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  1. Hoth

    My condolences to you and the family.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what the radius is like. It would be interesting to break it down.
  3. @yosh I spent a little time on a competitors server tonight ... the skills were amazing. What server? I have given some beat downs and been called a hack on more than a few lol. The tubes can be annoying but don't really over run the game unless there are many good tubers on one team. Pinglo and Ronnie come to mind for excellent tubers\smaw players. I have seen them hit long ass shots that are anything resembling shooting into a crowd. If you see someone doing prediction tubes at the beginning of a round. Don't take the same path. They are usually going to shoot the same com
  4. RIP Corpse. A sad day here. I always enjoyed playing with him. My condolences to his family.
  5. Hoth

    Sorry to hear about your loss friend. Good that your talking about it and reaching out to others here.
  6. If your educating people that is a cause for major concern. Not speaking has no relation to you typing in their name here. I will send you all my overseas account info.
  7. Hoth

    Congrats and welcome! It only took over a decade :0
  8. Hoth

    There are 500,000 accounts banned. So is that total player count no. They have started some ip banning which has helped some as well. I have seen it waves come and go since I have been playing for about the last year. Usually the cheaters are obvious. Many of these assholes are paying for their hacks. Anyone telling you it was not my fault well is just plain and simply full of it. The game net code is not the greatest either. Warzone is an addictive mess though. The level of competition with these young millions of kids is fantastic.
  9. Name these world class players? There are some very good players on our servers but if your thinking world class you need to get your eyes or sense of reality checked.
  10. COD2 is still there because of the people who still love it. COD5 with its popularity would be a tough argument. There are plenty of us that still play many flavors. I play cod2, cod4, Warzone.
  11. For the people on here with tears in their eyes about people hopping, newsflash the hitbox of the target remains the same. Work on your aim.
  12. I agree. I will take it a few steps further. I think the emp blindness should be yanked myself. I like Ruthless find myself sitting. It is more annoying than anything. It is happening in large periods of the game. Poison bullets should be yanked as well as kill streak stealing. Just my 2 cents. They do little for the game. I think the kill streak stealing is really newbish. Stronger players with kill streaks may be less likely to push a spawn to get those streaks taken. Which makes for a more passive game.
  13. Hoth

    The admins will look and deal with it if that's the case. You definitely handled it the right way bringing it to the forums. I wish package stealing would be pulled out of the mod period.
  14. Hoth

    Yes played in through the night. Many times we would end up playing with the cod2 Breakfast Club in the early am. Before we would pack up our pcs and try to look busy our last hour when 1st shifters started showing up. Then during the normal hours we would gently kick asses on cod2dm and cod2ctf servers. This later turned into this FT long term addiction.



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