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  1. Hoth

    Holy shit its been that long. I think I started around 12 years ago playing cod2 on the servers. I will quote Hammer here. WOW. Tag me when you can @ROCKAPE
  2. Hoth

    Age: 49 Weight: 6 Height: 230 Bench not sure Max out: not sure Reps: 250 x4 about a week ago I still dead lift and squat as well. Maxes I have no idea. The thing to realize most of us older guys are mainly into maintenance mode now a days. Great job and keep putting in the work young man. The key is consistency. Even on days when you feel like shit is when you can get some of the most rewarding workouts. Form and quality reps will help from getting injured. I've had a few over the years. Take about a week off every 3-6 months really helps with burnout as well.
  3. There are occasional tournaments. More in the past than lately. Sometimes @Ruggerxi would give away some gift cards to the winners etc. Nothing like with entry fees or anything like that though. You can always post your ideas for a tourney etc though on the forums.
  4. Brimmah! was lookin for ya last night. lol

  5. I agree some polling should be done before a change is pushed. Less changes at a time to get accurate feedback and less of a bitch fest would help. I say only look for changes when there is a bug or the community is pushing for it. When changes are done announce them on the forums (if that isn't being done already) then wait for the feedback. The feedback will be taken and if it is an improvement great. If not some tweaks can made or revert to what worked before. There are countless and thankless hours being put in development I'm sure. Maybe thank the guy working on it then give the feedback instead of just ripping it. The process in which changes are happening can be improved and I'm sure it will. I also agree that I don't want the mod going soft core in any shape or form.
  6. I have said this to def ears while playing a few times. Can we change this back to only being able to spec your own team in overtime? It kind of kills stealth and surprise. Especially if it is many on 1 in overtime. All it takes is team chat or Teamspeak and other team has your location. I'm not sure if this was on purpose or a mistake in the server config. It didn't used to be this way some time ago. MW2 is set up correctly for this. Server 1 is not...
  7. Hoth

  8. RIP Mac.. I always got a chuckle when I heard the cry of ~Camper~ from the King of campers on a spawn area. Mac was a great guy and will be missed. He was a constant on the dm, tdm servers from the game that started it all here.
  9. Hoth

    Seph/alex/Darth can I have a history of name changes? I prefer target is that name next? :0
  10. Hoth

    I don't have the power or I surely would have :0
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