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  1. Some of the maps that could be (temporarily) removed from the late pm rotation: tuts bomb ,maze, idiot island and another one, something like "Death Valley". They might be great for 5+ players but they suck for 2 or 3. "Maze" could probably be gone forever ;-) I have heard people calling this map a "total action killer" and I tend to agree... cheers
  2. I would humbly suggest some small or fast maps for those on the west coast who usually play late at night. Sometimes people leave because we get these huge maps for just 2 or 3 players. Thanks Joe pd. Some shotties and pistol maps would work just fine ;-)
  3. Thanks for the reply but I am still banned Thanks Joe Canadian
  4. Hi there, I am writing as I am a bit confused. No idea what happened... I tried to join a game but was kicked and apparently "permanently banned" from your server. I don't think I did anything wrong, did I? I have played here for over 3 years and never had a problem before. I have small children at home and usually play with headphones on and try to avoid using a mike. I was kicked the first time, I joined a second time, was about to type a message and put my headphones back on but I was gone... I would like to know what happened. If your were using shotguns and I didn't notice this I apologize, it usually takes me a few minutes to know whats going on. Thanks Joe Canadian (Matt, Vancouver, BC Canada)
  5. Hi thank you for your help. I tried both suggestions but they did not work. The message I get when I try to play is: impure client detected Invalid IWD file referenced c:\program files\activision\call of duty 2\main\noodle_salad.iwd I cannot locate such file, I don't know whats wrong, I am able to play on the CTF server of xtreme idiots. though. Thank you Joe
  6. Hi I just need some help. Every time I try to start playing I get a message saying invalid file c:\programfiles\activision\callofduty2\main\noodle_salad.iwd. I have tried looking for this file but could not find it. This has been going on for the past day or two only for this server.
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