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  1. Hoth

    Never heard of you? lol, Would be awesome to see you back in game. Maybe even cranking out some maps again. Hope you and the family are well.
  2. Hoth

    I have it but didn't play it that much. I don't want to even think about how many hours I played Doom and Doom II. Modem to modem, on bbs and on Dwango. Those games drove me to build my 1st pc around 1995.
  3. Hoth

    Do you play Warzone ? Only a small handful from the Clan I see play consistently.
  4. I recently bought a MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Ti for around 600 on amazon. The one you are shopping seems to be a good deal. I looked and the reviews on the website itself aren't too bad.
  5. Hoth

    RIP Starfire. Another family member gone too soon. A great guy who was always fun to play with. Always a good time playing with him and our COD2 people for many years. My condolences to the family. He will be missed.
  6. Hoth

    Welcome to our collection of Idiots!
  7. Hoth

    @wildthing I played many games with noddy and newf. Many of them tdm that they played pretty well. I think @Ruggerxi, myself and @YellowSnow got 2nd to them in a 3 man COD2 tdm tourney. I can't remember who their 3rd was. It has been years ago. I did kick the crap out them often in DM as well. Crazy names that you almost forget until you hear them again. Game on...
  8. Hoth

    I still see Vee (AKA Putzer) on the esc COD4 servers nightly. I play on there occasionally. Played many DM cod2 games with Mercenary in the early days. As well as yourself, Loader and many others in the early days. Time flies. Keep on shooting.
  9. Hoth

    What happened in Cinci Stays in Cinci. :0
  10. Hoth

    Just play with the keyboard. You should be fine.
  11. Hoth

    About to send you a pc just to shoot at you! Hope you are well.
  12. Hoth

    If winning an Oscar and making around 30 mill a movie is over I think I'd take that.
  13. Hoth

    I have been in the IT industry for over 22 years now. I am currently a Network Security Engineer. I've worn about every hat in the IT industry it feels like. IT director for 2 small cities, Network Engineer, Field Network Engineer, system admin. I worked for the isp Time Warner Cable (with @Izumi for a few of those) now Spectrum for 11 years. I can put people to sleep talking about ip packets and why their connection to the servers may or may not suck. I have worked with about every switch and firewall manufacturer it feels like. I slapped in a few old work photos. Most of the things I work on now are globally remote that I rarely physically touch.
  14. Hoth

    It was a couple of presidents ago. Some dude named @Ruggerxi sponsored me to join. I played on here almost a couple of years I think before I joined. This was on the cod2 dm and cod ctf servers at the start. My 1st games were with the breakfast club & @Izumi when I was (working lol) 3rd shift. I've met many XI and built friendships over the years. I was even in a relationship with a member for a time. No it wasn't @wildthing but I still hold out hope :0 Its been a great ride shooting at these Idiots in my life.
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