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  1. genci76

    Happy B - Day
  2. genci76

    I thought it was in Chicago...
  3. Hey Folks, did someone have experience with that SW, calls WTFast? I´ve read, that could reduce the Game ping up to 70% !!! My next question is, where is our Server exactly? Chicago and ..east......L1..L2" or ????? For the settings on WTFast. Thx. >P.s. Will try it, and share my experience with you soon
  4. you're a happy man, mine does not even load 1%! maybe now u can play, the half of time , lol
  5. i have the same problem, it´s not your ssd, i use my ssd for more than 1 years, now i can´t download any new maps in the rotation. i manualy download with thge XI downloader, but not every map is in the downloader.
  6. sorry, this one don´t downloading automaticly. Try the XI downloader, but i dont find all of this Maps...BR Genci
  7. downlaod the XI downloader, search for the server u will play, check it, and go for the downloads u need , works on me!
  8. hey folks, so i got a new problem, normaly i have automaticle download on. But I couldn´t download this new map mp_gb_port_b1. Where can i find it? I watch in Download and in Maps don´t find it. Maybe a link was nice .. Thx all
  9. genci76

    Ok Folk, i got it. For people, who want to know it, Options-Sound- was on 22 kHZ- and - speaker was on " windows standard". Change to 44kHZ and Stereo, it fix it!! I think my little Boy ( 3 years young) was change it, he loves to play COD 4 Thank you all!
  10. Hey Folks, maybe one of u can help me. If i joining Game, i only hear the sound of the Game, like shoots, airstrikes .... But i can´t hear the Voice of the Gamers anymore !!!? My Son was playing sometimes, maybe he changed something?!? Thx 4 your help, Genci
  11. hey all, need a lilttle help. My issue is, that i loos my connect to the server, sometimes after 60 mins, sometimes after 3-5 hours. After 5 mins,. i can join again the game. Maybe Someone here, knows how to fix? THX 4 your Help....
  12. genci76

    i´m so sorry for your lost. i just read it today, condolence to your family. we will miss him...RIP
  13. genci76

    damn, can´t believe it. I came for a good time want to play, have fun, and NOW i read he´s dead. He was one of the first guys of XI i know here, he was awesome, he was allways funny, he was a good Friend/ Brother... He was the Man who said to me, cmon dude, join the family .... Damn Cobra, I will miss you Bro....and never forget you!!!! RIP @skullDi99er, i´m so sorry for your lost
  14. genci76

    Really ? 16GB minimum? I thought 8 is minimum! OK,,thx 4 feedback!
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