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  1. RIP Mac.. I always got a chuckle when I heard the cry of ~Camper~ from the King of campers on a spawn area. Mac was a great guy and will be missed. He was a constant on the dm, tdm servers from the game that started it all here.
  2. Hoth

    Seph/alex/Darth can I have a history of name changes? I prefer target is that name next? :0
  3. Hoth

    I don't have the power or I surely would have :0
  4. Hoth

    Congrats Pink that is Awesome!
  5. Interesting video. Too bad the cod4 netcode has nothing to do with BF4s.
  6. Hoth

    Back at you bro. It was great playing ctf again! It was awesome seeing some old faces
  7. A couple of suggestions for MW2. Do away with the medic class. Or at least the long invisibility time. Even though I utilize it I think its a joke of who can get behind who invisible and knife them in the back. It really takes little to no skill. I would also cut down the invisibility after a kill streak is called in. Lower it from 5 to 3 or 2 seconds. The default invisibility of other classes off of the spawn is plenty on most maps. Just my 2 cents for that mod.
  8. Hoth

    Thank you much sir! Always a blast playing with and against you and our peeps on server 1!
  9. Hoth

    This even is always fantastic. To honor our fallen and get many together for one of the games that is the root of this clan! It is also a target rich environment!!!
  10. Hoth

    Happy Birthday Dadda2! You picked a perfect day to be born!
  11. Hoth

    Thanks all! Hooker, friends and one more than a friend!
  12. Hoth

    Great job thanks for all the hard work! You also put up with Angus!!! God bless GG :0