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    Can I ask that we COD2 players and admins vote to insure that MacDaddy's name is always and forever at the top of the kills stats for the DM OG server? their are many of us who have under different spellings of our names or adding admin tags that have allowed us to collect more points over the years but MacDaddy kept his name the same and logged a shit load of server hours which we all know means butt time on that server and was so proud when he took the top spot and held it for so long. We all know who the top players are on our servers and he was as dedicated as anyone of us maybe more. This could be done by players who get close to his final score simply make a slight change in their name spelling like adding a capital letter or removing on to allow your names to add up points but leave his name at the top of that list. I think it would be a wonderful gift to his wife and family to always be able to see their hero kicked ass doing what he loved where he loved doing it he was >XI< thru and is a link to the stats page to send his wife. Please let's do this. I know Viperz has changed his name several times and has about 80,000 more kills but because of his actions he never passed Mac on that list he loved and bitched about when it wasn't done right. Lets make the king of the stats truly the king of stats

    Loader thanks for the updates and saying prayers for our good buddy Mac, and I have a feeling he is too ornery for this to beat him. Next time you talk to him please let him know I just checked the stats and he is "Still #1" all time scoring leader on the DM server. We all know how much he loves his stats and would bitch when they didn't update right in the old days. Miss his dry sense of humor and giving others crap. Like he said "No love for the inmates" lol. Fight on Brother you're number 1 in all our books

    I have been having the same issue every once in a while and it doesn't affect my movement but I have the curser in the middle of my aiming point and seems to lag a bit as well. I just log out and log back in to make it stop for the time being. Sure is a pain in the ass getting this older game we love so much to run on Windows 10. I can't run it thru my sound card have to use on board sound which is why I can't run a mic right now. But my wife insisted we upgrade so my PC suffers now WTF "women"

    I have tried today and it finally downloaded and I was able to hop in the server. Thanks guys for everything you do to keep it fun for all of us

    I have tried at least 10 times this morning and map pack SPJ19.iwd --- sniper maps is the one that won't load no matter what I do. Just FYI since no one is now playing it and won't be back playing until next weekend

    There is a 78 mb map pack that I have tried to load 4 times and it won't even start to load so unable to play this morning in spite of the fact that I restarted my PC twice. I sure hope this issue gets resolved quickly because now that I woke up early to play and can't I have to unbury my AWD car and go to the market for supplies since we are snowed in here in Seattle

    I was lucky enough to talk to Killa the day before he passed on to gaming Heaven by phone and we had a awesome chat about XI and our shared love for COD2 and XI. The game was still RED HOT and the clan was growing daily but his loss shocked us all. I am so proud to see that this event still continues every year however it is sad to see the list of fallen hero's growing each year. This is a great way to honor our friends no longer with us and to relive the early days of XI. Look forward to seeing everyone there, except HXTR.

    "Jr" OMG you have grown so damn much while I was not playing. Glad to be back and now I understand why you kicked my ass the other day. Total beat down. I remember the days when there was huge discussion on if you should be allowed to play since you were 1 of the first Jr's we ever had. TIME FLYS

    I just went on to play on a server that had people but it is not a very good server and you are right lots of spawn raping and their guns are all messed up in my opinion. Just goes to show why playing a XI server is like nothing else out there. PHUCKEM LMAO

    They told me it was my name but it can be pronounced pooh kit man if they chose. Just like the Island in Thailand. There was a player named Mudd Butt and that was fine. I am insulted
  11. Do we have a beef with Outlaw Servers? They threatened to ban me for my name. I never banned anyone from outlaw back in the day and have lost my connections with their admins. I won't change my name for anyone let alone a stock server full or not. Please let me know if anyone has a contact

    RIP XI Forever

    Yeah let him know and tell him I still think he is asshole and always will be. I have been known to hold a grudge lmao


    I downloaded it and it won't let me register because the "BOT" filter is not working so I like others can't register to use online. Any suggestions???