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  1. Thanks LaRsin! I deleted COD4 from Steam and loaded the game from an ISO file. I entered the server number you gave me and it works now
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I am using Steam and go to internet as the source. COD2 and World at War work fine,
  3. Hi I have a question. I used to play Ace quite a bit and have been trying lately to find the server on Multiplayer but is no longer listed, as a matter of fact none of the COD4 are listed either. Am I doing anything wrong? Is it possible to join the server directly from GameTracker? I remember using Game Tracker to join XI servers but it is not working anymore. Any ideas? Thank you Joe
  4. >What is your favorite hobby? Shooting my pistols And getting blown up by your masters, Joe Canadian and Spanky lol. Haven't seen you on the servers Pain. I used to be a UPS driver as well.
  5. It takes a lot of skill, show some respect lol. I love tubing BudmanXI
  6. Hey folks, I've been away for a long time, running my own business and lately recovering from quad tendon surgery. I would like to know what is the best time to find people on the COD2 and COD4 servers. I tried to play several times but I am always finding the servers empty. Let me know. Thank you Ps. Forgot to send a friendly FU to Budman, TBB and Mr. Pain, my bitch lol. JK Joe
  7. Drunk Doctor, be careful with TBB. He might stub you in the back at any time
  8. Fuck off you slut! Alzheimer's has fucking erased your memory! You don't remember Yaccster, you don't remember who I am either...
  9. I was looking for you bitch tonight, but you were "unavailable" sort to speak haha. Will try again probably tomorrow, or Saturday. You deserve no respect as usual lol. I will try to get some people back into COD2, like Glove<XI>.
  10. Haha thanks for reminding everyone that I am a great player who excels in dying. I've tried several times to find people online but so far the COD2 DM server has been empty. Will keep trying
  11. The don't trust anyone here part was missing " while gaming" I made good friends here
  12. Vivre le québec livre!
    1. Joe Canadian

      Joe Canadian

      I married a British Columbian a "few years" ago. Our kids are attending university, but  I cant wait for the day to go back home to my beautiful Montreal 🙂

    2. AthenA


      Visualize it to be soon and you'll make it ❣️ ... and because you also need to remember that it's Vive le Québec libre :laughing:

  13. DONATIONS 10.00 USD Lol, keep it up PimpedOutPete . Rugger DO NOT give the sucker a tax receipt!
  14. I love Stevie Wonder too, and I totally get the equal opportunity thing, but he sucks at matching colors....
  15. Easy peasy lemon squeezy : Budman <XI>., no doubt. TBB<XI> , used to be a bitch as well, but he upgraded his status to "Massage parlor Male Madam", after selling his house and buying the business where he used to go, daily, to get oriental style "happy endings". True story. I will stop here because the list is way too long and I am sleepy lol. DON'T TRUST anyone here
  16. Glad you're still around Beer lol, fucked up as usual. Classy guy
  17. But where the fuck is Mr. Pain? In jail or something?
  18. This is actually not a joke, just me testing my new headset and tone of voice next time I see the bitch around lol
  19. I am aware IT IS NOT PETES bday, but I wanted to wish PimpedOutPete to have a horrible bday when it comes
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