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  1. CrazyCoder

    Keep getting "uninitialized variable errors" when I nest arguments inside of arguments. Game is Call of Duty 2. _players.gsc PostPlayerDamage(eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, vPoint, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime) { //Gas Nade self thread _mc2\_gasnade::GasPlayerDamage(vPoint, eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, level.mustardgas, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime); //flame nade self thread _mc2\_flamenade::FlamePlayerDamage(vPoint, eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, level.flamenade, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime); //helmet pop thread _mc2\_helmetpop::HelmetPlayerDamage(sHitLoc, sMeansOfDeath, self.helm, vPoint, self.curhat, iDamage, "death", org, ch, vDir, model); } _gasnade.gsc Snippet GasPlayerDamage(vPoint, eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, level.mustardgas, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime) { if(isdefined(self.protected))return; if(isDefined(sWeapon) && sWeapon == "axisgas_mp"||sWeapon == "alliedgas_mp" && sMeansOfDeath != "MOD_MELEE") { if (!isDefined(vPoint)) vPoint = self.origin + (0,0,11); if(isDefined(level.mustardgas) && level.mustardgas == vPoint) return; level.mustardgas = vPoint; level thread MonitorMustardGas(eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, level.mustardgas, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime); return; } } So basically I want to use _players.gsc to call all needed scripts without calling each one inside the gametype files. https://github.com/PlusIce4/Merciless-Mod-2/tree/Testnet (<=== Experimental update is here)
  2. CrazyCoder

    Got a money question. Suppose I want to get a payment process to process transactions and ship stuff out. Don't want PayPal (will talk about it below). Have no interest in registering a domain name or making an eCommerce Site. So I use would use something like Cragislist or an App like 5 Miles that takes Stripe or allows you to transfer to Bank Account (a Business Bank Account?). I would then sell off stuff under 3 Lbs valued at around $6 to $50, Low risk non computer stuff. Then would pay Uncle Sam (US Gov) his cut to keep him from repo'ing my stuff. Not a tax expert myself, but I'd assume it would be easier to "throw money at it" then locking horns with the man. As for PayPal what I heard they want to piggy back money when you get a chargeback, so you would have to run to post office and ship from there to avoid just giving a refund without return. PayPal can close and suspend accounts for whatever, and they were recently hacked (google search it). Want to avoid Crypto Currency as payment as it's going to crash very soon.
  3. Going to give you an example of government money vs Bitcoin to put it in perspective: In an alternative Universe I became the Living Prophet of Southern New Jersey. Population is around 2 Million people. Jersey Dinars (our money) is total of 40 Million Jersey Dinars. 1 Jersey Dinar (JD) = 2 Bitcoin (BTC) in February 2018 Now the value of the Jersey Dinars are worth how valuable the Country's economy is. Another-words, If the Living Prophet orders his Country to annex Northern New Jersey and New York State in the winter time and looses the war badly then 1 JD = 0.001 BTC. If the Living Prophet dies and a dummy takes over deciding to increase money supply to 40 Trillion Jersey Dinars then 1 JD = 0.00001 BTC. Bitcoin unlike Jersey Dinars is not backed by anything at all. It's like using stocks as virtual money. Stocks are extremely volatile. The company stake of stocks can increases to major amounts. There is no limit to have many kinds of Crypto Currencies can be in circulation. Currently there is around 1 thousand different Crypto Currencies and a maxmuim of 21 Million Bitcoins. Bitcoin much like stocks are very vulnerable to speculation and insider trading. Top Crypto Gurus can decided to spread rumors about Bitcoin or Litecoin demise due to Sewit or other changes. The sheeple will go along and mass sell, Crypto Gurus mass buy at rock bottom prices. The mass buying drives the prices up and the Crypto Gurus make big return. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has attracted opposition from the other side. Most governments are taking steps to stonewall it. There want a centralized Crypto Currency, why would European Union or Uncle Sam (US Gov) allow people to do financial transactions without getting a piece of the pie? You'd be living in a fools paradise if you really think the International Bankers are going to allow an decentralized entity be traded to evade taxation and replace their paper money that has no melt value. The governments are shutting down Mining Farms in droves. China, Egypt (Fatwa against Bitcoin: Gambling), India (possibility), USA (Anti Crypto Laws), Canada et al. If no one mines or only a select few, Bitcoin will fail for sure. It's going to fail if the powers to be are fully against it.
  4. We got Russian, then Desert. Whats next, I heard they were working on another map.
  5. CrazyCoder

    Hey I see a deal on some Intel 320 300GB or 600GB SSDs on ebay around 70ish range. Or should I just splurge for a Samsung 840 500GB or Sandisk 480GB? How much better then a 1TB WD Black 2013 speed wise?
  6. CrazyCoder

    Title says it all, worth it to splurge and get an ASUS PCE-AC88 4 antenna PCIe card or just keep my Rosewill PCIe N300 PCIe card? Maybe just a two antenna AC PCIe card is fine?
  7. CrazyCoder

    Johnny brought up a good point. The Gov needs workers to actually work, not get paid whether you do or not. Instead of hiring Unionized people with "diplomatic immunity" or "Unofficial Tenure", they should subcontract the job to private enterprise. If they slack off, terminate contract and sub out to next company? Though it was just to power companies in New Jersey that slacked off like that. Hiding in shopping centers and going to Dunkin Donuts whenever. Got nothing against workers rights via unions but this immunity from getting fired has got to go. But don't worry guys, once the economy goes belly up. The Country will go Fascist or Communist. In a Communist country, everyone works. Each according to their abilities and their needs. In Soviet America, Revolution finds YOU !!! But all kidding aside, we shouldn't have to go Communist to solve this.
  8. CrazyCoder

    IRQ is basically a priority thing for hardware. Perhaps you have many items connected to USB Hubs and the PC doesn't know how to prioritize them right. When you reinstall OSes, the old files are overwritten but some stays. Do a clean install after zero filling hard drive. 1) Make a reinstall DVD 2) Find your Key Code (from COA or use Magic Jelly Bean to find it) 3) Burn a DBAN (Dariks Boot and Nuke) disc, and quick erase HDD (overwrites whole HDD with zeros) (disconnected thumb drives, so they don't get overwritten) 4) Reinstall OS If you upgraded to Win 10, make a reinstall DVD of that. Your Win 7/8 license has upgraded to a Win 10 license. Odds are it might not be broken hardware, sometimes when you add a second OS or resize partition you get weird errors.
  9. Doesn't seem odd that the government doesn't seems to have any interest in making more major highways? I mean we got tons of people unemployed and a massive food stamps debt. Why not get the construction workers out and build more highways? Pennsylvania has plenty of open spacing to expand it's highway system especially in Lancaster and York Counties since there are inbound counties. New Jersey needs more major highways too, as the shore traffic is insane sometimes. If the government offers three times market price for rural land to expand highways, why shouldn't they force residences to take it or leave it. As long as they are only using it for municipal needs and not private enterprise. Then they have just cause, right? More highways would attract more inbound residences, rather then people fleeing NJ + PA on average. Sorry Gun Touting Fanatics and Farmers, if we need more highways get over it. Take off the tin foil hats, there is no government conspiracy with building more highways in Oregon. I would use Google Maps to make proposed highways, but I doubt NJ + PA Gov would listen to a random civilian. Maybe it's worth a shot submitting a Google Maps file to them?
  10. CrazyCoder

    Well they never did switch from pound to euro so I guess this was coming sooner or later. Perhaps it will strengthen UK, rather then them redistribute wealth to poorer EU nations (Greece ect.). Are the Scottish happy with this, or do they still want independence?
  11. CrazyCoder

    Forgot to mention one of the PCI-E slots is used by WIFI card. I'll go single powerful card route. Will wait to see what RX 480 has to offer. Overall the specs seem worth the price, at the very least to should drive down cost of last year models. What are you thoughts on a cube shaded case? I don't plan to use many 5.25 external drives. Maybe a Fan Controller + Supermulti drive. No need for 3.5 floppy/card reader already got usb card reader/writer. If I'm going to go through the whole disassembly and reassembly route, might want to have outstanding airflow. Cube cases seem to offer more 140/200mm fans, plus they are not too high height wise. A few cases I have been looking into: Thermaltake Core X5, Corsair Carbine Air 540, HAF XB. I'd probably pick HAF XB out of those three, cheaper and almost as good as Core X5. Then again if Air 540 was the right price I wouldn't rule it out, would put in a card reader instead of sideways DVD drive though.
  12. Turns out the Radeon HD 7850 is fine and it's google chrome that is issue. Anyways I got two paths to play Doom 4. 1) Buy a second Radeon HD 7850 used for $70 2) Buy a new card and sell off Radeon HD 7850. Someone has got a used GTX 780 for $150, which isn't much more then a GTX 950 or GTX 960. Should be able to fit one 12' video card in, by removing Upper SSD/HDD Caddy. There is a 3.5 external bay too, not sure if I can remove without having to remove the guts first. One of my concerns is ventilation, I have one 120mm fan near motherboard. Planning to add a front 120mm fan later on, once I order the long case fan screws. Side fans are worthless since 120mm would not be strong enough due to physics. (Top, Front or Back would be ideal spots). The top fan slots are too close to motherboard to mount, unless mounting on an angle. So basically the case maxes out at two 120mm fans. If ventilation is major issue then I might consider a HAF series case, Cube shaped cases ect. I would prefer a case with fewer larger fans (140-230mm) vs many 120mm fans. It all depends if the Ostrog case will not turn into a steam room with two cards or one higher end one. Computer specs: Enermax Ostrog Mid Tower (Black and White model) OCZ ModxStream 600w Semi Modular dual rail (80 Plus) I7 2600k 16gb RAM 120GB SSD 1TB HDD DVD Drive Radeon HD 7850 (single card) ASUS P8Z68-V ATX Motherboard Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  13. CrazyCoder

    Wow, M$ really left old software in PCs and just found out now that they screwed up? Should have fixed this long ago, lol Or better yet, shut off all ports not in use like Linux and Mac?
  14. CrazyCoder

    Like the others said. PC rebooting back and forth is generally a power supply issue. You can test it with a multi meter or power supply testers (they are like 15 bucks). If you want to rule out bad CPU, load without ram memory if you get never ending beeping the CPU still works. Power off and troubleshoot power supply. Ram sometimes goes bad too, swap it out with a know working set is a good idea. Sometimes with PC repair there is no set answer. You are like a car mechanic who just fixes stuff by process of elimination.
  15. CrazyCoder

    Report EA to your local Attorney General. Odds are all end users wavered there rights to class action or most lawsuits. However, if the Attorney General feels EA is doing a illegal practice regardless of user agreement action will be taken. It's best for the AG to handle it anyways, no average person wants to bother with a lengthy court case unless you got really screwed over big time and it's personal. Like a heinous crime or wrongful death, not EA busting your chops. It's Origins problem they are getting hacked, they need to vet third party stuff better and make better software.



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