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    Retired 29 year veteran cop, longtime volunteer firefighter, amateur gunsmith, collector of law enforcement insignia and U.S. militaria, amateur herpetologist (snakes), and an avid outdoors enthusiast. Degree in Criminal Justice Technology (including behavioral sciences), training and experience in U.S. Army ROTC, LEO, SWAT, HTCIA (computer crimes), etc. ... and an overall asshole (allegedly).

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  1. EastCoast50

    I had the same issue when I logged on the MW2 server last week. Lost rank, reverted to default settings, and lost my personal setup (options, killstreaks, etc). Everything worked fine when I last logged off. No errors or other options displayed to warn me that anything would be reset.
  2. EastCoast50

    I got permanently banned from FB in 2019. They suspended my account (they don't give a reason) and I told them what I think about those corrupt, liberal California tech motherfuckers. Instant ban. Better off without them, honestly.
  3. EastCoast50

    Miracles do happen. Ain't it ain't even fucking Christmas. Good job, Beers!
  4. I think the best thing for freezetag is to ban RobMc. He throws his diapers round like frags and makes everyone clean their boot way too often. Even snipers have issues when they crawl over them. Sticky.
  5. WTF is "freezetag"? Get with the real players and get on the normal MW2 server! "Freezetag" ... it's like Maytag, but different.
  6. EastCoast50

    Evanescence - Better Without You.mp3
  7. EastCoast50

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TInvo3IDheOXYQsSQp0hQ A recent YouTube channel created via a collaborative effort between current and former law enforcement, fire-rescue/EMS and military. Anyone that supports LEO, fire-rescue/EMS and military personnel might want to check out this channel ... especially during times like now in the United States. We hope to grow and provide more content over time. Yours truly is the founder.
  8. EastCoast50

    I once picked up six chicks at the same time from behind bars ... the first time I raised chickens.
  9. From a behavioral science perspective, there are a couple of posters on here that should seek some mental health assistance.
  10. EastCoast50

    I've learned a few things about helos during my time around them: No flares at an LZ. No helmet without a chinstrap connected. Eye protection is highly recommended. Stay away until instructed by the crew to approach (they will usually come to you to tell you). Small tree branch strikes will ground a helo in 10 seconds flat. Duck a lil' bit ... and stay the hell away from the tail rotor.
  11. EastCoast50

  12. EastCoast50

  13. EastCoast50

    EastCoast50 couldn't be here tonight to accept the award due to an ongoing corrupt political administration. On his behalf, first I'd like to thank the director, producer and all of the wonderful artists that have worked along side of him on COD4. Everyone has been marvelous. Tremendous. Now, he'd like to thank Beers, RobMc, McGrim and Elvis ... and the rest of the cast ... especially Corsicaman ... for reminding him why he loves COD 4 now more than COD5. It's a win-win situation for everyone ... except if you lose. EastCoast50 wants to remind everyone to brush up on your French, e
  14. EastCoast50

    Thank you!



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