Degree in Criminal Justice Technology (including behavioral sciences), training and experience in U.S. Army ROTC, LEO, SWAT, HTCIA (computer crimes), etc. ... and an overall asshole (allegedly).

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  1. EastCoast50

    The wife and I went hiking yesterday and came across a timber rattlesnake. Good times.
  2. EastCoast50

    Kinda like your women?
  3. EastCoast50

    Living the retired dream. Also avoiding my angry pugs after a shower.
  4. EastCoast50

    You probably deserved it! Also, we can start a GoFundMe page for his new teeth, but not your dick.
  5. EastCoast50

    Congrats, you slithery bastard!
  6. Here's mine ... (well, technically they're assholes) ...
  7. EastCoast50

    5FDP and Disturbed. 5FDP supports the military, police and all first responders. As for Disturbed, because David Draiman is very open and outspoken. Love the music from both bands.
  8. EastCoast50

    @RobMc I got stuck in a cow's ass once. I don't want to talk about it.
  9. EastCoast50

    Town cop drove by and kept driving ... he was probably like "Fuck that shit! I ain't dealing with it!"
  10. EastCoast50

    I was busy for a minute. Because I went in to town and beer.
  11. EastCoast50

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