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  1. Have a GREAT birthday!!!
  2. Have a GREAT birthday!!!
  3. Little Willy??? @FRENCHI complains it is a big Mary!!!!!
  4. va falloir que je cherche des photo de vous devrais pouvoir trouvé sa
  5. That's still a big improvement from @FRENCHI 's baby picture
  6. Have a GREAT birthday!!!
  7. Don't worry - I blame you for everything anyway
  8. Will you take my $3 bills??? - thanks for the info SoB - bought them
  9. Better hope he doesn't get the cell next to yours!!!!
  10. Good one JD - keep it up - jokes that is
  11. I'd buy them but I don't have any British money!!!
  12. Have a GREAT birthday!!!!!
  13. Have a GREAT birthday!!!!!
  14. Have a GREAT birthday!!!!