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  1. 7Toes

  2. 7Toes

  3. lol nver mind i found it lol im a true idiot

  4. 7Toes

    i am listen to steaks sizzle on the grill with mushrooms sweet peppers and baked taters and grilling onions mmmmmm
  5. 7Toes

    Tomorrow never comes because at midnight its today again lol
  6. well i guess the xi members who are tired of getting our asses wipe up by these so called world class players go play in other servers not XI servers period!
  7. Happy birthday, buddy, and many more to you, sir.


  8. 7Toes

    harry please dont ban me i know i suck but i try not to kill you any more
  9. 7Toes

    disable superfetch in services i had the same problem
  10. 7Toes

    sorry to say your first big problem is you bought a Dell i use them as boat anchors
  11. 7Toes

    the one around my mid section will be 59 in a few days lol