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Found 13 results

  1. EVENT WILL BE THE WEEKEND OF THE 16TH OF DECEMBER ---12/16-12/17 Hello Everyone, As many here know every year around Dec 18 we have our Fallen Member Memorial on our COD2 server in remembrance of those who have passed on whilst still a active member...Just a little back story this all started with our dear friend Killa>XI< whom passed away 12/18/2008... I wish in every year since that if at all possible hop in to our COD2 server to show a little Love and Respect for those who have departed...Its a time to reflect on what all has brought us together to this amazing family of Idiots that we are...To have fun/To leave our real life worries behind for a few moments and do what we all do best (or not )... This year as in all of them will host a variety of game types focusing on liberation and team play.. Server ip >XI< Fallen Member Memorial... (Which will be set up in the next few days) I will announce when the server is ready to download the map packs... (If anyone needs any help please contact me via pm) Thank you in Advance ! loADER>XI< Below is the Names of Our Fallen -- May they Rest in Peace ! AH1>XI< - Passed Away: 19/07/2017 CobraBites>XI< - Passed Away: 13/07/2017 2CuteSue>XI< - Passed Away: 17/03/2017 Bubbles>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/'2016 Afroman>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/2016 Dolphin>XI< - Passed Away: 29/11/2014 RustyRifle>XI< - Passed Away: 10/04/2014 Casper>XI< - Passed Away: 12/01/2013 Killa>XI< - Passed Away: 18/12/2008
  2. COD2 admins - any chance we can get some sniper maps in rotation on the TDM server?
  3. As many of you will have become away of over the past few days Activision has cancelled their contract with Evenbalance to support Punkbuster. This does not mean we will be removing Punkbuster - it is still a viable admin tool which provides us with many methods of protecting our servers. It does mean that if you reinstall then the standard PBSetup will be unable to download and setup the files for you. I have therefore added a legacy section to our downloads that will help you setup Punkbuster. https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/26-pbsetup-for-legacy-games/ https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/25-call-of-duty-4-windows/ https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/24-call-of-duty-4-linux/ https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/23-call-of-duty-world-at-war-linux/ https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/22-call-of-duty-world-at-war-windows/ https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/20-cod-2-windows/ https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/19-cod-2-mac/ The first file is the most important and contains the readme for setting up Punkbuster, the subsequent files are the PB files for each game. I hope this helps.
  4. Sitting-Duc

    PBsetup for Legacy Games

    Version windows/linux 32/64


    PBSetup for legacy games Video Walkthrough: AA2, BF1942, Call of Duty (all formerly pb supported Versions), cysis, cysis wars, D3, ET, FFOW, FC2, q3, Q4, ETQW, MoHA, NfSPS, Prey, RtCW, RSR6, RSV, RSV2, SoF2, Wolf, Warock This is a workaround to install the latest punkbuster update released for games with discontinued PunkBuster support using the original tools and update resources released by http://www.evenbalance.com 2002-2011. For Linux skip to footnote. HowTo: Extract the archive to any folder, change directory to the new folder (double-click Posted Imagepbsetup+legacy) From there run pbsetup. Add the legacy game and the proper Game_Path (not! /pb), that is: where the Game.exe is. To check the Game_Path just ALT+Return the Windows-Shortcut to the Game [copy+paste the 2nd line's "Execute in:" Value]. Then run menu item 'check for updates' and pbsetup will download the latest pb-update (*) to the proper /pb location(s). See also: HowTo.gif Limitations: pbsetup will download a new pbgame.htm without legacy games each time when it is run. Thus it is recommended to unpack the archive again from scratch if needed. Disclaimer: This is a workaround to install the latest punkbuster update released for games with discontinued punkbuster support using the original tools and update resources released by http://www.evenbalance.com2002-2011. No fixes, updates or support will be delivered, this workaround is delivered as is. (*) No warranty is given if or how long the download resources used to pb-update the listed games will stay available online. this information can be found in Readme.txt _____________ Note for Linux: Both archives include pbsetup.run and pbsetup64.run , For further information please refer to the information center article : http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-pbsetup.html#usingpbsetupcon - soz this HowTo was focused at windows lusers
  5. Could use a few beta testers to hosts a dedicated server. Can be for a minute or so, just want to find out if runs in dedicated. My ISP gave me junk Gateway that doesn't open up the ports. Ether that or my ISP is sticking it to me, so I gotta upgrade to a business plan for the opened ports? http://www.moddb.com/mods/merciless-2-v30 Staff approved the Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta download link. It's no eXtreme+ mod but I'm aiming to make something almost as epic in it's own way. Will likely post download on XI and Megagames tomorrow.
  6. I would personally like to Thank everyone who could make it to our Fallen Member Memorial and also those who wished to be there and were unable ! As a result of the map packs that were uploaded to the server I would like to keep some in the rotation as DM .. Christmas theme maps for sure.. Event rotation gametype tdm map mp_brecourt map mp_alburjundi map mp_winter_bocage_lib map mp_arsr_flatlands map mp_aquadukt2 map mp_burgundy_snow_v2 map mp_montargis_v2 map mp_matmata map mp_rushtown_lib map mp_mountaintopb5 map mp_winter_toujane map mp_valley_summer map mp_winterv2 map mp_railyard map mp_clanfight_r map mp_island_madness map mp_lflnchateau_lib map mp_olhenge map mp_decoy Will be with held ---> map mp_clanfight_r map mp_valley_summer map mp_arsr_flatlands map mp_olhenge Previous rotation before event gametype dm map mp_burgundy map mp_comproom_v1 map mp_carentan map mp_gothic map mp_marketsquare_b1 map mp_coalminev2 map mp_landeck map mp_montargis_v2 map btw_sevilla map mp_harbor_v2 map btw_n10 map mp_last_stand map mp_mad_canal map mp_village map mp_dock_assault map mp_outlaw_showdown map mp_fragcastle map mp_nuenen_v1 map mp_heat_final map mp_grass map mp_feud map mp_moon map mp_Panodra map mp_edelweiss map mp_letourneux map mp_decoy If there are any maps you wish to be removed or left feel free to post here Again Thank you everyone loADER>XI<
  7. Evenbalance no longer supports Call of Duty 2. This does not mean we will be removing Punkbuster - it is still a viable admin tool which provides us with many methods of protecting our servers. It does mean that if you reinstall then the standard PBSetup will be unable to download and setup the files for you. I have therefore added a legacy section to our downloads that will help you setup Punkbuster. There is now an updated walk-through found here: http://www.xtremeidiots.com/page/public/bible/_/xi-website/punkbuster-installation-for-call-of-duty-r24
  8. Hey admins, can we get a sniper map or 2 put in the TDM server rotation. Anyone else interested in having a snipe map?
  9. Hoth

    Dawgy I believe started a post the other day that seemed to vanish(possibly with the server work) unless I missed it. He basically stated the traffic has been pretty poor on the cod2 server. He also stated he wasn't a fan of some of the server changes. A reply I had written that I could not get to post. Some of the post is in direct reply to some of the comments. The dm server later followed by the CTF server is what originally drove me here and into this clan. The quality of people did as well. I remember on a nightly basis there would be great ctf games between the time I got home from work until around midnight usually. Usually after that the stragglers would go to the dm server until the wee hours. I am not a fan of all the gadget stuff junking up the server as well. If the server was set up a little more traditional it may draw some of the older crowd. If I wanted to have other things shoot for me or fly planes I would be playing a different game. Some more events/tourneys may help traffic some as well. I haven't ran one in some time and need to get busy in that department on a variety of games and cod flavors. Dawgy my favorite non XI server is the outlaw ctf server. It doesn't play with the speed of our ctf mod (which I miss) we used but it is setup really well though. If you want to get in some ctf be sure to xfire me. I go in from time to time and hand out some grief. There is usually good traffic there at most times of the day/night.
  10. Sitting-Duc

    CoD 2 - Windows



    CoD 2 PB files for Windows
  11. Sitting-Duc

    CoD 2 - Mac



    CoD 2 PB files for MacOS