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    Call of Duty World At War, COD4, Battlefield 3, Crysis Wars, Crysis 2, cooking/eating curry, drinking beer (real ale, German and Czech Pilsners, no impure fizzy stuff)

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  1. Congratulations, Harry. If there's any trouble with the servers remember the following...
  2. I retired, aged 50, in July 2008! I am now 61 years old and, despite the out-of-date medal below, I have been a member for nearly NINE YEARS!

    You are all nuts and the world is doomed. Rule Britannia!
  4. Another musician faces a health battle: On the home front, I have mixed news. It does appear that my brain injuries are getting better. My wife says I am speaking more quickly and, unless the boys were having bad day yesterday on COD5, my reaction times are improving and I am getting 2nd and 3rd places. However, I have to phone tomorrow for a blood test result as my doctor suspects I have something else wrong with me now... It is known as "PMR": I guess I am just greedy!

    Thank you. I'm guessing that the "--" where my age ought to be doesn't infer that this is a bonus birthday. We've certainly celebrated this more than other recent ones. The medics continue to throw surprises at me. It seems I am NOT diabetic after all BUT I may be suffering from PMR - polymyalgia rheumatica! I am 61 by the way.

    Dos testiculos!

    The crazy thing is that the Japanese are genetically incapable of holding their drink and soon become drunk!

    Here's the BBC News story:
  9. The historic brewery has been sold to Asahi. I'm gutted. So, I have changed my profile picture to one of me wearing my Thornbridge Brewery JAIPUR IPA beanie hat.
  10. And me... And I'm still waiting for my 8 years medal... And I'm still waiting for my Old Geezer medal... And I'm waiting for my Near Death Experience medal... more thing....
  11. NO! Where else am I going to get my drinks, Beers?!

    Well done, fella! Hope you get that place at UKC and don't worry about the student debt!