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Other Game Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

What game did you get banned from?: Insurgency
What server were you banned from?: >XI< #2 Push
When did you get banned?: 11/03/2018
What was your in-game name?: State of the Union
What is your game GUID (if known):
Why do you think you were banned?:

Was playing on Tell and suddenly got banned for... well, no reason.  Would be nice to know why. 

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This was not for no reason. I had several reports of your playing being suspicious and therefore spectated you. It became quite obvious that you were:

a ) Tracking players occasionally through walls, and

b ) Knew exactly where people were hiding behind objects, and running round to shoot them when you had no possible way of knowing they were there. 

On top of this you were consistently spawncamping round after round - adding to the case against you.

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"a" and "b" are simply not true. 

Speaking of spawncamping... as far as I remember, it is "excessive" spawncamping that's not allowed, such as wiping out entire waves with AT4 or IED. The only time I was "spawncamping" was during the defence of Charlie, and, number one, I was killing 1-2 players per wave, number two, all players I killed had moved pretty far away from the spawn. 

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