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  1. Wel i'm startjimx or was startjimx F u edd
  2. @@Barron3000 better ten notting
  3. i made tis for kage>XI< 1. Head to the location you installed Tomb Raider 2. Find and delete or remame the file (glide2x.dll) i chose to name it (glide2x_backup.dll) 3. donwload my Dosbox config and nGlide NGLIDE DOSBOX 4. Replace (dosbox.conf) and (dosboxTR.conf) with the DOSBOX config file you download in step 3 a simple drag and drop wil do the trick !REMEMBER! to replace the file's Allmost done 5. Install Nglide !!!no add ware wil be installed!!! 6. type nGlide in your start menu and open nGlide configurator 7. PLAY TOMB RAIDER have fun
  4. Pls put down a vote for me so i know what i need to do http://strawpoll.me/6067748
  5. i finaly gone have some time to work on my map again

  6. i lost the source for it i cant work on it any more.....
  7. razer comms is not in the list
  8. its to hot i cant sleep goddamed

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