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  1. Looks like you got a few name to play with at least. The crowd here is primarily pc. I have some consoles for my kids mainly. Some games are ok on a console but for a fps game they are a joke. I don't get the appeal why someone would want to play on old inferior hardware,terrible controls etc, With some of the services requiring additional money on top of that. Also a os that is cute but really limited to what you can do with it.
  2. Happy Birthday you old hack!
  3. An old post but I figured I would throw in my experience with the product. I have used sling and directTV now. Sling I have used for a few years now. I like to multiple streams of the directtv now but I believe the sling ap is much more solid. The directtv now app on the apple tv seems to crash more often than I would like. I have not tried it on the amazon box yet. The roku boxes have been pretty solid I have used them for years as well. Since the directtv app was yanked from the rokus I only had a limited experience with that setup. Sling also seems to be a little more ala carte for your choices as well. It is also around 20$ for the most basic package. That and a decent antenna which I get around 40 channels off of. Only a few channels are worth watching though in my area.
  4. Prayers for you dad and the family.
  5. Prayers for her and the family Pete.
  6. Happy Birthday you hack!
  7. Happy belated Birthday BB!
  8. Great news. Get healthy soon to shoot with and at us again!
  9. Happy Birthday Mr Azz!
  10. Welcome to our group of crazy Idiots!
  11. Hoth = USA = Bring it XI Bad Guys from across the pond and elsewhere. :0
  12. Happy Birthday hacker!
  13. I have owned this one since July of 2016. It is the best monitor I have ever owned for fps. It is still rock solid. This is the newer model of it The thing you want to look at is it for shooters or are you worried about being pretty with 4k? The 144hz you will notice a difference on a fps. If its Diablo or something and you can live with the 60hz
  14. Enjoy every minute of it. They grow up so quick.
  15. Probably my favorite game type with FT being a close 2nd. I happily look forward to some ctf. The game takes teamwork and quick thinking. Deathmatch is fun but I get a little burnt on watching bottom feeders sitting on spawn spots. Hopefully it will carry to some different days. Possibly some of the Saturday tdm crowd will migrate over. Usually the only time I get to play this if Loader throws one in as we are playing or around the annual memorial gaming sessions. I beat on people like a drum and then have to wait until the next year. :0