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  1. Cpt.TennealXI

    Hey folks..John passed peacefully this evening surrounded by family. He was comforted by everyone's kind words and prayers during his final days. To say I am devastated would be an extreme understatement.I worked with and knew John well for 23 years,and in that time I can say that he was one of the funniest fuckers I ever met. Also one of the most generous,kindhearted souls who would gladly give the shirt off his back to complete strangers. He was my friend,clanmate and brother. I would like to personally thank each of you for your thoughts and prayers through this. John's wife Charlene and his sons Kevin and Marc and the rest of the family thank you all for your support knowing how much we all meant to John. Our team has lost another legend,but know that he was his same good natured,good humoured self to the end. Rest well and be proud that you were a big part of XI brother,Love you..lñm
  2. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday fucker! Cheers brother.
  3. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday brother,cheers!
  4. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday!!
  5. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday,cheers!
  6. good to see ya bro! :smoke:

    1. Crack


      fuckin tenneal..long time!

  7. Cpt.TennealXI

    So sorry to hear this Wild...at a loss...no parent should have to endure that. Stay strong friend.
  8. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday John,hope you have a great day brother!
  9. Cpt.TennealXI

    Wow..sorry to hear this...glad I got to meet him in person in Vegas...RIP
  10. Cpt.TennealXI

    Kinda bummed we are missing this year..hope you all have a blast,and see you next year!
  11. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday Kami!!
  12. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday Panther.hope you had a great day!
  14. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday!
  15. Cpt.TennealXI

    Happy Birthday have a great day!
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