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    I was lucky enough to talk to Killa the day before he passed on to gaming Heaven by phone and we had a awesome chat about XI and our shared love for COD2 and XI. The game was still RED HOT and the clan was growing daily but his loss shocked us all. I am so proud to see that this event still continues every year however it is sad to see the list of fallen hero's growing each year. This is a great way to honor our friends no longer with us and to relive the early days of XI. Look forward to seeing everyone there, except HXTR.

    "Jr" OMG you have grown so damn much while I was not playing. Glad to be back and now I understand why you kicked my ass the other day. Total beat down. I remember the days when there was huge discussion on if you should be allowed to play since you were 1 of the first Jr's we ever had. TIME FLYS

    I just went on to play on a server that had people but it is not a very good server and you are right lots of spawn raping and their guns are all messed up in my opinion. Just goes to show why playing a XI server is like nothing else out there. PHUCKEM LMAO

    They told me it was my name but it can be pronounced pooh kit man if they chose. Just like the Island in Thailand. There was a player named Mudd Butt and that was fine. I am insulted
  5. Do we have a beef with Outlaw Servers? They threatened to ban me for my name. I never banned anyone from outlaw back in the day and have lost my connections with their admins. I won't change my name for anyone let alone a stock server full or not. Please let me know if anyone has a contact

    RIP XI Forever

    Yeah let him know and tell him I still think he is asshole and always will be. I have been known to hold a grudge lmao


    I downloaded it and it won't let me register because the "BOT" filter is not working so I like others can't register to use online. Any suggestions???
  10. Shit it has been a long time in the making but I can now play Call of Duty 2 on my PC in our new house. Long story but with running Wi-Fi for internet connection and then updating to windows 10 I couldn't get the game to run. That has been fixed and I am now back to my normal 100 ping and the game runs great. Can't wait to get back to shooting you bastards
  11. I wasn't feeling so well the past few days and after the Heart Attack 3 weeks ago I have to be mindful of what I feel going on with my body. They did several tests and found out I didn't have another Heart Attack but because this time they did a CAT Scan they found a Descending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm. I have a Appt this coming Friday with a Specialist to find out how big it is and what is next for me as far as treatment. I have already been free of Cigarettes for 3 weeks now plus take meds for blood pressure and blood thinners and cholesterol so already ahead of the game there plus these things sometimes don't get caught until it is too late. Now stressing as the medical bills start flowing in but at least I am alive right. I may be paying them off for the next 20 years God willing. Miss everyone and the laughter but wanted to update those that aren't connected to me via Facebook. On a Great Note the Eagle/Doobie Brothers Concert I won tickets to and took my brother who drove from Montana to join me last weekend was fucking awesome. If you like those bands and they show up near you go it is worth every minute
  12. I know I have not been as active as I once was but this is still where I have some great friends I have had for 13 plus years with a few. I just wanted those who know me that old Phuckitman had a bad Heart Attack last week. I had a main left side artery 99% blocked so they put in a stent there but I have some other very clogged arteries that don't quite yet meet the criteria for more stents. Off work all week on bed rest after 3 days in ICU and Cardiac Care unit. I have not had a cigarette in 5 days so that is a big change. Between my wife and I we are using Facebook to post most updates. Mine are mostly public since after all my name is Phuckitman so what do I care what people see except for HXTR. So if you are interested just look up https://www.facebook.com/ronald.betts.7 for updates or to send a friends request. Hope all is well and glad I am still around to flip some of you shit. BTW FYI Pimpedoutpete is a hack lol
  13. Hello I have a 8 team PPR league through ESPN and I need 1 more player. The draft is 9/5/17 at 7:30 pac time. This is a free league and just for fun so if you are interested send me a email to [email protected] before 5pm tomorrow so I can send you a invite. The app is free and easy to use on your phone as well as on the PC. Thanks for reading this

    Thanks everyone for the kind wishes and a special thanks to Radar for making it easier to read lmao

    I am saddened to hear about your Families loss of a great person but reading all the Love for him especially from his Child extolling how great of a Dad his was speaks volumes. All we can ever ask in life is that our Children will never forget us and will always think they had "The Best Parents Ever". So your Dad is now your guardian angel and is doing his favorite things in Heaven and will be there waiting when you see him again. God Bless your entire Family and with much Respect Ron