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  1. 7Toes

    you still watch fake news channels lmao
  2. just wait for Bidens first months in office they are gonna tax ammo even more also a large tax on guns and owners of guns,this way they don't have to mess with the 2nd amendment.they will tax ammo and guns so no one but the rich can afford them get ready hide your guns.also with him removing Trumps tax cut and adding another 35% out of your pay check you will barely be able pay for food rent ect ect
  3. 7Toes

    you should have ask for a blood test
  4. 7Toes

    here you go my fav BBQ RIBS
  5. need full load of ammo when entering the game reduce gravity a touch so you can jump on boxes and stuff
  6. 7Toes

    i have all game sound just no voices in game from other players but they can hear me
  7. 7Toes

    all drivers are up to date
  8. 7Toes

    i reinstalled cod waw patched it but i have a problem people can hear me on voice chat but i can not hear them i have tryed ever thing need help
  9. 7Toes

    my home town out house KY lmao
  10. 7Toes

    took about 3 seconds
  11. 7Toes

    (*) (*)
  12. 7Toes

    lmfao no just a pic i found on line lol



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