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  1. GMO

    Daemon was the one who banned you. Looks like it was for racism but I will leave it to him to give you a full explanation.
  2. GMO

    It is a temporary ban. I was in Spectator mode and WATCHED you throw it into their spawn. You are lucky I didn't give you a harsher punishment as you've been caught before.
  3. GMO

    It was indeed a temp ban and it was indeed for spawncamping
  4. GMO

    This was not for no reason. I had several reports of your playing being suspicious and therefore spectated you. It became quite obvious that you were: a ) Tracking players occasionally through walls, and b ) Knew exactly where people were hiding behind objects, and running round to shoot them when you had no possible way of knowing they were there. On top of this you were consistently spawncamping round after round - adding to the case against you.
  5. GMO

    The ban was in place more for us to try and understand what exactly happened and if there was an issue with the system. From my side there is no "mod grudge" I was simply enforcing the rules. You know exactly why you were kicked and temp banned. We have been discussing it today and are going to lift your ban. Don't let us catch you spawnkilling again.
  6. GMO

    Exactly as Daemon said. You were warned for spawnkilling in the first round of the map, and then proceeded to IED the spawn so you were temp banned. Within 20 minutes you had returned, and mentioned you "contacted some ppl" to get around the ban.
  7. Check out my band! You can guess which one is me.... and maybe I'll tell you
  8. It looks and sounds so much better And they added an MP7, interesting
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