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  1. 7Toes

    IT cost me 118 bucks for internet phone and cable tv
  2. ended up in the hospital for the last 7 days started out with a cold !but it was strep throat! then it cause kidney failure.then turned into pneumonia which then the virus got into m blood stream.almost did not make it by what the docs were saying
  3. yes there is!but when you have a leak in 410a depending on the amount loss they will have to remove whats left and refill it!because 410a is a mix of refrigerants which do not evaporate at same amounts when you have a leak which creates a imbalance.what threy might be doing is pressurizing and using a dye to see where the leak is?
  4. oh yea if they use the old duck work and line sets that should save some money.most likely that leak is in the evap coil or in the outside condensing unit
  5. i was a HVAC journeyman for 30+ years worked on res commercial and industrial.the age of the system might be better to replace because the the energy efficiency now 95+ furnaces don't require flue pipe but use pvc pipe that how much efficient they are same with the cooling sides efficiency's are very much higher than the units you have.i worked for train for 12yrs on ft Knox lol get more than on estimate for replacing and check them out through bbb
  6. 7Toes

    So what does that have to do with spanking the monkey.or rubbing one out?
  7. 7Toes


    just looking at the pics i shit myself
  8. 7Toes

    mcgrim and eastcoast wft those asshats lol
  9. Norton get rid of it and just use windows defender use less resources and is free .i have been using it for 2 yrs now never had a virus and i watch porn too lol
  10. 7Toes

    even when i am at home i still have my ccw on me!
  11. 7Toes

    I never have premature ejaculation OH SORRY WRONG ROOM
  12. 7Toes

    wipe its ass
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