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  1. This is a fantastic tip that I had to learn the hard way.
  2. DarthCuddlefluff

    Thanks for the guide I have also legit needed to install optifine and haven't been able to figure it out.
  3. DarthCuddlefluff

    Sorry if I came across as asking you to "make the game" I just thought it was a really neat block that sadly cannot be used by players when it has real potential for building.
  4. DarthCuddlefluff

    Thanks for the peer review here. I appriciate you putting the time into this. Also the screenshots of the chests was a good idea that I didn't use. Nice.
  5. DarthCuddlefluff

    Thanks a lot. I have been looking for a guide like this.
  6. DarthCuddlefluff

    You are right. I will try and do that in the future. I was so focused on other things like precise wording that I neglected to think of that. Thank you for the suggestion.
  7. DarthCuddlefluff

    No problem friend. I hope it helps.
  8. DarthCuddlefluff

    The problem is it needs to be enabled in the settings. It's only not working properly if it isn't working but it is enabled. Also what exactly do you mean that there is nothing you can do? You have the power to give out infinite amounts of these if you wish so far as I can see. You could easily rectify the problem.
  9. DarthCuddlefluff

    @Slackernet Tried that before and it didn't work. Just tried it again now and it still did not work. FTB wiki says that only the vajra does it.
  10. DarthCuddlefluff

    @Slackernet What would you think of the idea of allowing players to trade in knowledge fragments for glyphed stone, that cool block from thaumic tinkerer? They drop one each when you destroy them and you might normally be able to get them if Vajra's silk touch mode worked but it doesn't. The only problem I see is getting them in the first place. In single player the block did not show up in nei or the search box for creative but I managed to middle click one out of the outer lands just the same and I got one to check it's id, which is 944:5 however when I tried to spawn more in it said there is no such item with that id. Strange, but probably not unworkable. If not for trade then maybe just let us buy them?
  11. DarthCuddlefluff

    I agree with that Darth Cuddlefluff guy, don't bother. Just kidding. I like your choices of general shape and building material but I feel it could have been built with a more utilitarian mindset. Where would you put a blood magic setup or a thaum infusion circle? The place for crops is very small too. But if you are proud of it do not let anyone make you not so. Be happy you did good.
  12. I noticed that there seem to be no accurate guides on what laser drill foci do for our server so I ran a 3 hour test to see what picks up what and here are my results: Blue: Mana Infused, Cobalt, Sapphire, N. Sapphire, Lapis, N. Lapis, Apatite Red: Redstone, N. Redstone, Ruby, N. Ruby, Firestone Yellow: Cheese, Sulfer, N. Sulfer, Gold, N. Gold, Yellorite, Glowstone Green: Peridot, N. Peridot, N. Adamantium Purple: Lead, N. Lead, Dark Iron, Tanzanite Orange: Ardite, Amber, N. Amber, Copper, N. Copper Magenta: Same as control Pink: Same as control Light Blue: Shiny, N. Platinum, Osmium, N. Osmium, Diamond, N. Diamond, N. Nikolite Cyan: Certus, Malachite Lime: Uranium, N. Uranium, Emerald, N. Emerald, N. Tennanite Brown: Iron, N. Iron, Topaz Black: Coal, N. Coal, N. Tungsten, N. Rutile Grey: Steel, N. Pig Iron, Silver, N. Silver Light Grey: Tin, N. Tin, Ferrous, N. Ferrous, N. Magnesium White: Aluminum, Seltpeter, N. Saltpeter, N. Iridium, N. Salt Control: Basically even amounts of everything but maybe a little more coal and iron. For those confused, the control in a test like this is what the base line would be. It's the thing you are comparing the things you are testing to, which is in this case no foci.
  13. DarthCuddlefluff

    How about the idea of server titles. Hopefully not ones that you have to buy with real cash, but ones you can buy with in game money. I once was admin on an old tekkit server where we had these. You just put a little bracketed title before the name of a person. I also like the idea of earning these titles and having the admins give them out at their disgression.
  14. DarthCuddlefluff

    I see. That I did not know. Thank you for expanding my understanding.
  15. DarthCuddlefluff

    I understand that you do not want to turn it into a buycraft server but I have to argue one point you made for the sake of understanding. You can very easily set someone's warp to 0 without taking away the knowledge that the warp came with. You just do /tc warp <player> set 0 TEMP /tc warp <player> set 0 /tc warp <player> set 0 PERM Again, I understand you don't want to do this and it is toally up to you but it's not exactly accurate to argue that it can't be done. I just tested it on singleplayer and it worked just fine. Secondly, and I want to make it clear I mean no disrespect, I have heard both "we can't do that because it's not what the mod author intended" and "we can't do that because it gives the player too much of an advantage." It seems to me more like you don't want to do it because you want the server to be more challenging. This is fine. But with how I have heard it expressed it seems contradictory and like you want to have it both ways. If it is the case that you want it to me more challenging please just say that. Thank you again for your response.



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