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    An affair gone horribly wrong. I'm adopted.

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    Retired 29 year veteran cop, amateur gunsmith, collector of law enforcement insignia and militaria, amateur herpetologist (snakes), avid outdoors enthusiast and survivalist ... and an overall asshole (allegedly). Correct screen name pronunciation is "East Coast Five Oh" or "Fuck Face Fifty" -- whichever you prefer.

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  1. EastCoast50

    Where have you visited? International travel is the point of this thread. Me ... Mexico. I have a thousand screaming Mexican cousins. Venezuela (Caracas). It was truly a 50% bad time. Trip was courtesy of the U.S. Army military school I was attending at the time. I had machine guns pointed at me on the street, and ended being locked up in a hotel room for half a week instead of deportation. I also had a hot Venezuelan chick that wanted to marry me just to escape. I stepped on her toes while we were dancing at a bar while a group of us were AWOL. No further comment. Antigua (I found a Walther PPK-S pistol while diving offshore. They called it a "firegun" when I turned it in to the local security and police forces and didn't think I'd be making it back home). Most likely dumped overboard by a drug runner. Nassau (Bahamas) Swam with a shark unintentionally. Going back next year. Barbados. I met the best South African guy in the world. His name is Greg. He opened the bars on the resort after they closed. Do the math.
  2. EastCoast50

    They've already bought the Baltimore politicians. Even the former mayor is up on charges.
  3. Yes you did. My monitor is still fried and I have no mic. I guess those are good things...? lol
  4. EastCoast50

    Baltimore is screwed, and its criminals have been expanding their horizons. And travels.
  5. EastCoast50

    There is a huge problem with drugs AND violent crime in Baltimore, Maryland. It's definitely not what it used to be in the 70's and 80's ... I used to go there in my younger years to baseball games, the aquarium, train museum, the waterfront restaurants, etc. These days, Baltimore has been headline news throughout the states for several years. High murder rate, cops and politicians arrested, cops leaving the force by the dozens, the Maryland governor becoming involved in their city ... too much to type. I can suggest checking in with their local news media online (not sure if I can post links here, but I'll try below). In my professional experience, many criminals arrested for everything from homicide, rape, robbery, burglary on down to theft have a Baltimore address ... and I worked several counties away from Baltimore. Their criminal element has negatively affected the entire state of Maryland, even the rural, mountainous western counties. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/ https://www.wbaltv.com/ https://www.heraldmailmedia.com/ https://www.fredericknewspost.com/ https://www.fox5dc.com/
  6. EastCoast50

    Rob, are you talking about Baltimore?
  7. I've been trying to get banned for over a year. All they do is keep sending me messages saying "video that RobMc guy and send it in ... we've been looking to ban him!" I'm like, "I don't know how to capture in-game video. Every time I follow your instructions, I open the saved file and it shows some weird dog porn from overseas." I sent them the video attachment. Still waiting for a reply. Or a ban.
  8. EastCoast50

    After working in the professional law enforcement field for nearly three decades, I've suffered the psychological, physical and physiological damages for the long term. I've been shot (12 ga shotgun), shot at (.357 magnum), had guns and knives pulled on me, a knife thrown at me, and even have permanent physical damage and wounds from a human bite. Nightmares, high blood pressure, excessive alcohol consumption, scars ... been to too many funerals for friends and coworkers over the years. Over my career, I've worked in a small town at the beach surrounded by country, then later moved on to one of the country's largest and busiest agencies adjacent to Washington, D.C.. Thankfully, I recently retired. Alive. Without sounding like a hypocrite, I'll say that I'm very pro 2A. I've had the benefit of being able to carry a concealed firearm nationwide, even now after retirement. However, a gun is not always the correct solution to a violent encounter. Training and experience is a key factor, and it will definitely become a topic in the court process after the violent encounter and any use of deadly force. Some people are ... what's the right word? ... some people are animals. It's not based upon race, sex, age or religion. It's based upon the fact of violent animalistic traits developed, learned and/or inherent in some people. In many cases, such as serial killers, it will never change. You better believe there are serial killers walking free among us right now. Unfortunately, common violent street criminals have some similarities with serial killers. In some cases, that's where serial killers started out ... being street criminals. Always be on guard, but never paranoid. Be aware of your surroundings, your location, your abilities and your limits. If you have the opportunity to avoid a violent encounter, then avoid it. If you're FORCED (key word) to engage in a violent encounter, then do so using your training and experience, and always within the confines of the Constitution and law. Respect life, but always defend yours and others when necessary. Just my two cents.
  9. EastCoast50

    F Baltimore! I've only been there for work over the last 14 years. I will NEVER go there for anything ... sports, restaurants, shopping ... nothing! I can tell you one thing: going to the medical examiner's office in Baltimore is a horrific experience. It is always packed with fresh bodies, and you can guess the type of carnage done by humans. You and I are pretty similar ... I go to Hagerstown and sometimes Frederick, but I mainly stick to the PA areas off the mountain.
  10. EastCoast50

    I was a musician for years before becoming a cop. Drums, keys (acoustic piano, synth), clarinet, guitar ... It's all been lost to time and music stores for resale EXCEPT for my Korg DW8000 synthesizer, my Fender Strat and I think I still have one clarinet laying around somewhere. Over time, I was inspired by virtually all styles of music from classical to ethnic to rock to industrial. Some of my favs were/are: AC/DC, Jan Hammer, NIN, The Smiths, The Cult, Tom Petty and a ton of 60's and 70's rock and roll oldies. I got to meet Ron Wood once at a family wedding in Miami. Good times. Now I'm just retired and lazy.
  11. EastCoast50

    I'm using a new hack called "My Nice Big Monitor Is Fried And I Can't Play Until I Get A New One". It's a horrible hack and has kept me out of the game for some time. Plus it was a bitch to download and install. Nothing but sparks, smoke and a lot of cussing.
  12. EastCoast50

    My monitor got fried. Been using an alternate (it's horrible) until I get my lazy ass off of the mountain to buy a new one.
  13. EastCoast50

    Fuck fall AND winter.
  14. EastCoast50

    Halloween may be coming, but spell-check has been around for a LONG time. *cough*
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