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  1. Manna from heaven Jesus
  2. Thats a hell of a rig Dukoo. I just spent about 1500$ canadian on my own . Got the same processor as yours, a MSI MOBO but only 16GB of DDR4 memory and a GeForce GTX1060 6GB DDR5 Video Card. I had some parts that I reused like the SSD drive, Samsung 850 EVO 500GB etc . I don't use speakers, just headphones. Question did you manage to connect two monitors and what are the advantages for gaming with two, rather than one monitor? Joe
  3. Sono, you absolutely rock!. I bought several games for less than $50 Canadian. They all work fine, I even managed to buy my 13 year old daughter some nerdy games she loves like SIMS (@TBB likes SIMS "Llamas and camels 4", what a pervert haha) Thanks again bud. No reply needed TBB :-)
  4. Your 3 Togrog bills are only good to buy Camels in Mongolia, you sicko! Looking good @TBB haha
  5. Thanks for the info, Sono, great deals here.
  6. I just bought the game. Will try it tomorrow, had a hard time deciding between the standard and deluxe edition.
  7. Good luck LOM, hope things work out for you. Joe
  8. Happy birthday Ayaq, looks like we will keep this thread going for a while.
  9. Zero sympathy whatsoever. Zero. Allowing animals who abuse their wives and children into Canada should be an immigration/police matter. That does not justify, in my opinion, for a second, going into a battlefield and killing our Canadian allies under the Al-Qaeda flag. I would not jail these suckers or give them a penny. I would send the whole family back where they came from.
  10. Yeah I agree Pete, I'm just pissed off because the government gives this terrorist 10 million dollars because a loop hole and at the same time make life miserable for those Canadians who cannot work, and rely on social assistance (350-700$ a month) to just get by. Non-sense if you ask me. Cheers
  11. @Budman, you are always confusing me you focker lol
  12. That 15 year old kid fought for Al-Qaeda and killed an American Soldier, the fact the he was a Canadian Citizen makes his crime 100 times more shameful. Canadians do not kill Americans, we are allies, and have been for a long time. I wouldn't give a penny to a sob like him, how about the human rights of the widow, and relatives of the American soldier he killed? You are not a kid anymore at 15, you know what you are doing, lets get that straigjt
  13. The Canadian government should always turn its back on these type of people. They do not represent what Canada and Canadians are all about. We might be a country of laws, but we know better than giving this MF 10 million dollars for "damages". Come on Pete, he killed an american soldier fighting for Al-Qaeda. I feel for the widow of Christopher Speer, don't give a crap about a terrorist
  14. Thats a real disgrace
  15. OMG I guess you did lol, you have gone silent, enjoy!!!!