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  1. TBB

    Big deal - if he was so smart why didn't he go to the frig for a beer!!!!
  2. TBB

    Have a GREAT birthday all!!!
  3. TBB

    @RobMc being sexually harassed
  4. TBB

    Have a GREAT birthday all
  5. TBB

    Boy - you guys from the other side of the Pond are whacked out
  6. TBB

    WELCOME to the Forums - watch out for all the >IDIOTS<
  7. Now wouldn't you like to know - ask @Icequeen - ROFLMFAO
  8. Stay safe @Icequeen - you look fantastic no matter what you wear
  9. He's got 2 moveable parts - his mouth and his ass hole - and they're interchangeable
  10. TBB

    Hang in there P-man - wait till the virus finds out your an >IDIOT< - instant cure. Prayers your way
  11. WELCOME to the >IDIOT< House
  12. TBB

    WELCOME to the Forums - watch out for the >IDIOTS<
  13. NICE!!! Do you deliver????
  14. TBB

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