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  1. MtDeW

    go to the 15 min mark @piglo you will love it!
  2. MtDeW

    you may have to try out another key layout like i do so the only time i use my thumb is to move backward and i press the space bar with my pinky finger.
  3. it cost me $175 to fill up now and i can not wait till august to fill up will cost over $350
  4. MtDeW

    do not play that way we know you have all of his porn movies
  5. MtDeW

    you do know @jester. is a midget
  6. MtDeW

    coming from you that would be a complement!
  7. i go for HQ so wired.
  8. MtDeW

    i love the dragon's tail! awesome pics. you will have to tell us what the fine is when you know?
  9. MtDeW

    i have the older Logitech 5.1 for sound to.
  10. MtDeW

    you were not to look there!
  11. MtDeW

    i have a curved one now and it is just ok but the 1440p res is great @165 Hz
  12. MtDeW

    i bet you tell all the cops that!
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