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  1. Joe Canadian

    Pete stop eating kielbasa sausages with onions, fries, eggs, haagen daz and beer and your health will improve dramatically, haha pot is the least of your problems, you commie
  2. Joe Canadian

    Hey Johnny cut the bs, you have legalized pot 20 years ago haha
  3. Joe Canadian

    Just go to any dispensary or talk to @JohnnyDos an expert in the topic, Trudeau's best pal haha
  4. Joe Canadian

    Pete I go to Washington state 3 days a week. I5 is full of huge signs advertising pot shops all over the place. I mean huge, with driving directions etc.
  5. Joe Canadian

    I don't smoke pot, not my thing, but from what I've heard not many people are going to buy the stuff from the government. You can buy pot from any dealer or dispensary at half the price. Why would you need a receipt in any event? To claim a deduction in your income tax return?
  6. Joe Canadian

    Make sure she doesn't lock you out of the house, last thing we need is a frozen Pimp on the news haha, You will recover Pete, by pass surgery is routine these days.
  7. Joe Canadian

    Shit Pete, hope things go well, try to get that male enhancement surgery done as well while you are under 🙂
  8. Joe Canadian

    Hey Pete, don't get me started!! listen to your premier, she is really pissed off with the KInder Morgan issue and is talking tough to the Federal Government. And I AGREE, yes agree with her 100%. I want the dirty cheap Albertan oil to come to our province, even though we have the highest oil prices in North America and that shit will not benefit us at all. Just for your information, and as matter of urgent clarification, I am not a freaking green, tree lover, pot smoker, bird watcher, environment friendly/vegan/non gender specific. Quite the contrary. I am tired of all the BS we have to put up just because we live in BC. I strongly dislike monopolic crown corporations, such as ICBC (car insurance), the Workers Compensation Board, and mixed BC Corporations -provincial and private- such as BC Ferries. We get ripped off every day of our lives here, but most people are a bunch of complacent asses who just pay the fees and don't whine about anything. We need a change Pete, come to BC and let's form the PIMP party lol.
  9. Joe Canadian

    You're just envious Pete, give me a break. You have been trying, for decades, to steal at least a Cessna for greenpeace at Calgary International but you suck at it... The best you can do are kites and weather balloons
  10. Joe Canadian

    Bitch haha, just saying hi sir
  11. Joe Canadian

    So sorry to hear... USMale RIP it was always a blast playing with you
  12. Hey Joe I'm PFORZHEIM ... how are you? Unfortunately, I have suffered a stroke ... and I am paralyzed on my entire right side of the body. I would like to play with you again .... but unfortunately that is not .... I hope you are fine .... we see us...

    1. Joe Canadian

      Joe Canadian

      Hi Pforzheim, sorry to hear, I am well, hope you get better

      Your friend



  13. Joe Canadian

    My mom is half Croatian, half Austrian, but regardless we all had a wonderful time for the past 4 weeks. We ended up watching the finals at the Croatian Cultural centre, in Vancouver yesterday morning, with the family. Great experience, bravo Hrvatska, Lijepa naša domovino
  14. Joe Canadian

    Sorry Pete, I meant to say east german porn, you commie. Don't reply and play cool, everybody knows who you really are lol
  15. Joe Canadian

    Thanks Loader, let me get back to you in a few hours. I am not home atm, but I do appreciate your help Joe