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  1. jackncoke

    So the funky smell your speaking about with that its most likely actually a bad heater core. They often will leak and if the seals on the box is good it will develop a mold which can go pretty rancid very quickly... Also as mentioned air cabin filter can be another cause.
  2. jackncoke

    its a rabbit and a cat.....
  3. jackncoke

  4. jackncoke

    hey that looks like fun. my kinda hunting:) sit back.. relax.. let them come to u lol.. cept only panzys drink beer.. it should be a bottle of jack daniels
  5. jackncoke

    hey free:) seen ya last night in the servers. thanks for the defrosts:) oh and welcome to the idiot forums
  6. jackncoke

    gorilla.. thats kungpow...
  7. jackncoke

    wow.. i knew it was true
  8. jackncoke

    Fuck work.. piss on ur work.. im done with it.. take it and shove it up ruggers rasberry drunk ass lol
  9. jackncoke

    hey pigdog.. i should get my drunk medal first.. after all.. theres a reason my name is jackncoke
  10. jackncoke

    i 2nd the drunk medal.. but i think he needs another medal.. maybe panzy drinker medal for drinking a damned GIRL drink.. rasberry vodka!
  11. jackncoke

    I hate to correct you guys.. but he stated the when he tried to power on.... nothing came on.. no fans or anything.. thats not a graphics card issue.. that would be a power supply issue.
  12. jackncoke

    Redrum Your now my trophy:) GG!
  13. jackncoke

  14. jackncoke

    damn bud.. looks just like you
  15. jackncoke

    ya thats dog alright
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