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  1. Don't forget to patch the game so you can play our mods...
  2. That trout was a nice size for the pan. My ambition is to catch a nice pike on a lure...
  3. Success at last! We have transferred our 8% share to a couple in Sussex who will now enjoy the boat we could not. We are hoping to visit the Norfolk Broads this Autumn / Fall and gather there's good fishing there too. No locks so sounds OK for a disabled skipper.

    And you can futtock off as well!

    With Microsoft abandoning Windows 7 in January, I have a decision to make. I am no fan of Microsoft and would prefer to bid them and their spyware goodbye. However, the path to playing the next generation of FPS games is firmly with Windows 10 64-bit and the box would need at east 16GB of RAM in it. Let's not even think about the GPU! It may be that the old soldier of a Medion tower that lives under my desk will be replaced not by one but two desktops - an iMac for the serious stuff and a Windows games machine!

    Shame. My old box can't run it...

    I have had a similar experience when dealing with a mobile phone/broadband company called "3". They imposed paperless billing on us years ago so we don't have pieces of paper with our phone number hanging around the house. There was an "all you can use" mobile data offer that only cost £5 more than my monthly 3GB so I thought I'd have some of that. Only problem is that 3 don't have my current address and one has to enter a postcode to identify oneself. I asked them if they wanted the one I hadn't been at for five years or the one they know nothing about... I think it'd be easier to shut my account!

    Enjoy the training! Wassat you say? :)

    Firefox stopped working properly for me weeks ago. It just freezes up and the problem appears to be an uncontrolled appetite for memory and system resources. Even regular cleaning with Ccleaner Pro does not help. I have now reverted to Chrome which, despite its potential to spy on me, works much better.
  10. Cyclone Idai cut a swathe of destruction through Mozambique. As the people coped with the loss of life and possessions, another - Kenneth - rolled in from the ocean to flatten even more. The emergency continues. The need has not diminished. Has your compassion? Please pray and donate now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj7rvAs-pcY


    Just throw him some stale bread - that keeps him content.
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