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  1. pitbullpete

    ROCK IS NOT DEAD!!!! Go stormy
  2. pitbullpete

    Holy shit nice
  3. pitbullpete

  4. pitbullpete

    Hi but I don't think you can use political names as your user name ie Trump biden
  5. pitbullpete

    Yikes you can put a leash on it and walk it like a dog
  6. pitbullpete

    We got stormy back in now to get chile back bring your c4
  7. pitbullpete

    RIP POPS anything you need buddy sorry for your loss Storm
  8. pitbullpete

    Are you wearing your tags in game the other day i saw you without tags on8
  9. Why is your text blacked out like a pentagon report
  10. It was last Saturday I missed it I thought it was every third saturday of the fiscal month ok ill see you all next month
  11. pitbullpete

    To Randall I wish you Well it was fun playing with you, your expertise with the shot gun will never be matched by any other player. Remember you can always come back. Sincerely PITBULLPETE>XI< Forever (Come back when you are ready will will keep your shotgun loaded and Vodka chilled ?)
  12. pitbullpete

    Welcome back panther
  13. pitbullpete

    Thanks for the info Typhoid Mary ... Now dont forget to come and play on the servers
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