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Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by video game developer EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.


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  2. PC working fine. Looking forward to using our BF4 server and very possibly getting BF5. Good battles everyone.
  3. Bor2013

    That was a long time for me. Hope see u all in a bit!
  4. I had a 500 GB SSD filled that with win 10 and office. With Battlefield 1 and 5 I had to get a 1TB ssd. Those games use allot of space. Win 10 and office are very large as well.
  5. so stop in tonight and get your ass shot off..dirk will be there with the tubes and he will piss off most people with that but thats dirk ..see you then
  6. After about 3 months of hell, I can now say I am back in business. Finally got the computer working properly. Can't wait to play again. Great weekend to all idiots.
  7. iboomboom

    yes I reinstalled it from the __installer folder in BF4. thanks.
  8. just get on team sp and we can help you get it going ..see me on stop in i'll help you out
  9. You can change the location in the settings from Origin .
  10. Krackennutz

    go to http://www.evenbalance.com/pbsetup.php update the PB for the game,yours maybe out of date, click on for all Windows games
  11. Thanks for the replies. I do have a HHD with 1 TB. Problem I have is that when I try to install the game, Windows only allows me to use C drive which happens to be my SSD. If anyone know how to get the game installed on my HHD ( D) drive, I will be eternally grateful.
  12. If you have a HDD just put it on there .it loads slower but thats where i keep all my games .i just use my ssd for my op.hope you get it going so you can join us ..good luck
  13. if you have motherboard on new PC capable of using M2 ssds heres one cheap 1 tb for $89.99, speeds are good compared to normal ssds,this ones apperantly 1800 red 1800 write.....http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5578331&Sku=41451382
  14. There are two things you can do ,first in your situation move BF4 to the HDD ,or buy another SSD with at least 500GB and put there your favorite games .
  15. To all my idiot friends. I finally have my new pc working well, except with a minor issue. My internal SSD is only 128 gigs and with the operating system in it, when I install BF4, it fills it up. Cannot use my hhd for the operating system, but everything else is going there. I was wondering if I can install an external ssd so that I can either put my operating system there, or put the games there. I am so frustrated that I have not been able to play that I am going nuts. If any of our computer gurus can help, I will eternally be in your debt. By the way, what screwed up my pc was asking HP techs to help me move files around to get more space. They really fu.....d me up. Thanks for any help on this. Forever grateful.
  16. tsw 8.5

    glad you got it fixed had a lot of fun .thanks for stopping in ..
  17. it's all good we played tonight .G/T like all of the things have probs .great games thanks
  18. iboomboom

    I logged in after a long time and I keep getting punkbuster kicks.
  19. Hi, Its Saturday night, June 1st, the server is dead according to Gametracker. I figured it out when I couldn't find it in the BF4 server browser....anybody knows what is going on? UPDATE: its fixed
  20. tsw 8.5

    every Saturday night
  21. [PUNKS]CuteFuzzyBunny

    We playing tonight?
  22. Woody_Ger

    Yup, that was great. Thanks TSW for that server.
  23. tsw 8.5

    thank you to all that played last night we had a great time ..kill you again soon
  24. tsw 8.5

    we played last night .ill be on after the race .see if we can crank it up again
  25. papithegun

    Finally done, I can now play (hope) BF4 in our clan. Will be on the server this afternoon.
  26. tsw 8.5

    great turn out .thanks was alot of fun
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