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  1. If I can get a regiment invite Activision Hoth#1870614
  2. From someone who thaws as consistently as anyone. It now seems difficult to impossible to catch certain thaw angles. These were possible in the past mw2 mod. I can catch even more angles on the Server 1 mod. I just had a game where I was the last player and had what would have been normally 2 easy thaws to start a comeback for the team. I couldn't lock on either one. This needs to be improved drastically.
  3. Hoth

    The person coming out of spawn has the advantage if they play it smartly. So spawn camping doesn't really pertain to FT. The only time it is a factor is if your the last person alive. Even then it really depends more on the map design. How far you can move to get to cover and thaw. Can you get in a decent position to get a kill streak then to get a car and clean up the mess. Death match it does affect the game some. In our cod 2 Death match server for example the people who sit on spawns usually have pretty bad aim and movement. So they usually aren't a threat on the scoreboard.
  4. Hoth

    Welcome sir!
  5. Hoth

    Welcome its been a long time coming!
  6. Hoth

    Have you ever tubed anyone before? Have you ever heard of the phrase tube sniper? :0
  7. Hoth

    Thanks for putting it on. I have ran a few myself (its been awhile) and know it can be time consuming, frustrating and rewarding at the same time.
  8. Hoth

    Welcome! Yes there are usb headsets out there or you can just get an adapter for your current one. https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-External-Adapter-Windows-AU-MMSA/dp/B00IRVQ0F8/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=usb+headset+adapter&qid=1590033611&sr=8-3
  9. I think this needs to be judged on a per map basis if possible. Some maps if the number of players per team are high go time limit and overtime almost every time. I can go play other games come back over an hour later and the server is on the same map. No thanks.Those I would say best of 3. Some of the other maps best of 7 would be a happy balance.
  10. Hoth

    I'm sure. I'm also sure I'll still beat on you like a drum.
  11. Hoth

    Happy for you to get some better hardware.
  12. Hoth

    I see no link to the original post. Nor do I comb through every post here. I also can't read minds but I have tried in the past with no success.
  13. Hoth

    Unless I missed it what game are you talking about?
  14. I wouldn't go anything above 5 unless your doing larger teams. 4 or 5 man teams would be great fun but organizing and getting all participants to show etc is the bitch.
  15. @loaderXI From past experience 3 usually works best as far as organization, scheduling etc. Maybe have 1 alternate etc. I also assume flags return automatically to station when touched by their team? Not a huge fan of having to return both flags. For anyone newer to the format it complicates it a little etc.



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