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  1. Happy Birthday Hooker!
  2. Step 10: Shove that SMAW up Predator's and Cracks ASS! (See what I did there) Yes you fuckers are annoying with it.. :0
  3. Recover soon Mr Dukoo!
  4. Happy Birthday fellow COD2 player!
  5. Prayers for her and the family. Stay strong my friend.
  6. I usually see him on MW2 late in the evening but not for awhile. I will keep an ear out. He used to play COD2 quite a bit in the past. I would ask Loader if he or anyone from that group has any additional contact info for him.
  7. Since Argentina is moving on you may not see her for awhile.
  8. Happy Birthday my Friend!
  9. Welcome back sir!
  10. Happy anniversary! Have fun on your trip.
  11. I would say 1 trip a team. I believe this is how our old server was set and a few tourneys were played. (Don't cringe Loader) At least a 3 second re-spawn time. The immediate re-spawn really hurt the flow of the game play the last time we played ctf.
  12. Grammar police. Hmm can I earn an income with that? :0
  13. Payers for you Mr Mule! Get well soon
  14. Just about every major update I've seen so far with win10 seems to jack up my sound card speaker/mic settings. I have to go through and change the default devices or reinstall the driver. I prefer win7 anytime compared to this os.