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    Welcome Back @Joe Canadian, we have missed you very much for several reason while you were away. The main reason is because all our scores are down from the easy kills we are not getting from killing you. COD2 servers are going still DM is weekdays from about 4pm to 7pm our time and the TDM is weekends from about 6am to 10 am our time. Hope to see you in the servers soon and glad to see you back my friend. We have lost a few in the past few years so having someone like you return is a blessing. Also please feel free to rump rage on Pain with a grenade whenever you get a chance. Great News

    I am shocked and at a loss for words right now as I fight back tears again. It seems like because we have all been playing here especially on the COD2 servers together for so long that we sometimes just expect everything to stay the same and forget that we are all getting older. He was a special person and had such an easy going demeanor for someone who was so competitive and never seemed to get worked up or say a cross word. Life is precious and shorter than we expect so take some time to tell people that you care. You never know how it may affect them or if it is the last thing you got to tell them. Rest Well STAY

    Sweet fish we are going to have to talk. I have spent the past several weekends fishing at least one day at a Lake near my house 15 minute drive and have been slaying the Rainbows. In fact I got my limit every time I have been fishing this year except 1 day when I got 3 but they were on the larger than average. I also am not sure my light trout gear would work for those fish on the rivers around here but it could be a fun test of my skills. How come you have 1 hand empty though?

    I have a Leather Bombers Jacket with a railroad map of Europe printed on the beige silk lining and a Ace and King Patch on the left chest and airbrushed artwork on the back that is older then this Tim Pool dude. I rarely take advice from people almost 1/2 my age who admit they left school at 14, didn't graduate early just dropped out. I am sure he missed some Civics and Government classes along the way. Speaking in front of a camera and saying things you know might generate a viewership base big enough to make money is not that hard these days. So what makes this dude so special, what is he a expert on? Just asking... For a hipster with a possible man bun he might be a ok guy??

    God didn't write the Constitution and the men who wrote it believed strongly in the separation of Church and State and also believed it should be a evolving document. The Bill of Rights are those given by our Federal Government aka Old White Men 250 years ago not God or every Christian Country would have them as well. The Founders also specified a process by which the Constitution may be amended, and since it's ratification, the Constitution has been amended 27 times. In order to prevent arbitrary changes the process for making amendments is quite onerous. Now for those of you how didn't pass US Government in High School the "Bill Of Rights" can't be taken away for you by the Government. Meaning your Right to Bear Arms is safe however they can decide what types of guns you can purchase as a member of the general public like Automatic Weapons for example. If They decide to ban specific types or sizes of weapons in the future it has legal precedent and will stand in the Court and it will be done because your right to own a weapon of mass destruction is not as important as others right "To Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Children are seeing that going to school is not a safe place for them and no one will protect them even the police, do you think they are happy? Large crowds out for a game or a concert hear a loud noise and start running out of fear the sound is from gun shots, are they running away happy? Poor areas of big cities hear gunfire almost nightly even though they are law abiding people and feel the fear they may be shot in their home or neighborhood, are they living a life filled with happiness? Guns aren't made in the Hoods of America, gangs us guns made by well known gun makers and ammo made by well known companies that all know some of their products will end up in the hands of people who are going to break the law because where they live there is no opportunity to pursue a life and violence and crime in Big Cities adds to the argument for the needs for guns in rural America where there is less crime but more guns then humans. Flooding cities with weapons is part of their marketing strategy and cheaper on the streets than at a Gun Store. OH just FYI if you stockpile ammo and your house catches fire as soon as those rounds start going off your house is not going to be put out as the firemen retreat so it will likely be a total loss. I also hear that Insurance companies are not paying for homes lost that way just like living in the woods and not clearing brush around your home it is called mitigation responsibility. There are ways to have common sense gun laws and still own guns, but do you need 10 mags/clips for 1 weapon? 10,000 rounds for 1 gun? I don't think so. if you go hunting and can't hit what you are shooting at with 1 mag you need to stop and go to the range before you kill a hunter over the hill you can't see. If you go to the range is it really to much work to reload your clip? When you empty a full new box of ammo is it to much work to pick up your brass and reload it or turn it in when you buy your next box considering you will most likely be allowed to own more then just 1 box of ammo per weapon.

    You know I love you like a baby Brother and your family is special to me. I still remember the days when the boys would get so excited when they got the chance to hop on the DM server over 10 years ago and play with the Adults now and then when they had done their chores and homework. Meeting you all was a Highlight of my entire time here at >XI<. But you still are a Idiot just like I am my Brother and I knew you would be welcome back with open arms because you never QUIT you just couldn't play for years. Looking forward to your next map and expect others to ask you about you old maps hidden gems but don't tell a soul those are for us who remember when they first came out and we had to find them all lmao.

    This says it all, the good ones always find a way to come back home to their friends. He can't play for shit yet but he is still funny as fuck

    RIP I am sorry to hear about your eyesight issues. It is something a lot of us older players are dealing with just like sore or cramping hands because of those issues as well. I have been dealing with my eyes when looking at a screen so I have a older pair of glasses that only really help me see my monitor but the reflexes aren't the same. Plus with my history of Heart issues and High Blood Pressure problems that is the main reason my wife strongly asked me to not use my mic while in game so I won't let other players talking shit get me so pissed off. Please don't give up playing with your pals, the COD2 servers are filled with older players and the TDM server on the weekends has many of us older players and every other map is a sniper map with a long range scope as a option so you can hide and slowly search for the enemy. I hope the Dr's can find a way to restore your vision to something that makes life more like you are used to. See you this weekend I hope 9am to 1pm Sat. and Sun.

    I don't remember him dropping them at all, I think he lost them for being offline for so long under the old rules for inactivity? If it needs to go to a vote I understand but I swear he just had issues that forced him to stop using the internet because it wasn't a option but he never "Dropped them like so many do even though we say take a break and come back once you are ready instead of quitting. ??? But he won't have a problem getting the votes I am sure. Can't wait to actually see him in game since he texted me last weekend and I gave him the lowdown on the servers busy times and he was welcome to join us and flip @LtLaszlo, @window, @leadpoison, @Dirk Diggler and others shit during our Weekend sessions. This is going to be fun

    Once he gets back I would make sure to contact him, since several of his maps have portals and hidden passages and some teleports that are very hard to find or find them all. He did some awesome maps and mentioned to me today during our Text chat via cell phone that he might be interested in making more maps or tweaking his old ones? just glad to see a former great >XI< member, player, sportsman, Admin, helper when he could, and one of the best damn targets we ever had on the COD2 servers. Him and Spanky were such easy ways to pad your score every time.
  11. The Wife and I are heading to the Eastern side of the Cascades to our friends house outside of Winthrop Wa. about 25 miles south of the Canadian Border and about 75 miles from where Ogopogo lives. She is going to spend the week Horseback Riding during the day and riding me at night. I am going to be fishing for Lunker Trout with my buddy who is part of the areas Trout Fishing Club and is taking me to his fishing honey holes. So I will be spending the next week in Honey Holes except when I am sleep or eating or burning a big fat one in the evening. Smoking weed while fishing is mandatory since I don't drink booze any more.

    I am so sorry that Starfire won't be gaming with us anymore, he was a really fun guy and proud to be a member of >XI< and tried so hard even as his skills began to fail him. The last thing I remember him saying to me was "Where are they Phuck? I can't see any of them" on a big sniper map and because the wife was sleeping 5 feet away from me since I play in the Master Bedroom I wasn't able to give him any intel. But it was becoming clear he was starting to really have some issues but wouldn't give up his weekends with the Gang. I am glad he is no longer suffering and is now in Heaven hanging out with some of the finest gamers and human beings to ever walk this planet. Our Fallen members list reads like a who's who of great folks who loved Gaming a ton and >XI< even more. RIP My Friend you will be missed more than you will ever know. My Love and Prayers go out to his Wife and Family and everyone who considered Starfire a Friend
  13. Nice time spent fishing is always wonderful. The Wife and I are leaving next week for our Best friends Home on the eastern side of the Cascades about 25 miles south of the Canadian Border in the lower Okanogan Basin. She is bringing her Horse so the girls can go trail riding in real wilderness and I have got all 3 poles ready with fresh 4lb test ultra clear Fluorocarbon line that appears to be super strong and very thin compared to Monofilament that I used for years but is easy for fish to see and shy away from. I will post pictures of the different fishing spots I hit during the week as well as any fish I might be able to catch.
  14. Opening Day of Low Lake Trout fishing was the 23 of April. First 2 pictures are of the 2lb 14oz. 19 inch Rainbow I caught fishing off a dock. End of the day Fish and picture of the lake I enjoy spending mornings drowning worms and drinking coffee that is just 15 minutes no lie from my house. Nice Pictures and smiles the fish are a bonus. "A bad day of fishing beats a great day at work every time"
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