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  1. I used to have some battles with him. He was a solid player and a good guy it sounds like. I probably have some screenshots around I will look for to share with him in the ranks. Thanks for the info, RIP Merc In case you didn't know Putzer still plays under the name of Vee. She pops into to our mw2 ft server in the evenings now and then.
  2. Just to add I missed the 1st two rounds of that map or I would have been well over 100 & 100. Nice score ranger.
  3. I run it on a zip drive. Map loads take about 10 minutes but other than that its fine.
  4. Its official at 12:58 pm Dadda broke the internet!
  5. Are you talking the 28th? Some more specifics?
  6. I'm saddened and shocked to hear this. Prayers to @sandradee2 and the family. RIP @dadda2
  7. Hoth

    I only got to play two CTF games but they were a blast. (I kicked arse in both. The old man still has it lol) Thanks again guys and screw you Bob for beating us in DM :0 GGs All!
  8. Hoth

    Thanks for putting it together @loaderXI & @PainKiller. I know it takes a lot of hard work and rotation/settings testing. The map rotation and game types were on point and a blast! COD2 CTF is still my favorite game slightly over freeze tag. COD2 is the game that got most of us playing on the XI servers. Later to suck us into our chaotic happy world we know as our clan. Many of you I have met and call friends. Glad to see old peeps playing again as always. Rest easy fallen members.
  9. Dot80

    Happy Birthday

  10. Hoth

    Glad to have you in here! Your young reflexes, good aim and vision make it tough on us older folk lol. Get that old man of yours back on from time to time. Played a ton of cod2 dm and CTF with him. He was a very good ctf player. (don't tell him he may have a hard time supporting his head) :0
  11. Hoth

    What sounds like Truck Silly? FUCK Chile!
  12. Hoth

    Could we also have a shoot @Ruggerxi stat? Every month give away a prize for the most Rugger kills? :0
  13. Hoth

    Since I would assume its basically just doing queries on the logs is can we pull thawing stats? A little tougher on mw2 vs server 1. Since on mw2 you can combine thawing. Possibly on mw2 just pull the points accumulated and number of thaws on server 1?
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