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Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by video game developer EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.


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  2. Bor2013

    and on gametracker nobody playing there in the usa server days weeks months? its empty so hon hon set the europe server on
  3. Bor2013

    its us not eu still, i know when the server is in germany or some (europe) people will be play everyday.., like the old school days :)usa server still empty
  4. iboomboom

    Yes I noticed at night the ping goes to 290 some times. Could be a reporting issue. I have a few suggestions. Would you have time to get on TS today?
  5. tsw 8.5

    no the server is in N Y.my ping is about 60 .and im in fla.
  6. tsw 8.5

    Come in team sp..we will get it going .i have been swamped at work.people want all the shit looking good for the holidays .we play all kinds of games so just stop in and we can play ..
  7. CplMOFO

    TSW, Ill get in TS and try to get some BF4 going in the weekend. When I look, I see the server empty.

    😭 lol.....
  9. iboomboom

    Did you move it to EU already? I logged in last night to get on the server but the ping was 293ms, it used to be 90 ms.
  10. tsw 8.5

    bring it .we will get the game on
  11. iboomboom

    I will check it out tonight. I found myself playing this a bit more than usual.
  12. tsw 8.5

    ok go in and play .just the way we would have to play on the eu servers .no biggie.server runs just fine .go in and play we do at night when people are in and ready.there are all small maps and different games ctf dom rush tdm conq ..the server is in NY so pings run about 85 or 100 for people in the uk.
  13. Bor2013

    okay cool and now? (month ago)
  14. Krackennutz

    for a start try starting game on loading screen disconnect your mouse if that stops it then there either mouse fault or software fault ,and just in case go into control panel-mouse and see in Buttons tab you have not somehow activated click lock[ make sure box is unchecked]....only thing i can think of Papi
  15. I need some help with the game. As of 2 days ago, when I go into the game, all my guns, whether vehicles or soldier start firing by themselves and I have no control over them. I of course contacted the wonderful EA customer service and they were not very helpful. I re-installed the game, cleared cache as they suggested, and I still have the problem. Never had this before. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to how to fix this problem, I would be extremely appreciative and therefore I could play again. Thanks in advance.
  16. maverick

    I'am for that
  17. Souriel

    I agree, tumbs up from me.
  18. JAYsus_NL

    Would be a good idea actually....
  19. tsw 8.5

    we changed the game play.been trying to get players in .but i work all day.if players go in there the server will take off .but i'll talk it over with some of the uk players and see if they want to try and help out getting it going ..
  20. Ruggerxi

    @tsw 8.5 You would have to talk to TSW about that, he is in control of that server.
  21. Ok not a member of Xi but still play with a few of you on other servers,would Xi consider moving the BF4 server back to the Europe side,where it still is very popular?
  22. I also have pre-ordered yes I said pre-ordered and been playing the alpha for a couple of hrs ITS NOT BF1 of corse its full of glitches and issues at the moment but it's alpha right so we see how much better it is by the beta stage. my only gripe so far is the revive anim it takes ages lmao, looks very pretty as always.
  23. Downloading the closed Alpha right now. I'll do some games tonight, curious how it is
  24. After watching the jack frags video I am excited as well. Hopefully community servers will make a proper come back too. Even though bf1 kinda sucked after playing a while, I probably will pre-order 5 anyway..