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  1. The NDP/green combo is a disaster, I didn't vote for those suckers...I wrote FU @TBB on my ballot
  2. Post whore
  3. Don't listen to those Albertan commies Ayaq, @PimpedOutPete got his radiology degree in freaking North Korea, and hates British Columbia because we do have trees and sunshines, rather than glaciers, icicles and darkness 11 months a year ;-)
  4. haha good one Pete
  5. Hmm...
  6. Hope you are doing well @Budman, I just watched the news and learned that Jacksonville is flooded. I am at a loss of words, I love Florida
  7. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family
  8. Same here, Samsung SSD 850 EVO
  9. I am able to get on the servers using my laptop, but not through my PC. Will check HLSW out, thanks bds. And good luck Pain!!! Hope to kill you soon buddy
  10. TBB's dildo! FU @TBB
  11. Hi Pete! what's up? still celebrating? haha
  12. You are an envious whore @Budman, rest assured that one of these days we will find a 3 month in a row, member of the month just to erase your record. Hope you are doing well, did you ever get yourself a new pair of runners? lol
  13. Never mind, you're not alone, Pete has not friends, but rather extremely polite enemies haha
  14. Playa playa in Calgary, -20C ...haha