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    You really need to have your medication altered, Rob. As for LastColdBeer, if he wants to pull his pork, let him…in private. I went out for the first time in eight months, last week. It felt like day release from prison. I have decided that, if the health service has given up on getting me mobile, I shall have a government-funded motability car. At least then I can get out and go fishing. They use your benefits to pay for car, tax, servicing, insurance etc. You only need to keep it clean and fuel/charge it. After three years, you get a new one. My first job is to get a disabled parking blue badge that costs £10 from the county council.

    Works for us!
  3. Hello Adorables! Does he mean us?! Yes, the fuel appears to be very cheap but consider this may be state-sponsored propaganda. It is easy enough to set up at a garage. With the Russians clamping down on access to social media, doesn't it make you wonder how this film got onto the web? So, Adorables, don't be the Gullibles OK? Slava Ukrainii!

    I was joking... One chief over here is complaining because the new graduate recruits don't like dealing with nasty people who say horrible things and what is worse they have to work shifts!!! The Job is f*cked|!

    Over here non-graduates not required because a degree means you are clever, right?!
  6. Thanks mate - I hadn't heard of Prime Gaming before so I have first grabbed some Battlefield 2042 content and will return for a free game or two. They also have World War Z: Aftermath on offer! Nice one!

    This should answer the frequency question - it is the default: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Specs | TechPowerUp CPU Database Dont be in a hurry to implement W11 as the word is it would actually slow down our AMD systems!

    There is an acknowledged vitamin D deficit in the population here that has been worsened by government lockdowns. I follow government advice to take 10 micrograms per day in pill form. Dietary advice to diabetics and the general population is to eat a varied diet including seeds and nuts. I love both and, until a sunflower pops out of my a**e, I intend to keep eating them.

    The next question must be…. Did they confirm your balls had dropped? Delighted to read that good news!

    I came, I tried, I locked up and tried again. Managed two connections as Unknown Soldier to give Dirk Diggler and Phuckitman kills but it's no good this year... Downloads of MEM*.IWD files keep failing as does my resolve to bang my head against a brick wall. Sorry, JohnnyDOS, I can't play for you this time.

    Looked and could not find one anywhere...

    I have downloaded the MOD etc but keep getting the "unknown soldier" BS when I enter a map. Why isn't it taking my player name from my profile??

    They say that if you have an Intel system, you may see some speed increase and, if you have AMD (like me), Win 11 will slow your PC down. Wait for the AMD and Radeon driver updates before rushing to install 11.

    It took 40 hours to download then wouldn’t start. I checked the downloaded files with Repair on Origin, updated my Radeon GPU driver, switched off the cross-format play then restarted the PC. All OK now and even won my first 128-player Conquest game! I do wonder how we choose specific servers rather than random games?
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