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  1. MtDeW

    nice sample!
  2. MtDeW

    I say take the one that you can get as long as it is not from a scalper!
  3. MtDeW


    point whore
  4. MtDeW

    you could send @RobMc an early B-Day gift to fix the problem? https://www.amazon.com/Mayday-Industries-Honey-Bucket-Pottie/dp/B008E06EXA/ref=sr_1_2?crid=181R19S220X6N&dchild=1&keywords=port+a+pottie&qid=1609968945&sprefix=port+a+%2Caps%2C182&sr=8-2
  5. MtDeW

    nice river house/mansion. ill stick to being a Rubber Tramp!
  6. MtDeW


    he knows that on most sunny days if there is a little dark cloud? that it is @RobMc and he can see witch way he is going.
  7. MtDeW


    weed is good for all kinds of things
  8. MtDeW


    at least it is down by the river!
  9. MtDeW

    off grid? i have 6 x 100 AH AGM, 460 Watts of solar, 3000 WATT PURE SINE POWER INVERTER 12 VDC to 120 VAC
  10. MtDeW

    how many ways to start task manger ?
  11. MtDeW

    it must have glitched! we all know you are a prick.
  12. MtDeW

    is "borrow" the new !fu?
  13. MtDeW

    we now know whos horses you ben hanging with and the goat was lying as to not hurt the horses feelings
  14. MtDeW

    1096 Single-Core Score 7318 Multi-Core Score 53939 OpenCL Score



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