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  1. RogueKill

    All those medals and your still an... oh wait I can't use that word anymore....haha Thanks Chili, I love you to brotha
  2. RogueKill

    Thank you XI. Man I love you guy's..and gal's. You know everyone goes through some bad times , good times, and sometimes ya just go over the bounds... I did that, and you kept me as family, as I will you, even more. I hope one day I can return the favor someway. I will be on here more now, "but sometimes life intervenes... despite...of all of the best intentions" - some idiot said that. PROUD to STILL be >XI< . Does this mean I can't call you an asshole anymore TSW? wth do I call you now? Hey BEERS...
  3. RogueKill

    Thanks guys. I really missed playin with you all. That's why I loaded all my old games back. I do feel like an idiot......
  4. RogueKill

    Last night I re downloaded WAW and played for the first time in a long time. I did not know my tags had been suspended due to inactivity and was called out by an admin. I overreacted thinking he was full of shit and as it turned out I was the one full of shit and he was policing the server exactly as he was supposed to. I owe him an apology and everyone else for any embarrassment I caused to XI. Whether I am reinstated or not the apology stands and I would never talk down about XI. I have had many years of good gaming and friends with XI. It was my fault and hot head that blew the whole situation WAY out of proportion.
  5. RogueKill

    I'm out on any COD games any more. Between the hackers, lagg and dxgi errors the game is a piece of shit.
  6. RogueKill

    My signature avatar went away???
  7. RogueKill

    I'm still around. Just getting back, we moved into new home then before we got finished moving we almost lost our daughter to scirrosis. Between getting settled in our new home, hospitals, planning funeral for our only daughter (who has survived ,by the way) then the rehab--- the year just went away.
  8. RogueKill

    When I've played on CID servers they kick me for winning. Then they kick me for asking why. I am not a cheat, I might talk shit but I WOULD NEVER BREAK RULES. They say i break rules, fnny I don't get kicked any where else? Boycott any CID servers please as they are bullshit.
  9. RogueKill

    So so sorry, we have been in a life and death battle with our daughter as well. Nobody really knows the PAIN until you are sitting at the table deciding your daughters funeral. We are praying ,praying, praying for you and your family. I don't know you personally wild but you are my brother , I love you, and I do feel your pain and sorrow. I paced the hospital hallways thinking if only I had done this..... or this.... but the truth is the Lord needed and chose her for a specific purpose and it was his decision. When we pass we will learn what great things your daughter has done and why she was chosen so early in life. I believe when we are put here the Lord has decided that the earth can not be without us for another single day and likewise when he calls us back to Heaven.
  10. Sorry, I haven't been... well doing much of any thing on here, but my daughter was diagnosed with terminal liver failure at 35 so we have been really preoccupied. Just want to say hey to all my XI friends, I'll be back! That is me my wife, parents and my step daughter on the left. Better days.
  11. By the way, thanks for all the medals.
  12. I'M tryin my damdest--it's a week before elk season. Sonofa....
  13. I figured it out it had something to do with my router. I went and bought an ASUS router and also an ARRIS modem to replace Comcasts modem. Not only did it fix my issue with all my old games I got a neat surprise with it!!! Before my internet speeds were around 40 mbs down 4-5 up After replacing the comcast modem with the ARRIS 8X my speeds went to 94.8mbs down 12.4 up!!!! I thought it was a fluke but I tested it over and over and it was for real!! I was maxing the speed dial on ookla. Tell me the cable companies aren't choking our speeds now.
  15. If I update my game file cache it has 4 files that are replaced, then when I play I get kicked by punkbuster for pb init error. I update punkbuster and after 2 minutes of play i get server connection error. I go back and the 4 files are missing again. Same thing over and over