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  1. pitbullpete

    Welcome back hxtr
  2. pitbullpete

    Glad you are back Janey. We missed you. Hope you are ok now
  3. pitbullpete

  4. pitbullpete

    Happy birthday
  5. pitbullpete

    You will be missed by all ttake ccare kkitty
  6. pitbullpete

    HappyBday Janey
  7. pitbullpete

    Happy Bday
  8. pitbullpete

    Deckard break time is over come back to us. Happy birthday
  9. pitbullpete

    Very kool have fun buddy
  10. pitbullpete

  11. pitbullpete

    I'll take the auto pistol too lol
  12. pitbullpete

    You might want to have a doctor look at that it looks infected all green and some blood running down your arm. I suggest a tetanus shot will clear that up..........cool that though
  13. pitbullpete

    A fast recovery for you stay strong my friend