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  1. Joe Canadian

    There's a huge misconception about the true meaning of the word "hot sauce". In South America, hot peppers are used like "condiments" in order to give some specific dishes, depending on the region, a particular flavour. There are at least 150 -or more- different varieties of peppers, and they are all similar yet different in hotness and flavour. A cook can always adjust the "heatness" of a specific dish in most cases, but if the flavour sucks, you will always find a bottle of extremely hot sauce on the table, depending of how cheap and reliable the restaurant is, that you would use to numb your tastebuds before eating :-) funny but true
  2. Joe Canadian

    Do you mean Satan's sperm?
  3. Joe Canadian

    Shit, i've spent several years looking at the skies above me at night trying to find black holes, but i have only been able to find terrestrial ass holes such as you Budman @TBB, and other extremely miserable people, I am jealous!!
  4. Joe Canadian

    I would not be so worried about the language, there are plenty of beautiful quebecoise women who are more than willing to practice their English, Trust me on this one; ) pas vrai, Athena?
  5. Joe Canadian

    Pain, I am impressed, best post ever. I didn't know you could be this articulate haha. We all loved Mac
  6. Joe Canadian

    Mac and Rat Camper on ace, were probably twin brothers....they would kill me 25 times but I would eventually find them, throw a nade and just wait for them to swear at me. Priceless....
  7. Joe Canadian

    MacDaddy>XI< , as much as we "hated" each other when we played because you would shoot me in the back and I would look for you, eventually find you and throw you a nade or two, Spanky's style, I will miss you dearly. I loved it when you would tell me "fuck Joe", "fucking Canadian bitch" and other kind words because you would get sincerely pissed, and that my friend was a privilege. Rest in peace Mac, god bless you and your family.
  8. Joe Canadian

    Indeed Pain, we might be idiots and *ass at times, but at the end we are all friends. I was going to say "brothers" but i threw up a little bit in my mouth when I remembered what a classless bitch you are when we play. Haha jk....hmmm not really
  9. Joe Canadian

    hmm, didn't quite like your comment, I feel jealous 🙂
  10. Joe Canadian

    Or text me her number, 6047796546
  11. Joe Canadian

    Loader, I am shocked and sad beyond belief. Please PM me Peggy's cell number. I would love to talk to her.
  12. Joe Canadian

    I strongly oppose your post bitch, JoeCamel is the cheap, chinese version of Joe Canadian. Beware @Painsponge, @TBB might feel tempted to hunt you down and commit a passion crime. (refers to a violent crime, especially homicide, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage rather than as a premeditated crime) Just saying lol
  13. Joe Canadian

    Best cut of meat for this recipe is pork shoulder. It literally melts in your slow cooker or low temperature oven. The reason is that the shoulder has quite a bit of collagen and cartilage, and this eventually melts and makes the meat juicy and tender. As per BBQ sauce, I personally prefer to decide which one to use and how much of it after letting the meat rest for a few minutes and tasting it. We don't need to kill the natural, delicious pork flavor, but rather enhance the taste. My two cents
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