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  1. OO this sounds dangerous! Count me in! @montiny
  2. Still trying to figure that out.
  3. Hello everyone! I finally got a new computer. Im not back yet, but baby steps. Hope everyone is doing alright. I miss everyone except storm crow... fuck that guy!
  4. Kissy Kissy lol 

  5. It was so lit i forgot to say thank you to you all.
  6. West coast is the best coast for obvious reason. but Florida would be cool. I love the keys
  7. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! <3
  8. I may have to work a music festival this weekend. If not, I shall try to be there
  9. Not everyone is as blessed as you. Not to mention, the US will probably let the criminals out, but not back in. Sounds about right lol.
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