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  1. Every time you say the word pig I instantly think of Canadian smoked bacon...Not the @PimpedOutPete kind, thats more like fake chinese bacon
  2. Joe Canadian

    Congrats Joe Camel, not entirely sure what I am saying this, since I keep forgetting my password and having trouble login in haha
  3. Joe Canadian

    RustyRifle was a pretty cool guy, I did not get to know him well, but the few times we got to play together, he was always a lot of fun
  4. Yes don't, sweper sucks, but its kinda really hard to upgrade a name like that
  5. Joe Canadian

  6. Joe Canadian

    No he meant to say dos bolas, or two sets of testicles...vamos Chile no compliques las cosas, no hagas alarde de tus bolas para impresionar al resto, jaja
  7. Joe Canadian

    Lol thats a cute one TBB
  8. Joe Canadian

    Warmest wishes? wtf is that, new panties you slut? Happy holidays Pain, love you man in spite of your shortcomings in every aspect of life
  9. Joe Canadian

    I wanted to wish you all a Merry xmas and the best for 2019. I have been extremely busy with life and work in general. It looks like I have re-ruptured my left quad tendon, which was operated on sometime in June 2017. Nothing serious so far, just a tear, but looks I will require surgery and yet another lengthy recovery. This happened at work so workers compo will handle it, but sucks regardless. See you around sometime, I might no be playing these days, but I do still love the clan dearly. Cheers Joe, nade master, Samurai plus FU TBB, Budman, Google, and the new version of hxrt. Pete you too!!
  10. Joe Canadian

    Hey hyphenated hxtr, things have changed quite a bit lately. The bathroom you need to use is the non-gender specific one. Welcome back. While you were gone @PimpedOutPete had triple by-pass surgery, He used to be a NY Fries/McDonalds freek, but he has changed. Now he eats almost exclusively "organic" food: Deep fried organic chinese pork, deep fried, organic greek calamari, organic fish and chips with extra tartar sauce, etc. Really fucked up! Hope youre doing well buddy, [email protected] in case you are reading this, nosy bastard haha
  11. Joe Canadian

    Pete stop eating kielbasa sausages with onions, fries, eggs, haagen daz and beer and your health will improve dramatically, haha pot is the least of your problems, you commie
  12. Joe Canadian

    Hey Johnny cut the bs, you have legalized pot 20 years ago haha
  13. Joe Canadian

    Just go to any dispensary or talk to @JohnnyDos an expert in the topic, Trudeau's best pal haha
  14. Joe Canadian

    Pete I go to Washington state 3 days a week. I5 is full of huge signs advertising pot shops all over the place. I mean huge, with driving directions etc.
  15. Joe Canadian

    I don't smoke pot, not my thing, but from what I've heard not many people are going to buy the stuff from the government. You can buy pot from any dealer or dispensary at half the price. Why would you need a receipt in any event? To claim a deduction in your income tax return?