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Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by video game developer EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.


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  2. tsw 8.5

    every Saturday night
  3. [PUNKS]CuteFuzzyBunny

    We playing tonight?
  4. Woody_Ger

    Yup, that was great. Thanks TSW for that server.
  5. tsw 8.5

    thank you to all that played last night we had a great time ..kill you again soon
  6. tsw 8.5

    we played last night .ill be on after the race .see if we can crank it up again
  7. papithegun

    Finally done, I can now play (hope) BF4 in our clan. Will be on the server this afternoon.
  8. tsw 8.5

    great turn out .thanks was alot of fun
  9. tsw 8.5

    nothing new its the same server .ran by the same idiot we play every Saturday night around 9 EST till we get sick of each other could not find you in my friends list .but stop in we have a fn blast ..to the face .. as mofo would say ..see you then thanks
  10. I just found out that we have started a new BF4 server. I will be on the server as soon as I can get my new PC going. Just got it last week and are now putting back all programs and games. I will be there for sure. Thanks for letting me know
  11. tsw 8.5

    hi bun ..ok thanks for the info.. 1 there is no spectating on the server . 2 team killing will get you kicked after 5 team kills.. 3 the thing with the ping has been going on for years .i for one can come in the game and play .look and have a 0 ping.the game is just that a game .there has been 3 or more people in the BF4 servers with 0 ping .it's the game .sorry i had to take a brake last night after 10;30 .just get the players names and if iam not there hit me up and i'll look in to it ..we play to have fun and bullshit with other idiots '' thanks for the info. and for stopping in we do this every Saturday night .9 PM EST thanks again kill you later ..
  12. [PUNKS]CuteFuzzyBunny

    I figured out a little more of what was going on, That Fifi, zombie user on our team, that was never in game, was either specing someone on the other team, or using an ap that shows all the "Friendlies" on the team map. And the other guy, with the no ping, was the one running that empty user. Most likely speccing on that fifi account. He indeed had no ping for a reason, cuz if the both users had the idtentical Ping, that would have been obvious. They both Quit at exactly the same time so, that make it obvious. I seriously say we need any non players on a team kicked . No reason for players to be in game and not there. and again there are no ligit reason to have no ping in game. that the Server reporting the ping, NOT the end user client reporting the ping.. So you can not ligit hide your ping from the server. Thanks.
  13. Merlin007

    Is this any different than getting directly from Origin besides the price? Was checking it out yesterday and Origin selling premium for $40.
  14. tsw 8.5

    https://everytimezone.com/ go here to see your time
  15. baldie

    I am up for a round or 2 it will be a nice change from Cod 4. what time GMT
  16. Ruggerxi

    You can get a copy of the game with all expansions here https://www.g2a.com/battlefield-4-premium-edition-english-only-origin-key-pc-global-i10000050087001 For around $20 or cheaper
  17. Ruggerxi

    I will get this added to the >XI< Calendar also
  18. tsw 8.5

    yes we can put it [ in your face if you like ] stop in and join the fun .
  19. AyaqGuyaq

    You offering "full facials" to those that join, TSW, sir, what!? Lol. You left your door wide open, bud. Ayaq Cc: @RobMc
  20. tsw 8.5

    we have a hell of a time Saturday nights .and it really a great game .
  21. Merlin007

    Still many people playing bf4 that it worth getting still? Enjoyed bf3 for a spell but alot moved on before I got the game but if there still plenty of bf4 interest here, may consider picking it up.
  22. CplMOFO

    This is a great attempt and reviving the interest in this sweet game!
  23. tsw 8.5

    lots of fun thanks for the enjoyment . see you all next time
  24. tsw 8.5

    doing it again tonight so stop on in and have a round to the face ..thanks
  25. tsw 8.5

    great fun tonight ,thanks to all you idiots
  26. Sikon

    I tried to join yall. But I dont have the battle packs. I only have the free ones. 😖
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