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  1. Joe Canadian

    Freaking old pot smoker! show some respect for TBB bitch lol, how are you doing these days Budman? Still fucked up as usual?
  2. Joe Canadian

    Nice homage to your ancestors! TBB. Wow, remember when 99% percent of your posts were about hxtr, large animals and the Asian masseuses you use to visit 3 times a week looking for happy endings? lol. Kudos to you though
  3. Joe Canadian

    Cholula and "Tapatio" used to be a couple that enjoyed hot sauce, until Cholula found out that Tapatio was having an affair with and elder, yet macho Tabasco. Lame story, I know but ask @PimpedOutPete about it. Not sure if he made it up, or he's just fallen in love with Cholula, who he met by chance while harboring "El Chapo" in his basement. Really fucked up if you ask me
  4. Joe Canadian

    Thank you
  5. Joe Canadian

    Yikes, not sure if PimpedOutPete is still around us. but in any event, I'm sending good vibes to you whether you are in hell or still in Alberta lol
  6. Joe Canadian

    Thank you bitch lol
  7. Joe Canadian

    Thank you to all you guys except Budman
  8. I am about to get into trucking school, but before the freaking cheap Canadian Government writes me a check, I need to speak and document two conversations with drivers who work in the field. I will be working mostly in the US, and probably doing the Vancouver-Calgary run. Any help would be appreciated. I will talk to the people up in the heavens and guarantee any of you at least a VIP reservation in the purgatory. Lol. Thank you guys Matt [email protected]
  9. Joe Canadian

    Loader, I feel your pain. My goodness, there's nothing I love more in my lifetime than my beautiful daughters. Please tell me (in private) how I could help you, and trust me, I will be there for you my bro
  10. My goodness I am at the moment extremely pissed off because my wonderful kids, whom I love more than my own life, have managed to fuck up my steam account, so I cannot kill lovely people like PainSponge and other fuckers. I will figure that out...but in the meantime I would love to invite PimpedOutPete, yes, that blood thirsty asshole to visit me in BC. Ruggerxi if you are reading this, please reassure that assasin, that if he comes to my house, he will get nothing but sanctuary. We will respect and feed the fucker, provided I am allowed to feed the Spansky about the developments.
  11. OMG Budman, lol. Enjoy it while it lasts, perversions ending up in scientific breakthroughs....priceless
  12. Joe Canadian

    I have been away dealing with generic life issues for a while, but my heart has never left. My respect to the idiots who passed away, sad to hear that so many great guys are no longer around, but their spirit and found memories are already part of the XI genes. Good job Loader, too bad you are such an asshole, lol. JK.
  13. Joe Canadian

    May he Rest well . Prayers for his family
  14. Joe Canadian

    My condolences to the family
  15. Joe Canadian

    My heart goes to you and your family....
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