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  1. MtDeW

    are you sure porch pirates did not get the package?
  2. MtDeW

    yea but I think he was thinking about the pivot man at the >XI< fest. not the twat. but I was there and if he was there he has no memory of being the pivot man anyway! !fU
  3. MtDeW

    keep up the good work social distancing!
  4. MtDeW

    it is a gay midget porn thing! xi people understand
  5. MtDeW

    I have watched so much porn Charter is sending me a new modem and I did not have to ask for them to send it to me! day 17 have not ben anywhere!
  6. MtDeW

    creamy using his favorite pillow!
  7. MtDeW

    women are evil! lmfao!
  8. my cat Creamy is having a tough time to!
  9. MtDeW

    why would you put a 2700x with a x570 MB when a 2700x does not support pcie 4.0?
  10. MtDeW

    it is 2 ply!
  11. MtDeW

    samples are $10.00 a square!
  12. MtDeW

    what amd videocard do you have? my xfx rx 590 8gig runs the fuck out of war zone!
  13. MtDeW

    Twins? sounds a bit funky to me Welcome
  14. MtDeW

    after a ruff game of COD!
  15. MtDeW

    I got my xfx fat boy 590 oc 6 months ago for cheep $160 GTA5 stock settings benchmark 120 fps
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