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    29 year veteran cop, amateur gunsmith, collector of law enforcement insignia and militaria, amateur herpetologist (snakes), avid outdoors enthusiast and survivalist ... and an overall asshole (allegedly). Correct screen name pronunciation is "East Coast Five Oh" or "Fuck Face Fifty" ... and apparently now "He's Just Another Asshole Admin" -- whichever you prefer.

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  1. Pretty much the same here in the states in regards to vets, but President Trump has been changing things for the better as far as the VA. If only the states weren't filled with such newly-found un-American, unpatriotic, socialist, fascist (such as the hypocritical ANTIFA), and corrupt citizens ... oh, and illegal immigrants ... we'd be able to Make American Great Again a lot quicker. But, we're working on it.
  2. We speak English in the United States. So, there's that ... As for brass and door knobs, the only thing shiny around here is Rob's knob.
  3. Rodney got along well with the pavement.
  4. Why do the EC souvenirs have to be plastic? I think 7075 aluminum would suffice.
  5. The United States celebrates what Canada doesn't have the balls to do, eh. Besides, most of us are kind of looking forward to the Second American Civil War. The first one was just practice.
  6. As one of the new COD5 admins, here is my perspective ... I started playing on XI about three years ago by chance ... just came across one of the servers and started playing. I had so much fun I constantly played on it and stopped looking for other servers. In my opinion, it was --- and still is -- the best COD5 server out there. About a year later, Beers asked if I was interested in joining the XI community. I've never been a member of an online gaming community and absolutely enjoyed playing here, so I said yes. Recently, I was asked if I was interested in becoming a COD5 admin. Frankly, I was kind of shocked. I've never been an admin, but everything -- the process, responsibilities, etc. were explained in detail. I can tell you one thing ... it's NOT an overnight process. I don't know how admins are considered, but it took two or three weeks to go through the process to become one AFTER you're asked. There's A LOT to learn about being an admin (manuals/rules, software downloads, etc.) that isn't exactly easy for an amateur like me. Being an admin has in NO way changed my attitude in the game. The ONLY thing I'm doing now is looking for cheaters/hacks and players that violate the posted server rules. By the way, admins can't just immediately kick or ban a player ... there's a procedure to follow. Also, some admins don't have the authority (or even access) to randomly change maps, re-start servers, etc.. I get that and I agree with it. I'm still on XI playing to have FUN. Many of you know each other in real life. I only know one XI member in real life ... my ex-wife (btw F.U. IceQueenHerb!) ... and I originally pointed her in the direction of XI after becoming a member. Even SHE has met or become real life friends with some XI members, which I think is awesome. We have so many funny, entertaining, interesting, intelligent, honest and intriguing people playing on XI servers -- both XI members and non-XI members. We also have some regular XI and non-XI players that are assholes, but they generally fit the previous categories as well :). I'll stop at this point and say that I have no idea what happens behind the big curtain. I just plan to keep playing on XI and have fun, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.
  7. EastCoast50

    I'm suprized I misspellllled it cuz I aktually no how too spell it. Oops.
  8. EastCoast50

    Not sure about your state, but I'm imbedded in the criminal justice system in Maryland. My opinion is that you made every reasonable effort to respond to the subpoena and to report address changes, etc.. Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry about warrants for failing to comply for jury duty. The WORST thing they could do is summon you before a judge to "show cause" for failing to comply with the original subpoena for jury duty, in which case you can provide proof that you moved out of that county and are no longer eligible to serve in that court's jurisdiction. IF the worst case scenario happens -- which I highly doubt under the color of the Constitution and state law -- contact the county state's attorney's office that is holding the case and a private attorney to release you from jury duty. Just my two cents.
  9. EastCoast50

    For the first time ever, I heard Cordi "speak" (or type). He was replying to fuegoboy. I think I captured an historic moment. lol
  10. EastCoast50

    Pretty sure you will, and this is the right room. Nice try, tho. Dukes Of Hazard Horn_12.mp3
  11. EastCoast50

    Nassau, Bahamas, just outside of the port.
  12. EastCoast50

    Anyone that has been here should know ...
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