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  1. Sorry Pete, I meant to say east german porn, you commie. Don't reply and play cool, everybody knows who you really are lol
  2. Thanks Loader, let me get back to you in a few hours. I am not home atm, but I do appreciate your help Joe
  3. Some people call it "karma", watching too much porn will slow your computer down and mess up your cod2 files, ask @PimpedOutPete...his computer is so fucked up that he can only play solitaire and browse north Korean porn sites...
  4. Got a brand new razer mouse, new headphones, did a memory upgrade, got a new video card...but I can't play COD2 because for some reason when I try to join I get redirected to download some maps, or IWD's to no avail. This wouldn't normally be an issue as I am a really patient guy, but when I see mediocre players such as @Painsponge having a blast and abusing other players, I get kinda ticked off. Would anyone tell me how to download those IWD in order to play and take care of masters of deception such as @Painsponge? Thank you, FU Pain btw, I love you man, but I like you better dead lol jk
  5. You probably meant @PimpedOutPete Ayaq, get over it!!... too late!!
  6. Thanks @Budman for no particular reason (FU Sir with all due respect) haha
  7. I can't see anyone @TBB, if you see a pink RV and lots of smoke coming out from its windows, you must be at @PimpedOutPete Pete's house, these Calgarians get together on Saturdays to smoke BC bud and drink moonshine...The moose you see is Pete's dog
  8. Wrong, this is the happy bday @PimpedOutPete thread...wait, let me double check,, now Im confused....
  9. Yeah I agree, FU @TBB it's all your fault haha. Let's go Predators, yeah right, let's go to Jersey and visit TBB
  10. I am locking this thread, Pete doesn't need any more attention. FU @TBB BTW and sure, why not, FU@Budman sir wilth all due respect haha. Buzz off @PimpedOutPete stay away from our BC mountains, you freakin commie. Try to impress Maduro with your oil , not us. We are paying 1.60$ at the pump, because you all, greedy Albertans
  11. A side note for the boss, can we get rid of @PimpedOutPete, ?How many signatures do need to get in order to demote the Pimp? He's a negative influence and a bad example to all prospective and current XI members.
  12. FDR said once that "Pearl Harbour", was a "date that which live in infamy". I love you my american bros but you should be aware that Pete's b-day is a shameful day for all Canadians. Most of us, half mast our canadian flags, get drunk and call in sick. Canadians are genuine people who don't like commies (like Pete) who are engaged in prostitution and human trafficking. Haha, fuck you Pete, you have become an NDP ass kisser. You will not take advantage of my pot smoking, tree hugging province. Give me your cell number to enlighten you bastard! haha Pearl Harbor a “date which will live in infamy,”
  13. Probably @Budman's bad vibes as well
  14. You are a jealous beeeeecchhh @TBB