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  1. Not sure if that is completely true. If you're like me, you only have a the MW2 server in your favourites. So even if another server is populated, over the course of a few hours people flock back to the main server.
  2. I can confirm tho, I was getting mad sick of the multiple hits, so I put on armor piercing, started hitting people and they still kept on walking. Okay some shots were through window glass or small wooden structures, but who cares. If I put an armor piercing round into someones pretty head and one in another location, that person should not be able to survive, even if they have the magical protection of god, allah and buddah fighting over who to save him more, although I will admit, that glass window might make a difference. For real tho, havn't been on the server for quite a while because I'd rather just play something else than COD softcore.. And on a side note, just because it sucks less than juggy does not meen it doesn't suck.
  3. Title says it all, even with armor piercing I just needed multiple hits every kill. Wasn't the server HC setting once? Did we purposfully step off that?
  4. Bas

    At 32 seconds you sure as heel seem to be using your latency to survive. So you want the upside of that whilst the MOD compencates for the downside?
  5. Would be cool, but let's be frank. MOD tools are a thing of the past for any game that turned into a major franchise like COD....
  6. Well I was thinking killstreaks destroyed with be cool XD. Something to promote positive teamplay. But I think a likewise something has been tried when it comes to players defrosted?
  7. I put down 2 so far, gets me about 3 defrosts, which is a massive improvement, thanks
  8. Well as of right now, I feel like when I completely spec for effective defrosting with streaks, it's better if I leave the turret and take something that will give me spawnarmor, as it will allow me to get similair amounts of defrosts, but with a bonud of kills and a nice little disappearance act. I understand everything can't be balanced, but figured I'd best put it out there. Not sure if other people even tend to get the same issues, maybe I just set them up at poor locations..
  9. Hhhmmm interesting topic, I don't really have much to add but: good idea, and hey, I have one medal too! Ow and perhaps a question about the defroster turret, which seems to be very nerved in range and not defrost yourself? I feel it has lost its value, as I set it down on the center of a ratmap, and it got 1 defrost, which seems very weird for an 8 kill streak, where a defroster uav or a car both get a million more. (Sorry for going off topic)
  10. Also, it strikes me as weird that the losing team now has the players with most points almost all the time due to the discrepantion between defrosting/killing.
  11. You can even bandage yourself while already in the car, if you stay awake for long enough
  12. Well that would defenitly increase the playability for me, it would be a localized solution. I think my real problem with everyone having equipment for explosions, is that now the main 3 perks for stealth & survivability against random shit, are all on perk 3. You speak about balance a lot, well I'd have to agree with Toby. The stealth, survivable playstyle has been totally taken out of the game. You'd need a flak jacket (since everyone has tubes), hardwired (since there are 1.000.000 cars per map), and stealth (because helicopters pretty much destroy everything on the ground from the moment they are called in). All 3 those perks are on perk 3. In other words, the game seems unbalanced to me, made with more thought towards people who like the random shit. I don't mean to offend you, and I know that these new MOD's are the only reason COD4 can still be played, even so long after its time. And for that, and all the work that takes, I am very gratefull. But me being gratefull does not equal me agreeing with every choise, and with this MOD, the tactical aspect that I liked so much about freezetag, has gotten less. And putting flackjacket on equipment, would (in my mind, at the least) balance out for making tubes so much more used.
  13. Hell, you'll get a cookie if you add a cool bind to that statement
  14. Can't we make flakjacket an equipment item in stead of perk. So that those of us that do not need a noobtube, can pick something against the 100.000.000 explosions without having to surrender a perk? Just saying.
  15. Both Running around? Me moving as well? You have not been in the server with me enough, otherwise you'd refrain from saying something so obsolete I pinpointed to problem to my mouse, it has an adjustable Dpi setting on it, and it would shoot up and down liittle bits with intensive use. The problem has been fixed for me.
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