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  1. 7Toes

    its called ther servers are being over populated and cant handle the load
  2. 7Toes

  3. 7Toes

    In kentuckey where men are men and the sheep are scared lol
  4. i bought it last night have play some it plays likebattle field
  5. 7Toes

    37 7am 65 for a high today
  6. 7Toes

    just got the results back from cat scan the nodule in my right lung is shrinking,go back in 3 months for another scat scan but doc said looking very good for me
  7. 7Toes

    just think need extra money there is always the street corner !you might not be gay but $20 is $20 lol
  8. lol i told you about that hack your using lol
  9. 7Toes

    she said 5 dolla love you long long time
  10. 7Toes

    lmfao so the 3 warning rule is gone lol
  11. we need 3 forms of ID DNA sample and 6 references proving it is you! thanks management
  12. 7Toes

    the doc said takes these meds and the voices in my head would go away!!! i said no way doc they owe me money!!
  13. 7Toes


    OMG lmfao
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