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  1. Happy Birthday Seph!
  2. I'll be there if Wildthing brings the Vodka...
  3. Happy Birthday Yacky!
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday! Hope your doing well.
  6. From the man himself Bobby Blitz to our Hacker Overkill
  7. Great to hear. Hopefully we can see you on the battlefield soon!
  8. Happy Birthday Zapp!
  9. An image burned in my mind I may need therapy for :0
  10. I agree with Hackster. Some Southern coverage for some who haven't been able to make the Northern areas. I'm thinking, Charleston, South Carolina Tampa Florida
  11. Stay Idiot Strong. You can beat this!
  12. I know you said you have a 9 yr old video card. I've seen you shoot I think you will be fine lol. You do realize most of the licensed code for the game is 17 yrs old.
  13. Is this going to be double elimination?
  14. Our team with 1 alternate and or sub Hoth, TheEnemy, Meek, Yaccster (he's almost as good as Pinglo) Team name 3 Yanks and a Canuck