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  1. @PainKiller I wish more players would take a even a small amount of the time they spend bitching about things to say "Thank You" to you and @loaderXI both for everything you two put up with and how much work you put in to making sure we all have a place to have fun and some laughs. Few really know or seem to care about how much time you give to these types of things that very few of those bitching would be willing to do or have the skills to pull off. Please accept our thanks here from those few who post them here from all of us who meet up every weekend to enjoy the fruits of your guys labor.

    @Painsponge if donating cash was a requirement for having tags it wouldn't be called Donations, it would be called Dues. We have a large and diverse group and as others have stated not everyone does the same thing to contribute but we all do in our own special way. You happen to bring a "Special" type of humor to our gaming experience and have earned a place at the big table called XI. So there is zero reason to drop your tags since you still seem to want to play with your pals. FYI This Clan has never been in the red for as long as I can remember and when I used to talk to @Ruggerxi about suc
  3. The maps you selected for this rotation are good solid choices and a nice variety of big and small size maps with some nice super long range sniper maps that make it hard for those who want to use a Kar and rain lead instead of snipe because the smaller maps can be so close. But considering that we range from 4 to 16 players at any given time on the weekends 9:00am to 2:30pm EDT it makes great sense to have both. Those big maps with just a few players could be like watching paint dry looking for someone to shoot if the move as much as Laz which is zero. My comments are just me sharing my thoug
  4. No worries and that longer spawn will help some of us who understand how the spawn works get away from those campers who don't have a clue that they are causing their team mates to get slaughtered. I have been known to not shoot said campers to keep targets in a specific area and I also throw smoke in front of those on my team that camp as well by the 3rd time I respawn next to them so maybe they will move. As soon as I see other teammates spawning around me I move to a new place on the map, I hate crowded areas LOL. And the weapon pickup is a huge issue on the sniper maps when there are a few

  6. You're not alone it seems https://www.siouxlandproud.com/news/national-news/oregon-woman-puts-up-sign-inviting-neighbors-to-reclaim-items-stolen-by-her-cat/
  7. Hey now both of you young whipper snappers slow your roll, many of us old fuckers read the forums and respond to those that we feel the need to. I tried several months ago to see if there was any interest in a tourny or a scrim to help @BlackRose after a talk with @loaderXI and we got no real interest. We have about 40 regular players on the 2 servers with little over lap. Some like the DM in the Evenings and others just play on the TDM weekends in the morning early afternoon. Like @PainKiller said the group mostly plays just COD2 with a few exceptions and for something like this to work you w


    / /( o Y o )\ \ { : O), OO=====o, / /( )*( )\ \ : )__' My Sex Life
  9. Your Cousin "TooCuteSue" as we all knew him was a member of our family from the early years when we were just playing COD2. He was a dedicated player, funny as Hell and loved his Family very much as well as us Idiots since we all feel like this is a "Big Family". He has been missed by many here and we are sure he is having fun in heaven doing everything that made him smile. You are lucky to have someone who Loved and Laughed as much as he did as a influence in your youth and he will continue to watch over you forever as a Guardian Angel. You should feel free to play on any of our servers, I am
  10. Just thought I would give you all a heads up that because of the fine work by @PainKiller and @loaderXI and input from many of the regular members who play the TDM Server has been peaking at 15 or so players for several hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Between 9:00am and 2:00pm EDT the past several weeks have seen at least 30 different players every day so seeing lots of great folks and some great games. The Server has room for 20 players and we would love nothing more than to have to add slots for more people. Each game is just 15 minutes long and we have a rotation of 1 Run and Gun TDM match

    Yeah that's the one I am remembering and you had the walls plastered with as many members sigs as you could get. I remember us all sending them to you in jpeg files which some like me didn't know what that meant or how to do it. There had to be 40 to 50 at least on that map. Just a BIG "XI" with some boards to cross the top here and there and a few places you could climb up and some light cover here and there like carts, booths, bushes and a few towers that were around the outside edges. I can close my eyes and see it but just can't remember the damn name.

    The map I am remembering was a walled in map with bushes around the edges and a big tan XI in the middle and a few towers but all the walls of the XI had players sigs on it like posters. I went thru the entire map list tonight using the portal and many don't have photos like mp_killa_xi_admin doesn't but that name sounds so familiar. The map you mentioned @loaderXII think is the map with the small XI with the box up in the air and the wood platform that floats as well with the few secrets like jumping towards a tank???

    That's the one Dawgy made and it has a few hidden secrets in it. That map was lots of fun and don't recall any glitches in it

    It also might be mp_killa_xi_adm



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