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  1. need to be in space jump to different worlds ect ect would have been fun
  2. 7Toes

    thats funny your are warned once then kicked which is a rule not to glitch but spawn killing is a rule you must warn 3 times have 5 vids and a note from your mother to get rid of them lol.just my dirty 2cents
  3. no labob like i told beers ^^^^^^^^ some are different than others and as a dirty wheel i don't use my wheel to zoom and my keys are not sticking so what do think?lol it that the some scopes have been messed with so much they all need to be set back to their standard settings that came with the game out of the box?then how much cod5 cust map2 do you play i have never seen you in there so how would yo know what the weapons are doing?
  4. then why does that 50cal i can recall the name zoom at 1 when you pull it up?but the rest start at 8?
  5. hey how about putting in the stock scope settings some have been changed so many time when you pull up certain scopes it readjusts about 3 times before set
  6. 7Toes

  7. you need a external drive you can back up your computer on just for this problem and every time you update something like a game use the external and back it up again to keep it current
  8. 7Toes

    is cd drive code for penis lol
  9. 7Toes

    a magnet from a speaker will do the job
  10. 7Toes

    good job congrats ...........................................our little idiot is all grown up lol
  11. 7Toes

    store bought eggs can be up to 6month old before they hit the stores