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  1. Sad to report the passing of Cream's drummer and co-founder who passed away peacefully last night. https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/ginger-baker-death-cream-drummer-and-cofounder-dies-peacefully-in-hospital-aged-80-a4247296.html
  2. Greetings. We thought it would be a good idea to go away for a short break to celebrate my resurrection, a year ago on 1 October (for any scratching their heads and saying "WTF?", this was when I suffered two cardiac arrests and died. The clever medics at the district hospital zapped me and brought me back to life and then I had major surgery in London). She knew fishing would have to feature so agreed to the hire of a little cottage on a farm in the West Country that has four fishing lakes in the grounds. I am a bit of a fan of Shimano tackle (yes, the pricy brand) so saw an opportunity to buy another rod. This time, I have bought a 2.70m (9 feet) Winkle Picker with three tips from 0.5oz to 1.5oz. I have some little cage swimfeeders to use with this and will respool the Shimano baitrunner reels with suitably strong line. The farmer has carp in excess of 20lbs stocked in at least one of the lakes so I may manage a new PB! I'm taking a selection of groundbaits and additives down. The Cats Meat Gravy stinks and the fish love it! I hope to be posting some fishy pictures in due course (middle of next month).

    We have a friend who is heavily tattooed on both arms. I am pleased we managed to persuade him not to get facial tattoos as that spells one thing here: unemployment.

    This should be the clan anthem...

    To those contemplating doing this to their bodies in the UK, may I ask that you give blood first because you will be unable to do so for four months afterwards. The same goes for body piercing. The number of donors has slumped over here - this has been attributed to the growth of the tattoo business. I was grateful for the six units I got during and after surgery! Personally, outside a very narrow cultural context e.g. Maori in New Zealand, I don't find this "ink" attractive and I don't understand why people have it done.
  6. That's not even electrified yet! The best bit of line is HS1 - you know the track that was to turn the streets of coastal Kent into gold... Guess what? The money went the other way and the Tories still haven't tempted the yuppies from The Smoke to come and infest our towns! 55 minutes from here into North London so great for footy at Wembley!
  7. Here's our local railway, not connected to the National Rail system.... https://www.rhdr.org.uk/
  8. Hope you got your Senior Railcard - a third off all fares - mine arrived on Tuesday so just trying to decide where to go now. The problem is not so much with the trains themselves but the infrastructure which was built with 19th Century climate in mind. Now it is not unusual for temperatures to exceed 30 degrees C and the rails are 20 degrees hotter, it would be necessary to pull up all the rails and replace them so expansion would no longer be an issue.
  9. Don't forget to patch the game so you can play our mods...
  10. That trout was a nice size for the pan. My ambition is to catch a nice pike on a lure...
  11. Success at last! We have transferred our 8% share to a couple in Sussex who will now enjoy the boat we could not. We are hoping to visit the Norfolk Broads this Autumn / Fall and gather there's good fishing there too. No locks so sounds OK for a disabled skipper.
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