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    WTF are you trying to tell me or are you implying that I am just posting Bull Shit? I am not sure what to make of your post

    I am on Plavix right now plus a baby aspirin as well as a statin, 2 BP meds and flow-max as well as a few others for different things. I was on Metoprolol but the side effects were just too much. My wife thought I was just lazy because after work I would make them dinner and go straight to bed and my joints hurt like hell. It wasn't until she went with me to the Dr's office and he explained those were common side effects did she finally understand what I was going through. Plus some of the BP meds seem to cause E.D. and that was one thing I was not willing to deal with. This current combo seemed to cause a arrhythmia and that scared me every time it would skip beats so I had stopped taking them because my Cardiologist didn't explain to me that it wasn't going to kill me and it was caused by the meds not my heart dying. Thanks for caring and hope your Hubby lives a long happy life

    Hello everyone I just wanted to let you all know I was released from the Hospital late last night after a visit to the ER for chest pressure I had been dealing with for about a week.Thursday evening after work I made the mistake of telling my wife where the extra Nitroglycerin Tablets were just in case I needed one in the middle of the night. This caused her to call our Dr's office and as soon as she mentioned the words "Chest Pain" they said to call 911 to transport me to the ER. We live less than 1 mile from the Hospital where so many have been treated of late for Covid-19 since our section of town here is where the first cluster of deaths happened here in the US. I have read that some Covid positive patients have developed issues with blood clots and I have some very narrow arteries already that aren't closed up enough for a stent yet. After several test's they said I did not have a heart attack but kept me overnight because my blood pressure was 199/125 and they wanted to do a angiogram because of my past heart attack almost 3 years ago. They got the BP under control overnight and Friday afternoon did the angiogram and found a artery at the bottom of my heart is 100% blocked but is in a area too risky to put in a stent but no other blockage showed up. They figure that in my narrow arteries some clots were damming them up and when the pressure built it would push them thru like plunging a toilet so to speak. So more medications and blood thinners are going to be a new part of my life along with staying away from so many foods I really enjoy but good news is I am home in my own bed and my wife is much less stressed out over this. I might be gaming a bit less for the next week or so since they went in thru my right wrist artery and I need to let that heal so grabbing the mouse for long periods of time is not a good idea. The worst part of this whole ordeal is that no one was allowed to stay with or visit me during my stay because of current Covid-19 protocols which didn't make Lorie very happy. Key take away from all this to keep taking the Medications that have been given to me even if I don't like how they sometimes make me feel or cause me to bruise or bleed like a stuck pig with the slightest cut. Take care everyone and ole P-Man will be just fine from what I have been told. Peace Out

    Loader is all talk and no action Mind phucker lol. I am glad to see you deccided to join us and hope you continue to have fun on the servers. Don't be afraid to give those shit givers crap right back they deserve it trust me I hear it so much even as a Admin that's why i don't use my mic even though it works just fine. Helps to keep my blood pressure down and my wife doesn't get mad at me for yelling at those few who cause trouble and stir the shit.

    It's about Phuckin time you joined the rest of us idiots. Now we have to get "BLOW JOB and a few others to follow suit / /( o Y o )\ \

    He has made 20 posts now so whats next???
  7. I spoke with Loader and we thought folks might like to play in a "Set Teams CTF Tourney/League" that we could set up maybe once a week for matches on the COD2 CTF Server. This would be a low key for fun situation, just for shits and giggles to give some players a option to the current game options as well as giving XI some cool footage for streaming. This could be like a old mans softball league and could be a ton of fun. Please post here if you are interested in giving it a go so we can try to set up something fun for everyone. Sundays seem like a good option and it would be like 2 out of 3 maps each round with maybe each map being 15 minutes long??? Tourney/Game brackets would be posted in advance so everyone will know when they play and can see everyone progress. Feed back is very important to make sure this works for everyone. Every effort will be made to keep teams fair and with folks you like playing with and is open for XI and guests alike. So if you have someone you want on your team and they agree we can do that with maybe 2 or 3 additional members for balance. I am sure no one wants to see the main Admins all on one team or the top scorers all on another so we will make it work as best as we can while still giving you a buddy on your team and solid players rounding it out. This could be like March Madness were winners move on or like a league where every team plays against all teams and winner is best team after the "Season". Again feedback is important for this to work well
  8. Try here and then type in your name. The link can be found on the right hand side of our home page as well https://stats.xtremeidiots.com/2/server_players

    He made it to 10 posts already, see I told you he was a Cheater lmao

    Sinbad cheats worse then us Admins with our Admin hack everyone thinks we have lmao. Welcome to step one of the process. Did anyone mention the Oil rubs you have to give your admin sponsor???
  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you see me in the COD2 servers that I tested positive for Corona Virus so I suggest you run like hell or I am going to spit on you lol. Stay safe everyone and stay home

    Welcome Grumpy, glad to see you decided to join up but remember the first rule of COD2 servers, we don't talk about them
  13. Like every 3rd word Laz lol. I played one winning game this past weekend and not a word was said on our team and yet we still won lmao... Very fun to be back and even with my very high ping I am loving the sniper maps with my 32 inch LED curved monitor. Just need to find the right in game resolution settings, I am currently running it at 1600X900. Anyone have any suggestions that will make my gaming better, no BS ideas please or you will just piss me off for no good reason hahahahaha
  14. I just was looking at my COD2 TDM Stats under my hit zones and my most used zone is "Total Disruption" which means I blew you the fuck up just like the old days. I am still the "King of all tripwires" plus because of the many sniper maps I play I am blowing some heads clean off with my "Headshots". Fun to have them back thanks guys
  15. I sure hope you didn't do that because "Oil Futures" are going down faster than my ex-wife did lmao. Quick way to loose about 25% of your money in 1 day. I suggest buying stock in 3M since they seem to be the only supplier of N95 masks that will actually protect you from catching the virus as long as you change them when they get wet from your breathing. I am loosing my shirt right now with Amazon stock I bought during their IPO in 1997 but I am not worried, it is still worth a ton more than I paid for it back then.



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