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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, Everyone I'm proud to announce the official release of our very own Second >XI< Server. This one is located in Bristol, UK Current Settings: Domination To connect in game open game select region simply use tild key ~ and type connect If you have issues with the server please Direct Message me I will see if I can get them sorted as the game server stuff is still very early access crashes can be expected. Sincerely, >XI< UCJOHN
  2. >XI< BATTALION 1944 SERVER NOW OPEN >XI< Hello, Everyone Through a hosting company I'm sponsored with and now working for as of yesterday. I'm proud to announce the official release of our very own >XI< Server, I can get another server rolling in the UK if required no issue. Current Settings: CTF To connect in game open game select region simply use tild key ~ and type connect If you have issues with the server please Direct Message me I will see if I can get them sorted as the game server stuff is still very early access crashes can be expected. Sincerely, >XI< UCJOHN
  3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R

    Fellow (xtreme)idiots! I am placing this forum post to make you aware of a new Twitch streamer, called 'stealthypredator'. He just started around the 17th of May 2017 and really has the passion to continue what he is doing. Yes, he is a beginner and yes he still has a lot to learn, but in time that will all come in place. Normally he was never that talkative due to a bit of insecureness about himself, but now he definitly tries to better himself on that point. But to be completely honest with you, that streamer, is me. I have been thinking about it a long time and I decided to just go for it. This is a huge step for me, because this means I finally have climbed out of my shell and try new things. Like I said, I was never that talkative, but because people do not want to watch streams where nobody talks, I now have to talk all the time. Difficult task, but I try! At the moment while I am writing this post, I have 24 followers and 871 views, though I could use a lot more of both. So if you want to support me, a fellow (xtreme)idiot, you can do that by watching and/or following my stream. Saying something in chat will also be awesome! Even if you do not like my stream, you can still follow me (haha). Just keep in mind, I am a beginner in this. So I might fail in stuff. But hey, you can always give me feedback so I can better myself. Hopefully I will see you on the next stream (on the Twitch website, search for 'stealthypredator' and you will find my channels schedule). Greetings S.T.A.L.K.E.R>XI< / a.k.a. stealthypredator
  4. Vektykun (Vektor)

    Hello Xi, My name is Vektykun or Vektor. I only play on Xi hardcore in battlefield 4. I play tactically and with strategy. I am looking for a squad which likes to do the same.
  5. Crossfire

    Just an idea that ran across my mind for the people that do not know how to map very well. This forum could be used for like a map suggestion box and then the mappers might be able to make the popular suggestions. Like I said this is just an idea and I have some of my own. 1.) A cruise ship - I think it would be pretty fun fighting end to end on a cruise ship. For a close map with tight corners and fast paced game play. 2.) Cabin - A heavily wooded forest with a cabin in the middle (Cabin in the Woods). A medium sized map with open areas and enclosed one allowing for a mix of play styles. 3.) Alcatraz - A prison map on an island would be pretty cool. Or just any prison for that matter. Have any ideas of your own? Or like one above. Put them under this topic.
  6. Just a thought if possible... but if there was like a Leaderboard on site for like a record book of the servers it would be pretty cool I think. For example if you were plying freeze tag in Cod 4 you could check the website and see who has the most kills in a match, or most points, or most defrosts, etc. And you could do this for all the different servers and have all kinds of records. I think it could be pretty fun or differant... let me know what you think! Edit: I realize there is a way to check this but is there a way to integrate it to the site itself without having to leave the site? Or add more content?

    wat can i say me and my friend are idiots !!!!league of legends Me and Singed!!!!
  8. After this: http://www.xtremeidiots.com/index.php?/topic/33719-xi-romanian-dream-team/ the next one comes .... Sf.Petru & the m..d..r f...k...r Google .....unexpected meeting (05.04.2013)
  9. Sf.Petru

    I propose to find, post and comment cool sports clips. First from me ...
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