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  1. Joe Canadian

    What a great idea! Pete seems to come to his murky senses every 5-15 years
  2. Joe Canadian

    I havent been around all that much, but I am sure, when I start playing again I will miss Mac big time. We had a love-hate relationship that can be easily summarized in simple words such as fucker, Joe you sob, ass, etc. I had the privilege to nade the sucker following instructions from my master, Spanky. Mac hated us both...priceless times for me
  3. Joe Canadian

    Me too, he is a virus himself haha
  4. One word, uncertainty you whore, with all due respect. Hope you and your twin sister (@Budman) are doing well...
  5. Joe Canadian

    OMG!! SuqMadiq talking about Covid19 is by far my worst nightmare lol. Hey Pete don't be a chicken and give me your cell number to chat sometime. I am not hacking your bank accounts in Switzerland you sucker.
  6. Joe Canadian

    I went to med school for 2 years before realizing that my true passion was pol science and economics. I dont know much, but have the privilege to have some great doctors in the family. I've sent them your post and they all agree with you 100%. Some are Canadians, other Italians and even Brazilians. This is a pandemic, not a political movement trying to conquer the world, so we should stick strictly to science, rather than trying to "solve" health issues by decrees.
  7. Joe Canadian

    Yikes Randall...it looks like the right thing to do from a medical perspective...but who the f is going to pay your bills? Good luck
  8. Joe Canadian

    My wife yelling at Joe Jr. to empty the dishwasher
  9. Joe Canadian

    Wow, with that PC you can easily obliterate the Taliban, and ISIS, congrats
  10. Joe Canadian

    Moose power yo bitch haha
  11. Joe Canadian

    Great advice, hopefully that @BUDMAN jerk is paying attention. He tends to call tech support way too much.
  12. Joe Canadian

    Mac dude...save your money and get a 32" Samsung monitor, they are great and roughly 75% cheaper lol
  13. Joe Canadian

    Happy bday @Budman, I know, I know, you are not on the list, haha. Just wanted to let eeevveryybody know, that you were the only XI member who did not wish ME a happy bday on March the 1st, you classless bitch 😞 Wire me $100 and ill forget the whole thing you rich slut haha
  14. Freaking Budman, you jealous bitch. Everybody , but you, contacted me to wish me a happy bday...  You are a (kind) slut lol

  15. Joe Canadian

    Get well soon buddy



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