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  1. I'll take the auto pistol too lol
  2. You might want to have a doctor look at that it looks infected all green and some blood running down your arm. I suggest a tetanus shot will clear that up..........cool that though
  3. A fast recovery for you stay strong my friend
  4. How come he never does that when I'm playing. I KNOW WHY, I would frag his ass as soon as he got in to play....anyway good job you pacifist mothafkr.
  5. Happy birthday
  6. Happy birthday
  7. Rock n roll dream awesome Stormy just awesome you deserve it well done buddy
  8. I play all the maps I don' like all of them but this is what is available. Some of the maps have been shortend round wise that's a good thing. There used to be an auto kick for spectators after a certain time in spectate. If someone is down loading a map they show up as a negative ping when downloading then they go to spec. Oh and if you don' like a certain rotaton dadda said you can submit to him your own rotation of maps. As Forest Gump would say "That's all I.have to say about that"
  9. Very cute she's' a treasure
  10. Cool can't wait try the new roti n thanks
  11. Gabapentin usually prescribed in conjunction with people who have diabetes. My. Wife has diabetes and uses Gabapentin for her neoropathy in her feet it works well.
  12. Happy Birthday Don' forget to wear your Birthday Tu-Tu
  13. We asked for the jump trick to be taken away while doing kill steaks now that it is gone you are vulnrable deal with it complainers. Oh I want to be invincible while I get in my car I want to be invincible when I do my killstreak whaa whaa shut up. Lol