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  1. no the point is if a person was killed and you run over them it makes noise picking up the equipment !but the thing is its automatic you have no choice so it makes noise!this way you have a choice?choice is good...and i voted YES
  2. people who play in the server should be the only ones who vote if you don't play in the server don't fuckin vote
  3. 7Toes

    i tried to get a refund they said no lol
  4. lmfao not the same thing they are regular players not pros or to good to be true?
  5. well if your that good and have to come in and roll over regular plays to make you fell better about your self hmmmmm so sad.must be making up for a small penis i guess
  6. 7Toes

    need to pick a card your mother board and power supply can handle
  7. 7Toes

  8. 7Toes

    cant stop them they breed like rabbits lol
  9. 7Toes

  10. 7Toes


    well yea you closer to there Siberian servers than i am!
  11. 7Toes


    omg that last up date was bad now you rubber-band around the game i feel like im in a scify movie warping from one spot to the other
  12. 7Toes


    PS tried to get my money back but they would not return my money.the 2nd update helped the game but still laggy as hell.the players move like they have a 2x4 up there asses lol
  13. 7Toes


    I must say this game even though its early access this is the wore playing game in early access i have played.it was bad before they updated it now its not playable stay away it is crap.its a resource hog the network for this game is so bad it make it seem the servers are in Siberia.stay away don't waste your money battlefield is a 1/4 of the resource this game uses and battlefield is 10x the thing and shit that is used and goes on in the game .
  14. the solution is what i do when certain players come in the server when i am there! i leave and go play battlefield problem solved!