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  1. TBB

    WELCOME to the >IDIOT< House
  2. I spoke to Hxtr recently - Hxtr is still Hxtr - long term goal to live with the chem-trails!!!
  3. TBB

    Yeah - it's called an @AyaqGuyaq
  4. TBB

    Ask @AyaqGuyaq
  5. TBB

    WELCOME to the >IDIOT< House
  6. TBB

    WELCOME to the Forums!!
  7. TBB

    WELCOME to the >IDIOT< House !!
  8. TBB

    WELCOME!!! But be careful lots of >IDIOTS< running around - also one weird @AyaqGuyaq
  9. TBB

    Have a GREAT birthday all!!!!!
  10. TBB

    Have a GREAT birthday!!
  11. TBB

    WELCOME!!!! Do you deliver??? By the way @AyaqGuyaq girlfriend was a Polar bear
  12. WELCOME to the >IDIOT< house
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