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  1. Hoth

    I miss the server 2 nights were such a blast. The comedy more than anything. The regular group led by Barker. Crazy aggressive play on stock maps only. Warming up with knives until the server filled up around 10 or 11pm. I could come home from the bars in the wee hours and games were still going on. I don't know if you were around then but I played cod2 with Vee around 13 years ago when she played under Putzer. Always a fun person to play with.
  2. Hoth

    I wonder how many views this moron will get with a bullet in his head. Its not really that entertaining.
  3. Hoth

    Welcome to XI!
  4. Hoth

    A bit of an asshole? If that's the case the covid has improved your etiquette. Get well and go back to being the full fledge asshole we have played with for years....
  5. Hoth

    A sad day for the COD2 gang. Even though I don't play on there as often anymore it was what drew me to this Clan. I could count on playing with the friendly familiar gang on a daily basis. He was a great guy. My condolences to his friends and family.
  6. Hoth

    I get links now and will start posting for free covid tests. I order anytime I see them to have a supply at the house. They usually come ground usps. Hope you and your mom keep getting well quickly.
  7. Hoth

    Let me know how this cluster f$%% progresses. I will let you know if I run across any new known or unknown exploits. Interesting such a big player has non existent suck ass support.
  8. Hoth

    That was a great story to hear. I am really happy for my dood. Really I should say I am happy for you gramps!
  9. Hoth

    Watched about every episode I believe. Back in my youth we used to go to my buddies, drink and watch. Then of course head out to the bars afterwards. Rinse and repeat
  10. Hoth

    My eyesight isn't getting any better for sure. Frustrating at times. Hope to see you still play.
  11. Hoth

    Welcome back sir!
  12. Hoth

    Never heard of you? lol, Would be awesome to see you back in game. Maybe even cranking out some maps again. Hope you and the family are well.
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